Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

I hear you… I considered a cat too, but those three feel the most trainable for sporting purposes. I’ll write about a parrot one day!


So falconry, dressage (or hunting on horseback) and other equine sports, or hunting with a dog (or is it obedience/dog show competition)?


That kind of thing, yes!

I missed this before! Alas no pug (can you imagine them doing agility trials… or hunting? aaaaahhh) but you can choose to have a smol dog, like a Westerlind version of a dachshund. Super cute, super stubborn!


Can we have one is those?


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You’ll see when the excerpt goes up! At the moment there are 4 different breeds/types for each pet, I’ll consider others if they fit with the pet stats :smile:


Here’s teaser 4:

There’s a substantial group of staff at Archambault, and exactly who this is will vary based on the events of Creme de la Creme, but there are several teachers who are in charge of your main subjects. Each student also signs up to a Leadership class, which is an additional (and arguably the most important) class in which students learn to be the leaders of the future. Or cause as much trouble as possible.

Lord Pascal Haberlin

Pascal is the Headteacher of Archambault. He’s bluff and cheery, and has such high standing that he can afford not to give a crap about a hefty chunk of formal etiquette. He is absolutely delighted to have a member of the royal family at the Academy!

Leadership class: As well as being the headteacher, he leads Drama Club, which is his major passion, and he looks forward to the big performance by the club every year.

Noble Clemence Marchand

Gentle yet determined, Clemence is keen to analyse both current and historical events. They teach Politics, which at Archambault also covers Economics, History, and military tactics, and they tend to keep their political views to themself while encouraging students to consider every angle and be strong, active leaders for the future. They‘re thrilled to be in a position to teach the MC.

Leadership class: While their subject is Politics, Clemence runs the Student Council, and is pushing for the Council to have greater autonomy this year.

Lady Vere Serafin

Brusque and forthright, Vere does not suffer fools gladly. And for her, many people are fools. Teaching Natural Science - which at Archambault includes physical, environmental and social sciences, Maths, and land management - she sees her toughness as a way of moulding the Archambault students into independent citizens. She treats the MC with respect as long as they follow her rules. Whether the MC’s classmates appreciate this - and whether the MC agrees with this - remains to be seen.

Leadership class: As well as teaching Natural Science, Vere runs the Athletics Team, which has a long and storied history at Archambault.

Which class do you think could be your royal MC’s favourite? Do any of the extra curricular classes catch your eye?


Is Pascal the same Lord Haberlin that we met in CdlC?

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Yep! You also met Vere, though it was fairly blink and you’d miss it!

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My princess MC will want a special place to set up her court… maybe the teacher’s lounge …



Serafin was completely horrid to poor Karson so she’s on the naughty step. (Hoping that Royal!MC can give her a telling off when she gets up to her antics)

So it’s between Pascal and Clemence, probably Pascal because he was a class act when Creme!MC stole August’s speech thunder.

Honestly for how Creme ended I’ll go for whichever option gives the smallest chance of our favourite firestarter Miss Dalca and Royal!MC interacting. which will probably either be making her head of Gallatin or doing a school merger…

Also I’m way too invested in what the MCs royal social bubble think of Rosario getting engaged to (and maybe possibly marrying at this point? how long is a long engagement anyway) a literal who formerly disgraced Westerlin socialite. If MC goes for the Blaise / Karson analogue tounges will be wagging about how these young royals tend to gravitate to the least appropriate suitor lol


Drama club, definitely drama club, as long as he doesn’t have to play a prince that is. :wink:

As for classes anything that isn’t stuffy politics or etiquette should be fairly relaxing and escapist for my mc, but it seems natural sciences might fit best as with the concept I’m having in my head right now if he’ll ever ever be allowed to pursue his own passions and career apart from the royal family and being the useless spare it would most likely be as an architect though fashion or jewelry designer would also be possibilities

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My MC would be a happy go lucky fellow interested in sports and athletics, whose primary focal point in life is not becoming too much of a threat to the crown princess yet still being invited to all the best parties. So, he would definitely be taking Lady Vere Serafin’s natural science class but would struggle to extricate himself from troubles created by himself, his friends, and his pet 18 month old Labrador retriever, which hasn’t yet developed a brain. Hijinks ensue.



