Creation: Book 1 (WIP, Chapters 1-3 completed, 4 being worked on) [Updated as of 5/23/2023]

Authors’ note:
Story has been on hiatus for a while now. I forget when the last time I updated the story was, but it wasn’t generally recent. Life and college has gotten in the way, and stress has been shooting through the roof. Expect another 1-2 month hiatus over summer as I go off to travel, and hopefully the story will be improved further as we get into August.

I have also been in writers block for the past 5 weeks. Not much creativity has been coming to mind lately, but I’ll keep at it.

Oh…And heres the novels (Both CoG and not CoG) that I take inspiration from with my writing if you’re curious. Go and read them if you havent.

The Wayhaven Chronicles - Seraphinite
Ouroboros - honeylou
Breach - Michael Maxwell & Ben Luigi
Vendetta - jsc
Killing Commendatore - Haruki Murakami


Dreams and Nightmares are what create us…why not embrace it?

In simplest ways to explain, you are a member of an organization (name for it TBA). You are an agent with a troubled past in an organization of recon and combat specialists, currently on a long-winded mission to topple the corrupt Achterop Corporation, led by a brutal and corrupt leader who will make people bleed to keep the corporation alive.

You managed to be caught, and this is where we begin in the story.

Please enjoy, and hopefully I can make this into a successful novel!

Demo here:
Tumblr Here: Creation on Tumblr
This Tumblr will be giving peeks at future story development and allow for anonymous questions :slight_smile:
Access the Feedback form for Chapter 2

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • *Both Bugs have been fixed! Names are operational, and custom names are perfected! You may name yourself how you wish! The chapter now continues into the next WIP section. :slight_smile:

  • You can now choose to be attracted to men, women, or be asexual!

  • Random french diss added

  • Chapter 1 finished

  • Character Customization is Live! You can now choose what your character looks like :slight_smile:

  • Chapter 1 grammar and dialogue streamlined and made easier to read. The same proofreading will be done for Chapter 2 on full completion.

  • Base stat screen is operational. Partially. Percentages do not decrease or increase for the time being. Have to put them in the right spots first.

  • Stat screen now shows team appearances and attributes, including rank.

  • Chapter 2 finished

Other Details


Welcome to my first ever choice book! I have minor past experience in writing with minor scriptwriting and chapter creations for friends, but nothing more, so please don’t hold me to a high standard!

Or else you’d be disappointed. Nonetheless, this is Creation! I’ll be working on this as much as I possibly can.

Gender and Non-Binary choices will be added in the near future (within the week), as well as completed character customization.

Current demo is short, and contains the entire First and Second chapter as well as most of the third. Book 1 is expected to have at least 70,000 words (4,666 words / Chapter), ranging towards 50,000 (3,333 / Chapter) depending on workload. Book 2 would be expected to be longer, and then word length to ramp up towards the final Book 4, unless a Book 5+ is thought of in later stages of story development.

Plot is currently planned fully through the end of Chapter 4. Currently, we are on Chapter 3.3 / 3.5


Expected Completion Date and other info: Late Late 2023 - Mid-Late 2024. Book 1 Expected to be 500,000 - 1,100,000 words in length. Expected to be a 4 book series, 15 Chapters Each.

To put things into perspective, I’m a reasonably fast writer. Based on the speed that I write, were I to write your 4 book series, it would take me almost eighteen years to finish.

One 400,000 word book (which is 10% of your current scope) is achievable in a 2 year timeframe. Ignore any grand designs of a multimillion word epic series. Start small, tell a compelling story from start to finish, and make it good.


I suppose I misjudged the work of most writers. I’ll go ahead and note that down


if it’s not a bother, can I ask how many words do you write per day?

Also, I do agree with Will, start small and have a plan too, it’ll help a lot. I started mine off as small, but it kind of just exploded because I kind of got too absorbed lol, I really like your book btw! Great job ^-^

Thank you!!! I didn’t expect you to notice this! Lost in your eyes is still new new, but its one of those WIP books that gave me the inspiration to even write this <3

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Oh wow, this is a bit new lol, I didn’t think that my WIP would give any one inspiration heh, I’m taking inspiration from you as well! Your writing is captivating, and reels a reader in! I can safely bet that you’ll get more followers in no time ^-^ Providing some feed back in google docs is really neat too! (Something which I’m doing right now lol, I’m glad that you’re heeding the feed back! It’s the most important way a writer can grow :heart:)

I’m intrigued so far!

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@MadDog5 Thank you! Those are words I hope to hear from every future reader :slight_smile:

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Is it O2STK?

LMAO, nah…I just simply havent thought about deep enough. Sometimes takes awhile to figure out something that could actually fit the plotline, especially regarding names. Focused enough on setting up the stats screen and fixing some plot holes lol

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There is an error when you try to put in your name .


Is there? Thanks you for letting me know, I’ll have that fixed today :slight_smile:

Chapter1 line 93: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 5

No last name?

@BadgerHero The issue should now be fixed. I can take another look at it if you’d like. If the issue continues, it may take a minute to fix as my days are rather busy. Apologies for the issues caused due to the overlooked bug.

Thank you it works well now also I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but I got an error when you wake up in your room again so just a heads up. Also I enjoyed the writing as well as the surprising amount of detail.

Thank you for the heads up! I appreciate the kinds words :slight_smile:

Really enjoying the story. Though I couldn’t continue due to this error

Ok, will be on it soon. I’m unsure where some of these are coming from, but hopefully it should be fixed later on today.

@dp544 alright, for the time being, I’ve disabled the pronoun variable until I can find a fix.