Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

The house style for CoGs is US English spellings unless the game takes place in a modern (1650+ C.E.) Commonwealth country and since this is a fantasy setting (though somewhat faux-European - Gallatin’s loosely based on Swiss boarding schools) I’m going with that. I tend to try to eliminate British idioms or wordings too - British “ringing” vs US “calling” on the phone was one that came up during this edit - just so it’s consistent. There are also some British ways of putting things that are totally weird to non-British players, even if English is their first language, and I don’t want people to be distracted or slowed down going “uhh, what is the author talking about?”

Either way, I don’t really mind - whatever’s clearest is what I want! Plus, a different project I’m doing (non CoG) is the most British thing ever to British, so I can include all the UK spelling/phrases I please there :smiley:


Yasss! :heart_eyes:

Very excited to throw away my MC’s glam future for Karson.


Oh! By the way - you may have seen on the upcoming CoGs post that Creme de la Creme is at “pending beta”. Just a heads up that once the official beta starts, I’m going to take down the teaser chapters - in part because they’re getting out of date now, and partly so everything’s in one place. So if you’ve been thinking about whether or not to try it out, take this time to enjoy while it’s here!



Is this going to be an open or a closed beta? Anyway I’m pretty excited about the game and am looking forward to playing it

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It’ll be closed, and there will be an announcement thread about it when the time comes. Glad you’re looking forward to the game!


And now the official beta is here!


Now may I please beta test the game?

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3 hours ago!! I do hope there’s still a spot :grimacing:

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If you’d like to test, please take a look at the beta post and follow the instructions there :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome this is nearly ready! Congrats Hannah!

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Thank you! I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of it. And thrilled that feedback is already coming in!


Yes, congrats on getting the project this far.

I really appreciate you trailblazing by opening up a CoG Work in Progress thread that led the way to hopefully more community interaction with those authors who are ok with interaction with said community.

May the rest of the process go smoothly.


I hope you’ll still consider mine after release as I can’t be in the official beta’s.
Can’t wait to date Max for real (and meet the prince and maybe date princy with my second mc). :grin:

Most of them, except for the mc, Blaise, Freddie and Karston would be wealthy enough to be princes, as they could probably afford to buy a small kingdom even if they don’t technically inherit one, I guess, being part of the .1% of society. :sweat_smile:
With my main mc I mainly want to beat the prince (though hopefully not by cheating) so I hope in my Max game princy is up for some friendly competition. :grinning:

Anyway due to the author giving us leeway with that in the universe of my mc’s the game’s setting is a veritably candy-land of improbably cute guys.
As we’ve all surely noticed very few fantasy and fiction princes ever look like the real deal. I depict prince Rosario to look like a young Enrique.


Date :clap: the :clap: prince :clap:


@Eiwynn Thank you so much! You’ve been a very positive force and I appreciate your thoughts and support!

@idonotlikeusernames, @TeamCorvid, I hope you have fun during your royalty hangouts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


New beta draft is up, complete with a host of bugfixes, typo corrections, and a bit of additional romance content for Blaise, Delacroix, and Freddie. We’re at about 374,000 words now which is frankly absurd. Hooray!


My head: Okay judging by his actions and pedigree a high poise character will be able to most effectively romance Auguste.

My heart: Stop lying to yourself, you damn well know that you’re itching to sweep that prim and proper aristocrat off their feet playing as dashing rogue delinquent

Gotta say I’m really looking forward to this one! Really excited for the opposites attract aspects of the romances (I’m 1000% going to attempt to romance Max as a prefect and Hartmann as a Starling) + possibilities of rivals → lovers (Blaise I’m coming for you). Also yeah I’ll do my bit to make Gallatin the victors but the Archambault LIs have my heart and soul right now - don’t worry family your kid’s gold digger genes have got you covered :+1:

The only thing I’m a bit worried about is the possibility that the Archambault love interests might have less screentime / interactions with the PC compared to the Peers due to them being in a different college? I guess though they’re technically classes as major characters the fact that they don’t have bios in the masterpost makes me immediately label them as side characters :thinking:


Mostly the Archambault people don’t have bios in the post because the teaser didn’t originally include them! I’d say they are major characters but by the nature of the two schools they are more remote. To a degree they’re a bit of a risk - eg you might want to try and romance a royal but you don’t know them so well as your own classmates, they’re prestigious but not such a safe choice I guess.

But! You’ll get chances to write to them and there are sets of scenes you can have with them that you don’t get with Gallatin students. I hope they’ll feel equally fleshed out, if less cosy than the Gallatin friends/love interests.


Can we also just befriend princy if we don’t romance him?

You’ll get extra scenes if you romance them, but you can make friends too if you like. :slight_smile: