Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Um what is the stat check for Mrs Benton tea shop job?

There are a few checks in that section, but when serving food and drink, charming the customers is Flair, mustering up energy is Spirit, and trying to be polite is Poise. To have the highest success the stats need to be 55+ and to have middle success the stats need to be 45+ at that point in the game. Hope that’s helpful!

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I have managed to marry Rosario before, but I did not write down how I got to that point. Could someone please help me with stat checks and important choices?


Somehow I managed to get a commited relationship with Rosario on my first playthrough-- and then took seemingly forever to duplicate that ending! (I rather like the idea of starting off coming from a disgraced family and ending in a romatic relationship with royalty!)

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That’s my main route :grin:

Help. I’m not sure about one of the achievements. It says aristocrat in waiting. And the description says get engaged to a titled aristocrat. Not sure who that is ok n the game or how to go about it. Can someone please help

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Romance and get engaged to Rosario. You will get the achievement then.

Hope it helps!


Auguste counts for that achievement too. For both of them you’ll want high Virtue and high relationshipb with your partner.


Hello, I’m trying to romance Rosario but the first choice with him (when you go to talk to him by yourself) I always seem to pick the wrong option. I have tried resetting several times and changing the stats, but it still triggers that I selected the wrong option. I am unsure what stats I need, and/or if something needs to be done differently.
Please help with stat specifics so I can finally start this romance lol

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First of all, welcome to the community! Complimentary cookies from me :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Second of all, you need to play to your stats. Choose, according to your belief, what represents your highest stats. Like;

(Note: please click on the blurred portion to make the text visible, I’ve put the spoiler tags there for those people who haven’t yet played the game)

To smooth the conversation, you need Poise. I’ve got it with 49 Poise or something around that number.

To make a funny comment, you need Wit or Flair. I got it with 44 Wit.

To take over the conversation, you need high Domineering. Although, this is just my guess, I haven’t tested it out yet.

Apologies in advance, if I’ve gotten some of these wrong.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the question @talisheo and thanks @moonfungus for answering! Taking over the conversation is Flair but I totally agree that the text makes it sound like Domineering is what you need. You want a score of 35+ to pass the skill challenges in that chapter.

In the solo conversation with Rosario, treating Rosario like anyone else needs high Progressive (50+), understanding why people find it hard to act like Rosario’s ordinary needs low Progressive (less than 50), and encouraging Rosario to open up needs high Manipulative (50+).

What I will also say is don’t worry, if those conversations don’t go well it doesn’t affect starting the romance! You’ll have plenty of time to get romantic with Rosario later :slight_smile:


By the way I’ve added the Creme de la Creme playlist link to the top post of this thread, as well as a load of links to Tumblr answers so if you’re not on Tumblr, you can peruse and enjoy!


@HannahPS and @moonfungus thank you both so much :slight_smile:


When do you have an opportunity to raise Hartmann’s rebellious side? I’ve romanced him twice as a Starling and I’ve never seen an option to really encourage him to think for himself?

Who would you guys say are your favorite RO’s?

I got Blaise, and it’s probably because I like the rival to lover trope a lot.

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Blaise too, by far. Though I’m doing Emil’s route now. I’m like halfway through, but got distracted with other games. Should go back to it.
I don’t even really like the rival romance trope. I just love Blaise


I, too, enjoy Blaise the most. Not really because of the rival to lover trope, as Blaise is barely your rival for five minutes, but because they and the MC have history, their interactions even in the early game include strong emotions and motivations that no other RO offers, and they’re intertwined with the mysterious conflict of the story and can get in on the action with the MC in a way that no other RO except Karson can boast of.

Karson and Rosario are probably tied for my next most favorite. Both offer the interesting conflict involved with getting involved with someone far outside your own social class, and Karson has the aforementioned direct involvement in the story. It always helps when your RO can take part in important events with you.


I like how you basically talk about my three “first impression crushes”. Though I never got attached to Rosario once truly playing, so I don’t think I’ll do his route. I’ve gotten pretty proficient at this game so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have trouble, but eh, I’m lazy.

I agree about Blaise’s background story with the MC though - that’s one of the reasons I like him so much. And since I played the MC as extremely nice, gentle and open-minded, it made a pretty cool contrast with how Blaise behaves with him.

Not to mention, while I’m sure some people would be miffed by how little he appears and argue that not a lot of things happen in his “route” because of that, I don’t necessarily think so. To me, it was very interesting to see how the MC of all people could jump on every occasion to try and find him or understand what happened to him, and worrying and stuff. I mean, he was literally the only one to do so! I didn’t have the heart to tell him though. And it’s extra satisfying if as a reward you select compensation money for the families who suffered during that entire thing. It redeems your family a bit at the same time. And it’s a nice explanation for Blaise’s parent being so accepting. That and the obvious saving of their son’s life - I mean, even if they don’t know everything, I highly doubt they’re entirely ignorant


I instantly fell in love with Delacroix. I do still adore Karson and Max and all the rest, but Delacroix remains my favorite.