Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

I don’t know if this has been asked for but I’m trying to play an intrigue heavy with it being my best stat while being domineering, direct and progressive, any guides for this or could anyone help me please.

I’m confused on how to get a tatoo or inked achievement, do I need to date Max to get this?

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You need to invite Max, or Max and Delacroix, to stay with you at school over the Verdancy holiday. You don’t have to be romancing Max to do it :slight_smile:

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This one is my new favorite! You should make a sequel or a new one with the CDLC touch. I’ve been playing this too many times already.

The first play through I romanced both Rosario and Freddie, but it got me when Fred came asking about Rosario, that broke my heart that I did another play through focusing on Freddie. lol
My recent play through was a tough one since I was engaged to Auguste then I exposed his mother. The ending suggested that the marriage was going to be very… difficult. lol


Ah thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed playing :blush:

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Is it possible to romance Auguste but still put his mom in jail?


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Can you romance Auguste, side with her Mom and not have it bite you in the butt ?
I tried it one time romanced her, supported her mom and news got out about it and she was disappointed in me

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Yes you can, but it’s difficult. You need to have high Virtue, Popularity, and/or Grades, and choose options that use them or rely on high relationships with characters.


Um what is the stat check for Mrs Benton tea shop job?

There are a few checks in that section, but when serving food and drink, charming the customers is Flair, mustering up energy is Spirit, and trying to be polite is Poise. To have the highest success the stats need to be 55+ and to have middle success the stats need to be 45+ at that point in the game. Hope that’s helpful!

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I have managed to marry Rosario before, but I did not write down how I got to that point. Could someone please help me with stat checks and important choices?


Somehow I managed to get a commited relationship with Rosario on my first playthrough-- and then took seemingly forever to duplicate that ending! (I rather like the idea of starting off coming from a disgraced family and ending in a romatic relationship with royalty!)

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That’s my main route :grin:

Help. I’m not sure about one of the achievements. It says aristocrat in waiting. And the description says get engaged to a titled aristocrat. Not sure who that is ok n the game or how to go about it. Can someone please help

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Romance and get engaged to Rosario. You will get the achievement then.

Hope it helps!


Auguste counts for that achievement too. For both of them you’ll want high Virtue and high relationshipb with your partner.


Hello, I’m trying to romance Rosario but the first choice with him (when you go to talk to him by yourself) I always seem to pick the wrong option. I have tried resetting several times and changing the stats, but it still triggers that I selected the wrong option. I am unsure what stats I need, and/or if something needs to be done differently.
Please help with stat specifics so I can finally start this romance lol

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First of all, welcome to the community! Complimentary cookies from me :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Second of all, you need to play to your stats. Choose, according to your belief, what represents your highest stats. Like;

(Note: please click on the blurred portion to make the text visible, I’ve put the spoiler tags there for those people who haven’t yet played the game)

To smooth the conversation, you need Poise. I’ve got it with 49 Poise or something around that number.

To make a funny comment, you need Wit or Flair. I got it with 44 Wit.

To take over the conversation, you need high Domineering. Although, this is just my guess, I haven’t tested it out yet.

Apologies in advance, if I’ve gotten some of these wrong.

Hope this helps!