Creative Ambitions for 2018


So I’m curious. What creative hopes do we have for 2018? They can obviously be games created. But it can also be writing projects, film ideas, artistic inclinations, cuisines to explore, statues to carve, comics to draw, websites to make, etc. Education as it relates to creativity. But nothing practical! And, please Lord, absolutely nothing political.

For myself, well I’ve got a chapter in a book due out hopefully this year. I have an artistic project I’m trying to envision properly. I’ve got music research to work on. And I have a plan for a theatrical video project. And I’m weighing whether one of my best and strangest stories would work better as IF.

Your turn.


Publish my first story here. Either CoG or HG, depending on how it falls. Hopefully finish a second.

Outside of this spot, I’d like to look into doing something with children’s literature. I have a couple of books written and ideas for a few more, just need to get illustrations and find somewhere to put them. Might publish online, or see how hard it is to come up with an app of some kind. That’s all secondary to what I’m doing here, though.


Personally, I hope that an art block that’s plagued me for roughly half of 2017 finally lifts so that I can get back to work in 2018. It’s soul crushing.


Update my web serial every week for the whole year – with more frequent updates depending on interest!

Make a start on the Paradigm City sequel.

Finish and submit a CoG pitch (far more ‘conventional’ than Paradigm).


Finally share my WiP here, and hopefully finish it this year (unsure though…)

I’m also certainly would draw more, since I finally able to escape my art block. I want to draw flowers for my mom and grandma birthday for starter.

And capture more landscape photo!


I want to make some progress on my game Seven Heirs – update it with a few chapters, hooefully. I also want to finish the shorter, simpler ChoiceScript game I’m working on, at least a rough version of it. I’d like to see if I can publish it with HG or perhaps enter it in the next COG Contest, should they do another.

I want to work on writing simple romance novellas that I can self-publish, while also finding time to work on my fantasy romance trilogy. I just want to write more in general and get past my need for perfection that really hinders me.

I also want to draw/paint more! I bought an iPad Pro over a month ago to encourage me to draw more (and it has!). My aunt also bought me watercolor brush pens and watercolor paper for Christmas, so I’d like to experiment with that. I’ve always preferred digital art to traditional as I can easily correct my mistakes, but in 2018 I’m working on conquering my perfectionism and I think working with traditional art where I can’t change what I don’t like will help.

More specific art goals would be to practice drawing hair (my greatest weakness) and clothes. I want to practice doing more line work and developing the patience and discipline necessary for intricate details.

I also want to finish the website I’m working on for my projects. Somewhat related, I want to practice my frontend web design and development, maybe take an online course. Just for fun.

I just really want 2018 to be a year for me to develop as a writer and an artist and a person in general. I’m optimistic and excited for this year! :slight_smile:


Hopefully, ill be able to finish a choice of game WIP without letting my perfectionist and easily discouraged self get in my way lol… Also hopefully ill have the confidence to actually draw a comic or write a story >.> though i wish the best for others!!


Get Fallen Hero: Rebirth out as a hosted game.

Finish Fallen Hero 2 in a rough state (oh that’s gonna be hard).

Finish Arc two of Breaks and outline Arc 3.

Would like to write on one of my books as well, but right now games and comics are easier for me.


I plan to walk on sun and take Dali with me to make a portrait of mine…


Get Curious Cuisine out as a hosted games.
Maybe start working on either a sequel or a magical murder mystery.


Just get back to writing and stop daydreaming.


Well, my first and foremost priority is to graduate Junior High. As for creative ones… I have a bunch of them.

  1. Write my ChoiceScript Projects. Do I need to finish my projects? It would be great if I could finish one and submit it. Sadly, I’m a slow writer and It may take years to finish one.

  2. Make a Webtoon Comic. I plan to make “Kingdoms” into a comic and submit it to Webtoons once my Wacom is delivered.

  3. Be an online artist. Rather than as an author, I mostly feel myself as an artist. Once I get the hang of digital art, I may offer my services online.

  4. Have a YouTube channel. Other than being an online artist, I may also post art videos on YouTube.

  5. Draw a realistic portrait of @_l1ttleliar, @Kingslayer, @Acrylic , @Szaal, @DUNGEON_MASTER, @SabrinadizaLS, @DancingInTheRain279, @IronRaptor, @Jesus, @Lizzy and all my other Forum mates. (Sorry Shakespeare. This post only lets me mention 10 people.)

  6. Lastly, draw @Lizzy and @_l1ttleliar together as a wedding gift.


Finish my first story and get off my lazy bum!


Plan out and write the crazily complex massive crossover mutliverse hopping CYOA I have spent the last two weeks geeking out over doing over this year.

(FYI it involves these gals and guy)

Also refine and release the X-Men Kitty Pryde and Lockheed CYOA I developed over NaNoWriMo last November.


Keep writing my choice project, and focusing on other projects that I haven’t touched in months.


Well, the ambitions are many:

  • Starting one of my planned webcomics.
  • Making a play-able demo for one of my planned games.
  • Submitting some illustrations to Shousetsu BangBang, maybe even a story.
  • Finish some of my shortstories.
  • Making a bunch of paintings for my new home.
  • Finally learning to do digital painting.
  • Sewing some of the clothing I have been designing and hoarding fabric for.
  • Start working with polymer clay again.

Reality? I’ll probably get none of those things done, yet again. :expressionless:


I have only a few ones but they’re all fairly big ones so we’ll see how well they go:

  • Finish the art and writing for the game project I’m doing with some others. (I mean, the deadline for that is in February so I’m gonna hafta to do this one this year no matter what.)
  • Maybe also finish Model Citizens??? At least continue to work on it, of course.
  • Hopefully actually write the book I’ve restarted three times now. Fourth times the charm? We’ll see.

Good luck to everyone!


Find a good forum RPG (possibly more like collaborative fiction) I actually enjoy and don’t end up fighting with the staff on so I can flex my writing muscles in a casual atmosphere. I love world-building but it’s pointless if you can’t share it.


If you mean something like play by post, I recommend the Giant in the Playground forums. Tons of games recruiting all the time for both players and DMs. Lots of more free form stuff too.


Scrapping my current project’s structure and rebuilding it from the ground up. Currently aiming for my first milestone of 50,000 words.