Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Ah, I remembering you mentioning this in your pre-Blood Money release interview and I was so excited! I love how our stats include everything, not just our personality and relationships, but also our grades and the various cliques and so on! (Although, what does ‘association’ mean? As in, it says that my association is cool, and while that’s potentially flattering, I’m also left a little clueless.) And I 100% love how our philosophy class is set out - it’s kinda hilarious but also appropriate that it’s basically students mediating on how to handle situations that will likely take place in future social settings.


You had me at cults, I’ve read the demo and liked it so far the premise is interesting, it does reminds me of gossip girl especially since the mention of backstabbing, also will there be more interaction with the parents?(since we’re doing this for them mostly), as for the romances does this mean that you have to play A certain way to romance them?


The story thus far is deeply intriguing. I look forward to the finished product. If I may, I would point out that several of the choices that would appear to increase the “Direct” statistic, are increasing the “Manipulative” statistic.

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This idea seems really interesting! Kudos on a great start!

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Some romance interests are more rigid than others. Romancing the love interests will be more complicated if you have strong values that don’t align with theirs, but it’s possible. For instance: becoming a prefect will make Max less into you generally, because they’ve set themselves against that group. However, I have every intention of including (and am currently outlining) opportunities for various romance interests to be all “I shouldn’t be interested in you! But I am!”

Some romance interests (mostly ones who haven’t been introduced yet) are harder to pursue, mostly because they give more prestige to the main character and their family, and therefore it should be more of a challenge.

Please do! It’s what this thread is all about. Bear in mind that things may change during the development process, and I reserve the right to be mysterious as I see fit!

Association measures how closely you’re associated with a particular clique, and “cool” is fairly neutral - not unfriendly or friendly. I’ll have a think about clarifying it!

Yes! In particular there will be winter and spring holidays where you can go home to see them, and likely opportunities to write to them and receive letters.

Thank you for spotting it! Do you recall when they were?


Could instead say ‘standing’.

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As I recall, the option to tell Blaise to mind their own business increases “Manipulative”. There was another instance prior to this one, but I do not recall. I will go through again to find it.


Awesome! and you can be mysterious all you want…it just make it more fun!

Oki oki…

Let’s see…humm…


Ohhh , are we gonna learn to dance like say…uh…whats called ? ever watched SIssi the Movie ? So classic…dance ?
So it’s a school for manners right ? So…will there be stuff open for every gender , or some stuff can only be avaible if X is male , or female ?

Cooking! do we get cooking class ? Oh how about…uh…I’m gonna say it in french…EQUITATION…horse riding teaching thingy ? how about Hunting class?
How about swimming in the lake class ? Do they have those ? I have no idea what class of manners is like…all I know from movies…are how they have to learn how to name those long lines of forks…

Ohhh I forgot! There was one (error maybe?) in the story . well , I picked the ‘walk home under the rain’ , and unless I’m mistaken (which is possible…going on without sleep so far) , you supposed to be all drenched…and don’t recall seeing my mc go change (or reaction) for that matter . That normal ?

I also found it confusing about our mc quarters . When you enter you meet the girl (whats her name again ?) who is in Ghost ? then Blaise get in and ask for a bed ? Then Max and another get in…so how many are per room ? cose if its 4 girls per room…thats alot of snoring lol .

well thats about it for now , if I think of more…I let ya know :smiley:

Edit: ignore the one about the room lol just saw it now…

Thanks! IIRC there were various shifts to the stat changes as I edited the drafts and that must have fallen through the cracks. I’ve updated it with the correction.

Answering E_Redmark's questions (v mild spoilers)


Cooking is for servants! But you will have etiquette classes (using the right forks, etc).

Equestrian lessons are a thing, for sure!

Possibly - I’ll think about it!

In the Clemency dormitory it’s you, Blaise, Gonzalez, Hartmann, Max, Freddie, and Delacroix. It’s horribly overcrowded, and is meant to be!

It’s not an error, but I’ve added in a reaction about it!

