Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Hm, with all things being approximately equal when it comes to future opportunities for extremely lucrative careers, between Jerome Clay’s internship and Gessner University, well, it is no question for my character. Gessner University wins every single time without a doubt.

Learning has always been a foremost priority for my character, quite fitting seeing as Wit has always been her strongest skill. She graduated from Harrovian School, after all, so she has been honed in the academic crucible from the very start, intense indeed considering that students in Harrovian School have actually collapsed from health problems during the exam period. As a matter of fact, she not only survived the academic rigor of Harrovian School, she thrived in that environment, considering she earned the highest marks in the exams for her year.

Compared to Harrovian School, Gallatin was a metaphorical piece of cake where the course grades and exam marks were concerned. If she survived and thrived in Harrovian School, my character was not going to do anything less than the same again in Gallatin. Her professional and academic pride would allow nothing less. Every single time without fail, she earns A for her course grades and A+ for the exam marks. Even if she were to incur Lady Renaldt’s displeasure by protecting one of the teachers and thus suffer a penalty in the exam marks, my character always does well enough that she would still earn A+ for the exams even with a potential reduction from Lady Renaldt.

Still, Gallatin was not as academically focused as Harrovian School, something which my character could not help but find disappointing. As such, my character is very much looking forward to Gessner University and a return to the academic focus and rigor that she has known and even enjoyed all her life in Harrovian School. Gessner University will push her even further than Harrovian School did where academics are concerned, and she is very much looking forward to rising to the challenge and earning top marks once again, just like she did in Harrovian School and then Gallatin.

As to Blaise, well, given how my character always resolves the final situation, Blaise will be completing her final year in Harrovian School. My character will probably exchange a few letters with Blaise, if only for the sake of courtesy and civility, but frankly, she will never count Blaise as a friend, though she might reluctantly come to eventually see Blaise as a friendly acquaintance. Given how impulsive Blaise is as well as the fact that she does not seem to be the most academically focused, well, my character harbors some private doubts about how well Blaise will manage in such an academically focused and rigorous environment as Harrovian School, far more so than she was accustomed to in Gallatin. Still, it has nothing to do with her, so my character ends that line of thought with a mental shrug and dryly wishing Blaise good luck in Harrovian School, as well as noting that Blaise had best keep quiet about her attempt to have my character expelled from Gallatin, seeing as my character was quite beloved in Harrovian School by students and teachers alike, made even more so by her earning the highest exam marks.


To me it has the opposite effect. The internships are an once in a lifetime opportunity, I doubt you will be able to find those two opportunities again. While if you go to internships, you can always go to Gessner after you finish it.
So to my character the opportunity to see the wonders of the world, something that very few people will be able to do, trumps everything. So he goes with Beatrix’s expedition.

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Re the choices linked, I’ve always seen them as where on the sexuality/romance spectrum your character lay - second is asexual, third is possibly demisexuality / not wanting to sleep with someone straight away, fourth is aromantic and fifth is asexual aromatic. Really I’d imagine only the fifth one locks you completely out of a romance if any (never picked it).

Hartmann in particular wants monogamy only and doesn’t take well to the MC playing the field as such, which is probably why they confronted you (and why there was no option to have a middle ground). Other characters are far more open to being more casual - you can marry a Archambault student while romancing them on the side, or enter a triad with 2 Gallatin students.

My main mc would may try to transfer to a university in Zaledo after his forced “sabbatical” instead of attending Gessner, both to be closer to his fiancee but also to get to know Zaledo and build his own social network there. Gessner is still a valid backup plan though.

For my other mc the chance to become a dashing adventurer archaeologist is just too good to pass up though.

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Hello, I’m so glad you’re generally enjoying the game!

@mumismatist is right that the options from the screenshot set whether you’re asexual and/or aromantic. The third option, “It’s unlikely that I’d want to sleep with someone, though it might happen. But I’d enjoy romance with the right person”, sets the MC as asexual and romantic. Being asexual in the game does not lock you out of kissing or sleeping with someone but it does lock you out of Florin’s relationship (as they’re not interested in a non-sexual relationship).

It sounds like you ended up breaking up with Hartmann during that conversation. Hartmann leans towards monogamy and serious romance straight away, and if you dance romantically with them at the Winter Ball they’ll always express that.

If you want to play the field a bit more before, or instead of, settling down with Hartmann there’s the option of going with someone else to the Winter Ball and starting the Hartmann romance during the Festival of the Birds. You can even start a romance with Hartmann during the engagement season chapter if you’ve been friends for the rest of the game. Or explore other romances and friendships if they catch your eye :slight_smile:


We’re two weeks post launch! So … it’s time for another character trivia session, and we’re going to talk Hartmann, since they’re the next on both sets of poll results!

Hartmann is a Capricorn :capricorn: :goat:
…and is an ISTJ, the Logistician: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging
…and I would cast Chloe Grace Moretz, Jake Abel, or Bex Taylor-Klaus

Hartmann is the eldest of three, with two younger brothers. They grew up in a very beautiful country house with an estate on the Westerlind coastline, and at least one of their parents attended Gallatin College as Head Prefect. Hartmann has always been very focused on that goal; they actually ran against Blaise, but won by a wide margin.


Um, they’re beautiful??


Thank you very much for the reply, I’ll be exploring the game even more now :stuck_out_tongue:

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looks at female!Hartmann face claim Okay, Hartmann just became my favorite RO.


Wow, his face claim just made me love him more. Time to replay. :heart_eyes:


My Hartmann-loving heart is happy with all 3 face-claims.


But potential Ravenclaw - Slytherin mix isn’t that bad sign?


I am a Ravenclaw-Slytherin mix (more toward Ravenclaw), and I think it’s great!

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This is Slytherclaw discrimination. :laughing:

Ravenclaws tend to value wit, while Slytherins value ambition. They’re both inherently intelligent houses, but while Ravenclaws pursue academics for the value of knowledge, Slytherins do it for power. I can definitely see Hartmann as a Slytherclaw, due to their personal arc being a struggle between them pursuing their own interests for themself vs. them pursuing that which furthers their family’s ambitions/desires (e.g. attending Gessner vs. teaching at Gallatin)

Me too!


Well of course, you guys are right there is nothing wrong with being a Ravenclaw Slytherin mix. You should stay true to yourself. In fact, it might even help substantially if you want to grow up to be a program manager for a tech company.

That said if you are a Griffin-puff like me then it is a red light. Without crossing the streams too much, I ask you what Eugenia Hartman do if she found the Marauder’s Map. I think she would turn over to the teachers. Joking of course in good fun.

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I don’t think my MC would do that. Gressner or the internships are the only way the MC, who is engaged to Rosario, can show how worthy they are. If you transfers to Zaledo you will be treated as the princess’/price’s future consort, your achievements will be muddled by it, you will never truly know if you did it on merit or because you will marry Rosario.


Does anybody have advice or tips about getting the achievement for keeping the colleges secrets? It’s the last achievement I need and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.


Blackmail lady Renaldt and you will get it.

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:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: At LAST

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Does anyone can give a step by step tips to get renaldt in prison? I always end with her/him still be a headteacher at gallatin,and only schroeder that get on prison/facing criminal charges