What role does the monarch (momarch) play in Westerlin’s government?

It varies on the monarch and the Prime Minister! It’s a parliamentary monarchy but the monarch is more than just a figurehead - depending on their approach and temperament, some may take a more active/controlling role than others. Queen Estell, the momarch, is fairly hands on currently and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for her to step in if she disagreed with the way parliament was dealing with an issue or crisis. (It’s not like in the UK where it would be incredibly shocking if the Queen stepped into a political situation.)


Essentially the German Empire then?

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I’m just going say that I enjoy creme da la creme so much. I can’t wait for this Project. By the way August is my favorite Romance in creme da la creme I like how augest stands up his mother.

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How morally ambiguous to evil can Royal!PC be?

Quinn Moretti was a decent person, and while she did lie, it was for good causes such as tricking Lady Renaldt and rescuing the trapped students, Mr. Blanchard, and Karson. Thea Duval, my pro-Renaldt MC, was the scum of the earth (she had a soft spot for Auguste in the end) wrapped up in a sweet face and smooth words.

No spoilers, but yeah, you can be pretty bad if you want to be. Not like Blood Money murder levels, but you have a lot of power and influence, and if you want to use it nefariously, well…


When I saw the teasers for the new project, I got hell-uh excited.
I think the difficult part is not entering the post because I don’t want to be spoil beyond teasers.

The type of prince I imagine hopefully playing is scandalous. I want scandals to the max, like the type that would put Paris and Lindsay to shame lol. I would have to be the cause of why my beautiful mother has at least a set of gray hairs.

I would love to have a confidant, no-nonsense sassy grandma/queen mother or nana that understands me, that she knows that under all that behavior, that I have a heart of gold. One who would see my mother trying to reprimand me, but my granny or nana would jump in and in a Sophia Petrillo voice would pronounce the words that would strike fear into my mother’s heart:

Granny/Nana: Oh really, Well, picture it, Westerlin, eighteen-ninety something. (Then she would proceed to tell a super scandalous story of my mother in her twenties that would put all of mine to shame.)

It’s never easy being the middle child. :slight_smile:

I would love to replay as an athlete/country boy prince who is the lesser-known middle child of the royal family. The type that has rough manners and doesn’t act snobby and like, everybody asks at least once whether we are really a prince or part of the royal family and then proceeds to ask for proof.

I wonder if we can choose if we come from an absolute monarchy or a constitutional monarchy.

Because if we can, and if we are dating in the new game, I would love to see the concept of old money v.s new money playing a problem. But instead of money, the problem relies on absolute monarchy v.s constitutional monarchy.

For example, if we date a prince or princess of an absolute monarchy (old money), their family would have a problem with their child dating someone from a constitutional monarchy (new money). That would be because they could see the constitutional monarchy royal family as just glorified decorations with no power (a.k.a broke.) So it’s a no go.

These are just things that I imagine seeing or would love to see that may or may not be of any relevance, but it can’t hurt to throw them out to the universe lol.

I would like to really see in the new game a p.t.a/teacher-parent meeting. Because I had to go to those many times in school, and the moments of terror and anxiety were insane. Many were the days where I thought I was going to my funeral. Let’s see how the mc handles that.

You and Gower have turn out to be two of my favorite authors. I just can’t choose who to put at my number three. (But you’re both definitely in my top five here). In my mind, you guys are having this epic battle because you both have an amazing series. I have bought all of your games (both of you), and I mean, will it ever end, and will I ever decide lol. (You’re both tag-teaming my wallet like it’s going out of style.) and here comes round 3… i need air :slight_smile:

Ps: Wish you mega good look on the new project!


So I bought this game when it came out but got sucked into another game shortly after and haven’t touched it since, until today that is. I’m sorta coasting through it now, like I do through life, but want to know which romances are a must try? I feel like Hartmann would be interesting.

Also I’m at the key to lounge part, should I ask Karson?