Not really! It just means you shouldn’t be trying to make money off them by (for example) compiling and publishing a joke book full of them and claiming it’s your own work.


Not withstanding the legality, best to employ the Golden Rule:

Wouldn’t you be disappointed if you wrote something that resonated with people and then someone else put it in their own work as though they wrote it themselves and made money off it?


Hello! May I ask how you found out the youtube user that commented the mentioned quote in the first post of this thread? I tried searching up the quote (surrounded with quotes) in Google, but only this thread turned up for me :joy:


Yes! I can share my secret librarian google magic. :joy:

The trick is not much of a trick, really–I just used quotes around the phrase (to require results that contained the phrase) and then split the phrase into smaller pieces until it showed up. You can also add specific websites to search to your google searches by typing (for example)

I can’t seem to find the comment on youtube anymore at all, either, so it may be that the comment was deleted or the video was deleted. But when I searched like this last week, I was able to find the video which had the quote on it as a comment, and that let me see the commentor’s name and profile.

I have also used this method to search for the origin of other quotes recently–I’ve found that usually even when we think we’re directly quoting something we often introduce typos or misquotes, so breaking it down rather than searching the entire thing is definitely the way to go! (For example, the quote here has “witnessed gazed into” which is probably not correct.)


Thank you!! Breaking down quotes into smaller pieces makes a lot of sense actually, hadn’t thought about that before :smiley:

And hmm yeah, I guess they did probably delete the comment in this case then.

Thanks for replying!!!