Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

How do you get the ending where you go to Reisinger with Delacroix?

There is no way to get it.
Delacroix needs to be vengeful to go to Reisinger, but only if you got the art internship. If you didn’t, then she gets it.

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Is there any ending where you two are together instead of separated at different places?

Delacroix’s endings are:
Art internship
Doing nothing

There is no mention of them being physically together in any is those 3.
But I think the time they spent apart of temporary, only for them to finish their plans.

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This was an unintentional oversight on my part - I actually wrote some material about Delacroix and you discussing being at Reisinger together after graduation, but didn’t put together that those outcomes are (I think?) mutually exclusive. Sorry! It’s a lesson to me for the future to simplify things.


Creme de la Creme has turned two months old! If it was a cat, it might look something like this:

(Disclaimer: this is not my cat. My cats are middle-aged gigantic fluffbeasts. #rolemodels)

In celebration, I made a Tumblr! I had one years ago so this feels comfortably retro. Give it a follow if you like pretty pictures with Blood Money and Creme de la Creme aesthetics, and me flailing about fanart.

Things I learned from making Creme:

  • Clarity of stats is really important so the stats mesh with the story. Poise/Spirit and Manipulative/Intrigue were the biggest points of confusion. I’ve been thinking a lot about developing my skills in that area, and if you’ve got any thoughts I’d love to hear them!

  • Characters having multiple endings something people really like, but it can overcomplicate, and it’s less effective when it’s not clear in the text (eg Max being very difficult to marry monogamously, different characters’ destinations for the future). In future projects I plan to make such things more explicit, either through the words on the page or by having character personality stats visible.

  • Loads of people love mean characters - which I knew already, but the popularity of Blaise still somehow took me by surprise. (They were always meant to leave for most of the game; I’m interested to see how a rival-romance with someone in closer proximity would work.) They were also divisive! One tester said they resented every moment they were onscreen.

  • Sharing progress and little snippets as I went was brilliant, it helped me keep up my excitement about the project and keep momentum going.

  • My initial “monthly extras” plan was wildly overoptimistic, but I really enjoyed making the Blaise and Delacroix stories. It was fun to make something self-contained, with a self-imposed time restriction so I didn’t get in too deep.

  • Having this many befriendable or romanceable characters was a Challenge. Players absolutely loved it. But it was challenging at times like the Festival of the Birds dates: “OK, I’ve done two scenes complete with branches and character development, that’s seven to go…”

  • But! It was a ton of fun to see if I could do it, I love all of the characters, and I feel I did them justice. I wouldn’t do that part differently if I was doing it all over again.

Overall, I’m overjoyed. The game was delightful to make, it’s reached more people than I ever hoped and people have sent absolutely lovely messages about it. (Others have said it’s too SJW, which I see as a personal win.) I couldn’t believe it when forumgoers voted it 19th of every CSG over ten years, after only being out for a month, with more than 1200 votes! It’s done better than I ever expected. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.


@HannahPS I just played this game over and over again for an entire week…I usually dont care for playing teens, but I just kept hearing awesome things about it and finally gave in…and THANK THE GODS I did, IT IS SO GOOD AND ADDICTING!!! I played every romance, every way that I could think to. I think my fav romance AND ending was with Florin, with Auguste being a close #2 (though his ending killed me, both ways that I played it). I am just truly impressed! So many ro’s and their romances all seem very distinct and layered…this must’ve been a crap ton of work - you should be so proud! :heart:

Looks like BLOOD MONEY will be my next purchase - so you should expect to hear me fangirling out again in another week or so ;p cheers!


Loads of people love mean characters

I don’t know if this holds true for other people, but I personally wouldn’t have liked Blaise if they had stayed pre-mines levels of terrible throughout the game. The main reasons Blaise became one of my favorites after just one playthrough were because 1) they had some clear-cut character development, 2) they demonstrated that they were capable of being something other than mean, and 3) there was a lot of empathy for what they had to go through (and the aftermath that they’re still going through - and will be going through for years - at the end). Especially if your MC also went through the mines, you can’t help but feel some degree of kinship or camaraderie towards them, I think. There must still be loads of people who would love a character who stays consistently, sincerely mean throughout, but I don’t have the patience to be one of them!

Anyways, congratulations on two months and for making it to 19th place!! :slight_smile:


When you get that kind of hate mail, it tells you that you need to do more of what you’re doing.


@Jender thank you so much!! I’m really touched that you enjoyed it despite the age bracket not usually being your thing :smile: Hope you have fun with Blood Money!

@stormhover that makes a lot of sense, I’m excited you enjoyed Blaise, and it’s really fun reading your thoughts!

Fun Sunday fact: did you know that the Karson romance achievement is the second most popular romance achievement on Steam (after Rosario)? To celebrate, here’s some trivia about Karson!

Karson is a VIRGO :virgo: :girl:t6:
and is an ISFJ, the Defender: Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging…
…and I would cast them with Li Yiufei, Francis Lane, or Chella Man:

…and they love working with their hands, especially knitting. They’d enjoy having a yarn shop one day. As they’re more comfortable and energised with animals or books than people, their big multigenerational family household in Fenburg can be a bit overwhelming at times. They got on really well with their uncle, the former Gallatin groundskeeper, and had a lot of personality traits in common; they have a bit of a disconnect with the rest of their family due to being away so much.


Thank you for introducing me to Li Yiufei. Emily is gorgeous.

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Aw shucks… I really love this game! I’d call it “love at first read” if such thing existed. The experience is amazing and I’ve grown attached with the characters especially Hartmann and Karson…

@HannahPS Please stay safe from Covid-19, we need you… Is there a sequel?? I can’t imagine Crème de la Crème without a sequel… More power and more success to you.


I’m so glad you enjoyed the game and the characters! :heart_eyes: My non-dayjob writing has taken a dip due to all… this world stuff, and but me and my family aren’t doing so bad overall. I can’t say anything concrete about future projects for now but there are some potential plans in the pipeline :slight_smile:


First i want to thank you for this amazing game. Perfect for the quarantine.
Secondly I would like to know how you can be engaged whit max… isn’t 85 enough? Or I just miss understood a situation or a choice… ( I speak French and I don’t speak English extremely well so I have maybe done a wrong choice)
This choice is near the end no ?


For you to be engaged with Max, you need to raise max_steady above 50 for her to agree to marry you.


Thank you so much, I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed it! @Urban is right, Max is generally not into marriage but they will commit to you in a
non-engagement way if you’ve got a high relationship.

Take care and stay safe!


is it possible to get Freddie engaged with Auguste?
i just love the thought of them as a couple!

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Yes, but you have to give up your own engagement.


Hello! Could you give us a picture of what Max would look like as a male? Thank you so much! @HannahPS

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Omg yesss I’d love to a see a picture of max as wel!

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