Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

You just need to not get in trouble for the entire year. The only real hurdle here is not getting sent to the mines. I did it by working with Lady Renaldt for real, but you can probably also manage it just by pretending to do so.

I just did a run-through to see what stats work; Domineering, Manipulative and Progressive for the Demeanor stats, and Poise, Intrigue, Wit and Flair all Noteworthy for Skills, with Spirit Commonplace. Poise wasn’t so useful after the first few chapters, and I didn’t use Spirit at all—it’s only Commonplace because of classes with Gonzalez.


How in the name of Oblivion did you manage to build up a PC that well balanced?


Ah okay, I wasn’t sure if the freaking Blaise incident counted. Also oops, you’ve reminded me that I haven’t actually done a playthrough where I worked with Lady Renaldt for real. For some reason that just never crossed my mind. O_O

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The Blaise incident is plot mandated. You cannot not leave the building and talk to Blaise after they plant the necklace in your stuff, and there is no option that allows you to see them plant the necklace and catch them in the act.

Also, you should do a pro-Renaldt playthrough, if only for completion’s sake.


Well, being Domineering and Manipulative lent itself well to investing in Intrigue and Flair, and Wit helps with that too, of course. Poise just seemed to slip in with the fitting choices, and was actually useful once or twice.

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I’ve started a little countdown for revealing more about my CoG project before I put up a WIP thread!

Here’s teaser 1:

It’s in the same setting as Crème de la Crème, but you won’t play as the same character. It’s set a few years after the end of Crème de la Crème, and you’ll be playing a student attending Archambault Academy!


Aww…are we at least the Freddie of Archambault then? Still looking forward to it, even if I had not so secretly hoped the mc would be one of the employees this time, either a Karson or one of the educators.


Hi! So, um, first off I’m excited to see a new project of yours. And also to finally see what that cryptic secret project you kept mentioning in the Writer’s Support Thread is. I was just wondering, since it’s set in the same universe, whether any decision we made in Crème de la Crème will affect anything in this new project (is it okay if I call it “Archambault”?) Kind of like how some key decisions affect the state of Cakes and Ale, @Gower’s spin-off series of Tally Ho. I’m thinking specifically of the possible scandal with Lady Renault?

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I probably wouldn’t write one about being an educator (having worked in education it’d be a bit close to home haha!) but I’ve been thinking about possible future games where you’re a Karson-ish character or kitchen staff or something like that. Or something where you’re an intern without a lot of cash/status…? But that’ll be a loooong time in the future.

Yes it will! I’ve used a very similar system to Cakes and Ale where you answer questions about your Crème de la Crème character and plot, or it can be randomised if you haven’t played Crème or want the world state to be a surprise. The way I’ve done it should account for all the possibilities!


Will we get a chance to save our CdlC games? I would love to see some news tidbits about (my character) Quinn Moretti, fiancee of the Crown Prince of Zaledo (or even Princess Quinn, if enough time has passed between the end of CdlC and the beginning of this one), and other CdlC characters such as Hartmann and Gonzalez, as well as the former Archambault attendees.


Is there any chance we get to see our CdlC PC?


Including the school merge? That seems like it would lead to a lot of branching.

As it is at the moment, it’s not a file import but instead a short set of questions about your Crème character and plot. (Very similar to Cakes and Ale!)

Under some circumstances, the Crème PC will be onscreen! Under others they may be mentioned. (There’s an option to switch on and off references to the Crème events for people who haven’t played it or for whatever other reason.) One of the Crème characters will always have some screen time, some of the others will appear depending on circumstances (for example if Karson is working at Archambault, who is head of Gallatin, etc, and some will be mentioned.

Yep! It hasn’t been as tricky as one might think, because of them being on different sites, and there’s something I’ve done to make it a little simpler - it’ll make sense when you see it!


I wonder if one of the frame questions would allow CdlC PC to be Rosario’s betrothed/lover. It would certainly be the subject of gossip and news for a very long time if a Westerlin low-ranked gentry (CdlC PC is not a commoner like Freddie, but I don’t think they are landed and titled nobility) was that seriously involved with a foreign royal (is Zaledo a constitutional monarchy or an absolute one? Either way it’s a big deal to be with Rosario).

Yep it does! There are questions about who (if anyone) was a love interest and who (if anyone) the CdlC MC got engaged to :slightly_smiling_face:


Whew…I was worried that certain endings (especially the ones that you would be unlikely to get on your first playthrough) would be locked out of the continuity.

That’s one reason why I wanted to have a different MC to allow for a wide breadth of endings. Plus I wanted to explore new characters!


I just recently finished my first playthrough of CdlC, so getting news about a new project in the CdlC universe so soon after is very exciting!

I’m happy that even though we won’t get to directly continue our CdlC story, we’ll still get to see some of the Creme PC. The main version of my character ended with an engagement to Rosario (bec what better way to restore the family name than to bag a prince? :crown: you gotta shoot for the stars, baby boo :sparkles:) so I’m crossing my fingers she’s doing well! :crossed_fingers:t4:


Ahh that’s fantastic! I’m glad you’re excited and looking forward to revisiting the world… Though it’ll be a little while till the game comes out!

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Here’s teaser 2 for the new project!

You’re the middle child of Queen Estell of Westerlin. That’s right, you’re a high ranking member of the royal family! Your younger brother is a young teen, your older sister is married, and you’re not officially engaged to anyone … yet.