Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Hey @Julius_Caesar thank you for the kind comments and welcome to the forum! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I totally get what you mean about the end wrap up being speedy - that’s something I’m working on carefully for the new project.

I don’t have much of an idea of how long it’ll be, I’m attempting to make it shorter than Crème, just because Crème got Out Of Control wordcount wise. (Like, out of control in such a way that the first chapter had to be divided in two - that’s why there’s a prologue.) This game is slated to be one chapter shorter with greater focus and weight given to certain aspects of it, and a bunch more things going on that are external to the school experience (since you’re a royal, that comes with politics). My aim is basically to have lots of branches that feel fleshed out! So far I’m hitting that… Whether it will do that while also being shorter is anyone’s guess!


So it is purely an administrative and oversight merge, two schools sharing one school board and one director but, to use modern terminology, still having a separate principal for each school with their own faculty who run the day to day stuff in practical terms?


I’m excited to see how this changes the dynamic of mc’s interactions and relationships with others, compared to Crème de la Crème’s mc who is a relative nobody. Even with their notoriety they had one advantage: it’s easier to tell where you stand with people who have nothing to gain from sucking up to you.

Will the royal mc have to deal with more fake friends and treacherous social pitfalls? Will their status be a blessing, a curse, or both? I can’t wait to see.


This, as I think that compared to even the Zaledo royals the Westerlin royal family is extremely stuffy and traditional and thus stifling.
If that still holds true and there is someone cute like Karson to romance this game my mc may very well go for it.

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That’s a good way of summing it up, yeah! There’s also a couple of other factors that will be taken into account.

Definitely! Something I’ve been really enjoying is making things feel challenging/high stakes even though you have a lot of power straight off. It’s a really different feel!

I look forward to seeing who you end up going for! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Teaser 3:

You have brought your pet to Archambault Academy with you!

You can choose between a bird of prey…

…a horse or pony…

… or a dog!

And for each type of pet, you can choose between a variety of breeds which affect their temperament, affection levels, steadiness and trainability.

You can hang out with your pet for comfort or fun, and also compete in trials with her to get prizes and more status!


1.) I thought you wrote, “horse of pony,” and I laughed a bit harder at that than was necessary.

2.) PLEASE tell me the dog can be a pug.


As do I!

Well we are only the spare and therefore not seriously expected to ever ascend the throne ourselves.
With the royal family having three kids I can easily see how being stuck in the middle as the spare could be the worst of all worlds, with the older sister getting all of the attention and public adoration while the youngest one may get a whole lot more freedom. Whereas if the family treats the mc like the traditional spare they’d be expected to train for something they will realistically never have to do while also needing to prepare for a career switch in middle age, once the oldest of sister’s children reaches the age of maturity and the mc’s use as a spare well and truly ends.:unamused:

Aww…no cute and colourful parrot then. :disappointed:

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I hear you… I considered a cat too, but those three feel the most trainable for sporting purposes. I’ll write about a parrot one day!


So falconry, dressage (or hunting on horseback) and other equine sports, or hunting with a dog (or is it obedience/dog show competition)?


That kind of thing, yes!

I missed this before! Alas no pug (can you imagine them doing agility trials… or hunting? aaaaahhh) but you can choose to have a smol dog, like a Westerlind version of a dachshund. Super cute, super stubborn!


Can we have one is those?


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You’ll see when the excerpt goes up! At the moment there are 4 different breeds/types for each pet, I’ll consider others if they fit with the pet stats :smile:


Here’s teaser 4:

There’s a substantial group of staff at Archambault, and exactly who this is will vary based on the events of Creme de la Creme, but there are several teachers who are in charge of your main subjects. Each student also signs up to a Leadership class, which is an additional (and arguably the most important) class in which students learn to be the leaders of the future. Or cause as much trouble as possible.

Lord Pascal Haberlin

Pascal is the Headteacher of Archambault. He’s bluff and cheery, and has such high standing that he can afford not to give a crap about a hefty chunk of formal etiquette. He is absolutely delighted to have a member of the royal family at the Academy!

Leadership class: As well as being the headteacher, he leads Drama Club, which is his major passion, and he looks forward to the big performance by the club every year.

Noble Clemence Marchand

Gentle yet determined, Clemence is keen to analyse both current and historical events. They teach Politics, which at Archambault also covers Economics, History, and military tactics, and they tend to keep their political views to themself while encouraging students to consider every angle and be strong, active leaders for the future. They‘re thrilled to be in a position to teach the MC.

Leadership class: While their subject is Politics, Clemence runs the Student Council, and is pushing for the Council to have greater autonomy this year.

Lady Vere Serafin

Brusque and forthright, Vere does not suffer fools gladly. And for her, many people are fools. Teaching Natural Science - which at Archambault includes physical, environmental and social sciences, Maths, and land management - she sees her toughness as a way of moulding the Archambault students into independent citizens. She treats the MC with respect as long as they follow her rules. Whether the MC’s classmates appreciate this - and whether the MC agrees with this - remains to be seen.

Leadership class: As well as teaching Natural Science, Vere runs the Athletics Team, which has a long and storied history at Archambault.

Which class do you think could be your royal MC’s favourite? Do any of the extra curricular classes catch your eye?


Is Pascal the same Lord Haberlin that we met in CdlC?

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Yep! You also met Vere, though it was fairly blink and you’d miss it!

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My princess MC will want a special place to set up her court… maybe the teacher’s lounge …



Serafin was completely horrid to poor Karson so she’s on the naughty step. (Hoping that Royal!MC can give her a telling off when she gets up to her antics)

So it’s between Pascal and Clemence, probably Pascal because he was a class act when Creme!MC stole August’s speech thunder.

Honestly for how Creme ended I’ll go for whichever option gives the smallest chance of our favourite firestarter Miss Dalca and Royal!MC interacting. which will probably either be making her head of Gallatin or doing a school merger…

Also I’m way too invested in what the MCs royal social bubble think of Rosario getting engaged to (and maybe possibly marrying at this point? how long is a long engagement anyway) a literal who formerly disgraced Westerlin socialite. If MC goes for the Blaise / Karson analogue tounges will be wagging about how these young royals tend to gravitate to the least appropriate suitor lol


Drama club, definitely drama club, as long as he doesn’t have to play a prince that is. :wink:

As for classes anything that isn’t stuffy politics or etiquette should be fairly relaxing and escapist for my mc, but it seems natural sciences might fit best as with the concept I’m having in my head right now if he’ll ever ever be allowed to pursue his own passions and career apart from the royal family and being the useless spare it would most likely be as an architect though fashion or jewelry designer would also be possibilities

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My MC would be a happy go lucky fellow interested in sports and athletics, whose primary focal point in life is not becoming too much of a threat to the crown princess yet still being invited to all the best parties. So, he would definitely be taking Lady Vere Serafin’s natural science class but would struggle to extricate himself from troubles created by himself, his friends, and his pet 18 month old Labrador retriever, which hasn’t yet developed a brain. Hijinks ensue.