As it stands, everything is open to every gender, with a focus on activities that are considered “ladylike” or “gentlemanly” in the real world. Restrictions are more about class than about gender; eg, it would be frowned upon to become a racing jockey, but being a showjumper or a dressage champion is OK (as long as you’re doing it for a passion project, rather than because you need the money).


Aww thanx for taking the time to answer mah pestering lol

But…uh…something weird just happen . Was trying a new path for your story right ? and I get to the school , like the carriage arrive . And it’s weird…when I hit the next page…it sent me to the beginning .

and no , didn’t have any error to show…sorry .

I love teaser so far very much!
Do I understand right that the main goal of graduating from Gallatin is advantageous marriage?
Also, does relationship stat with Blaise is missing? Or is it just so bad?


Another choice that is increasing the “Manipulative” stat is the option that says: “No matter how she appears, there’s bound to be something beneath the surface.”

It may be that I uploaded the updated file just as you were playing - try refreshing and restarting the game, and see if that helps. If not, please can you take a screenshot and post it in this thread?

Partially - it’s what people in the world would assume about what you’d do after graduating - but you can also try for a place at university, or start a career. (Or do something else that’s rebellious and frowned-upon by the wider society, if you want.)

It’s hidden, because of Blaise being antagonistic, but it is tracked. :slightly_smiling_face:


back , it seem you maybe right . Started over and didn’t have an issue ! Yay!

(sorry , I cant take screenie with my pc for some reason…and already done it and gone :()

Question : can you win any of the argument with the teachers at the beginning?

Request: Can you add the family name ‘Valentine’ to the list ? Oh for name : Joanna ? Ohh how about Julia (yah totaly stole that one XD) pretty plz with cherry on top :stuck_out_tongue:



I smile, but it doesn’t meet my eyes (it doesn’t ? who?)


Wow, that was lovely. The setting reminds me a little bit of Harry Potter and I really like your writing style - is very neat and clear.

I liked all the characters but I gotta say my favorite so far is Blaise - it’s too much fun annoying him. I’m going to love taking every opportunity to do so. Miss Dalca also stood out to me. That’s the kind of philosophy classes I wish I had in school :grin:

Thank you for sharing!


Exactly what I was about to comment

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Oh, I’m excited. Games like these are so very much up my alley, and I really enjoyed Blood Money. I’ll definitely be following this thread. :slight_smile:


This is an amazing story… even with limitted demo, you had display a marvelous skill in term of character interaction …

As in Blood Money , i think your strength is in character development , where every characters who interact with MC were given life in their distinguish personalities as well as dialogue , so that i didn’t felt like they are just clones with different names…

So far , i like Delacroix occult club, and i hope ghosts are real here… i am wondering, since my background was from the religious school… do i have more understanding and advantage when dealing with ghost? And is Delacroix dealing with ghost acceptable by the priesthood of your world? Well, i am just thinking my MC priesthood background with Delacroix mage power will make an odd couple :slight_smile:

And Blaise attachment towards us in the ending was a nice surprise , we were giving 3 choice on our parent’s crime, will each choice result in a different dealing with Blaise ? I chose my parents support the corrupt politician and Blaise parents lost money in it


I feel like Blaire really had a motive to hate the mcs parents, but not the MC, they’re not at fault, I don’t particularly enjoy antagonistic characters that are rude to you, but i can kinda sympathize with Blaise(but I hope someone calls out their attitude(seems like being false polite it’s better in this setting) I feel their apology will not be sincere and be more along the lines of them realising their behaviour may be frowned upon, or it’s the keep you enemies closer scenario

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Have changed to “reach my eyes” on my version, will update shortly!

Thank you very much for the lovely comments everyone, that’s extremely kind!

That’s an interesting thought, and something I’ll flesh out at later points if you join up with Delacroix’s club!

@Eric_knight and @flocktrops - re Blaise, there will be a variety of ways to interact with Blaise, and you’ll be able to choose varying levels of sympathy or anger towards them. @flocktrops, they will definitely be called out in a spoilery fashion. :slight_smile: