Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

I’ve been thinking about this for days and I still can’t figure out what I think each of the characters might major in. Any author insights?

Do u know what the minimum virtue and popularity stat numbers are for Rosario ?

Or the relationship stats required to romance/marry and RO?

Uh, I’m not exactly sure but maybe 60 virtue and 55 polularity? I’m pretty sure 60 is the highest number needed so to be sure I’d raise both stats above that.

As for the relationship stats needed for all ROs. I don’t know the exact number, but I’m sure if you watch out for spending time with desired Rao everytime when you have to single out someone and choose the romantic options fitting their personality then you shouldn’t have any problem to get engaged to anyone.



I too have been thinking about this since you asked!

Auguste definitely studies something close to the British Politics Philosophy and Economics degree. I could see Freddie going into Law or even Medicine. Delacroix might go for Art History or Literature. Max … hmmm probably History or Politics (and then become a fervent Marxist-equivalent). Gonzalez might go for Geography, but would be more interested in sport and I could see them dropping out without the right support (ditto Max and Delacroix without good teachers). Hartmann … probably Classics or History. I could see them going for something traditional. I think Blaise would do Linguistics or Law if they ended up at university.

As for Florin and Rosario, they’ve got other things going on. Rosario might study History if they went to university, Florin probably wouldn’t go. Florin is good at music but lacks drive, I could see Florin ending up at fancy military school if their dads decided they needed to settle down.


To celebrate A Royal Romance currently being the most commonly achieved romance achievement on Steam, here is some Rosario trivia and pretty pics!

Rosario is a SAGITTARIUS :sagittarius: :bow_and_arrow:
…and is an ESFP, the Entertainer: Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving…
…and I would cast them with Corbin Bleu, Zendaya Coleman, or Devin Norelle:

…and they have one younger sibling. Rosario is always keen to find things to enjoy and see the best in others, which has run them into conflict with their younger sibling, who is much more cynical and has often been concerned that Rosario will end up being manipulated. Rosario’s favourite animal is a cheetah, and they’d love to have a pet one, but they relucantly agreed with their parents that if they’re travelling, it’s not fair to keep one. Rosario gets on pretty well with their family, and they’ve got quite a close relationship despite their parents being very busy with royal matters.


Oh hell, Zendaya is f!Rosario’s faceclaim? Now I have to replay as a woman and romance her. I love Zendaya! :heart_eyes:


Two questions:
1: Are there any RO’s that can visit your family at the end instead of the reverse? I think I got all the endings, but don’t want to go back through each to check.

2: Are there any “rebellious” choices that Hartmann likes, or do you just have to accept taking a bunch of relationship hits if you want to encourage them to apply to university?


There isn’t.

Several of them. You just need to pass the stats check.

My male faceclaim for Rosario is indeed a bit more Persian:

It is certainly implied Rosario has had plenty of “fun” before, whereas my mc in spite of being a big flirt had never quite gone all the way before.
I’m sure plenty of people will be dismayed my mc has taken the Prince off the market and not just because he’s a prince. :grinning: His proposal scene is still the most adorable thing in the game though.


He’s gorgeous for sure! :heart_eyes:

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Devilishly handsome, this fellow appears to be a breaker of hearts.

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I have obtained an account to ask one question, and one question only: does Gonzalez know how much I love them? They’re by far and away my favorite (sorry, Max…), and no matter what route I end up taking, I always insist that my MC at the very least befriends them.

On a more serious note, I just wanted to say thank you for putting so much time, effort, and detail into this game! I don’t think I’ve ever been so quick to throw my money at a CoG game before, and after having spent the past week trying to find all the major endings, I’m blown away by how much variation goes into every scene. I’m on my eleventh? twelfth? replay at this point and STILL finding new text!

Actually, one additional question: is it possible to be in the poly triad with Max and Delacroix, have them marry each other, and have the MC marry Gonzalez instead while still maintaining the Max/Delacroix poly relationship? This would truly be my ideal solution…


If you convince them to marry, the MC can’t marry anyone.

@Urban is right, I’m afraid! It would be a lovely setup, but the complexity was just too much. Gonzalez would certainly be chill and happy about that way of doing things though :blush:


Happy holidays, everyone, and if this is a difficult time of year for you, I hope you find some warmth :sparkling_heart:

I’m absolutely overwhelmed (in the best possible way) with the love and support that people have given this game both before and after release. Rereading this thread brings an extra sparkle to my holiday break. Thank you!

If you’re in the mood for some Crème goodness and haven’t seen it yet, do have a look at my sad short IF about Delacroix returning home for the holidays, Hearthlight Eve.

In Westerlin, Hearthlight is celebrated during midwinter. It’s a festival that commemorates a set of dangerous historical journeys taken across the Westerlind mountains to build new cities … in theory. In actuality there are tons of bright lights to combat the dark, candle ceremonies on Hearthlight Eve, plenty of food, and often a side helping of family drama.

Which characters would your character get a Hearthlight present for? And what would you get them?


For Delacroix, the MC would give her a cashmere wool coat.


For Max, I would buy him/her a pair of skis. Westerlin of the time period is set to go through a ski boom with train travel to the mountainous area. With all the excitement and adrenaline rush, Max would all over it and the apres ski parties.


My character would give Rosario something exotic from the places he went with Beatrix’s expeditions.
I think Rosario would like something that her money couldn’t buy, and might enjoy tales from far away places where she can’t go because of her princess’ duties.


For Blaise: A Get Out of Jail Free card :grin:

I’ll give Karson some nice clothes since she probably has had few opportunities to wear them.