Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)


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What a treat to wake up and see that Creme de la Creme has been shortlisted for Best Story, Best Writing, Best NPCs and Best Game in the XYZZY Awards! I had lost track of where the rounds were at so it was even more of a surprise! Thank you to anyone who voted and please check out all the other nominees, I’m honoured to be listed amongst them!


Congratulations! You deserve it. I actually might play Creme da la Creme again now. I’ve been meaning to finally romance Hartmann…


I didn’t even know that the XYZZY Awards existed! And supposedly I was finally going to get to bed right after reading this thread.


Congratulations for being shortlisted
I really enjoyed the game :rofl:
By the way, just have a few questions:

  1. Is Hartmann asexual romantic or is he being traditional in the way he only wants to do it after marriage?
  2. Regarding the beach episode, what kind of outfits do they wear when they swim?
  3. To avoid the teachers’ wrath and relationship deduction, what stat do you need during the Festival of Birds event?

Thank you

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Hartmann has already slept with someone once during their time at Gallatin, and I don’t recall them being explicitly called ace.

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Oooooh :open_mouth::rofl: thank you
Who is this someone? Slept as in literally (like in Verdancy Holiday event) or that kind?

Oh, by “slept” we mean that Hartmann is not a virgin. They’ve done it once before, as @TeamCorvid said. Hartmann says so in the finals week scene. Knowing this, I assume they have also done the literal sleeping too, hahaha. (Unless?)

There are many ways to have a successful Festival! Is there a specific way you want to go about it?


OoO ooOoHhhH Hahhahaha :rofl: :laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I get it now
Thanks both @TeamCorvid and @violet
Finals Week Scene is the graduation or just after the exams?

Nothing specific XD Any way as long as it won’t fail since it always does for every direct personality MC I make :pleading_face: XD

It’s the night before the last exam (Mr. Griffith’s exam), I think! Definitely before graduation, and even before engagement.

I’m guessing the scene you’re referring to is when the teachers come over while you’re working at Mrs. Benton’s? When they interview you about your time there?

As a “Direct” MC, I would suggest for Miss Dalca’s question: respond honestly.

For Mr. Blanchard’s question, you have to make 2 decisions. I don’t know what your other stats are, but if you have low Manipulative/high Direct, you can:

Option 1

Ask about Gaspard, then tell the truth.

Option 2

Tell them about Mrs. Benton’s comments, then talk about Lady Renaldt.

Option 3

Bring up Florin, then say you were trying to do your work but they were bothering you.

Have fun!

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I tried and yes it is there thanks for the help @violet :star_struck:
XD Wow Hahahah I didn’t realize that the option to Kiss in the common room was equivalent to having the option to do that on the couch XD :laughing: I kinda feel sorry for the first person to sit on that couch after Art Exam
By the way, do all romanceable Gallatin students also do that on the week of exam (of all times XD hahahahah) and/or on that place? Or is he the only one?

Nope but still thank you XD Now I know what other options to do besides bringing up Florin hahahahah
I mean to avoid the teachers wrath after they found out you saw them kissing around
Is it possible for an MC with
High Direct Wit Spirit
Low Intrigue Flair and Poise?
Thank you

It’s always at that time, and at that spot. As long as you have romanced the Gallatin student before then, I think that’s always an option lol.

The three choices require you to pass a Poise, Flair, or Intrigue check, so you can’t with those stats! You might just have to take the L for that one, lol. :crazy_face:


Oh wow XD I didn’t know exams could bring such passionate feelings
Thank you

Whoops XD hahhahaha
I made the MC to not care about the teacher debate on Festival of Birds and it gave enough Poise to avoid the wrath later on
To think it was actually that close XD
Thank you so much for the help again


Hi Hannah, I heard you’ve tied for first place in the XYZZY awards! Congratulations, you deserve it! :grin:


Thank you so much, I’m over the moon!


very fun game! I like the variety of new ROs ^^

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How do we get the tatoo achievement?

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You need to stay over at Gallatin during the holidays with Max / Max and Delacroix. That’s the only way you get the option.

This question was asked before and answered back in May, just so you know! :arrow_double_down:


I have spent over 70 hours on this game and I’m still finding new little details. This game has been my favorite choice game ever. Some of the enjoyment I get from the game is Max’s and Hartmann’s clashes (Specifically the lines “And that kiss!” and “Hartmann looks as though he swallowed a mouthful of vinegar” cracked me up). I just have a small question.

How exactly does the student who gets chosen to be thrown into the mines work. I though I had it figured out since it usually ended up as my highest non-romantic relationship, but recently the game threw in a curveball and chose the 4th highest relationship (in the scenario I’m in at the moment, I was engaged to Freddie and Max was chosen to be the student the Lady Renaldt wants to be thrown into the mines. Hartmann has a 78, Gonzalez has a 77, and Max has a 75. Also, I’m in the Prefect Comittee if that helps.)


Thank you so much, I’m so glad you’ve had so much fun with it! It really means a lot :blush:

You’re absolutely right that it’s usually the highest relationship with someone non romantic. But if you’re in the Prefects and aren’t romantic with Max, it’s Max because of Max troublemaking. Well spotted!