Creation: Book 1 [Chapter 6 in the works. release date: Within 1 Month.]

So, Update again.

The beginning of Chapter 5 is out…uh…probably next week. Chapter 4 on my side of things is nearly finished, and currently sits at just above 4000 words. I expect it to increase to 5000 by the time I’m finished with it. Bear with me here haha, just finished up a week of study for my mathematics test for college about 3 days ago.

I still need to get all of Chapter 4 peer reviewed, but I’ll let you guys know if I have to take more time to perfect it.


Chapter 4 is finally finished and released. Put a ton of time into this, hope y’all like it :slight_smile:


Time for a bump!

Here’s a percentage based update on the chapter so far :slight_smile:

Chapter 5 Progress: 25%

Chapter 6 framework: 10%

Touch ups on the past 4 chapters: 95%

The tumblr will have a peek into what’s being written today. There will be tease of something interesting on the release of Chapter 5. Something you haven’t seen yet.

Why not send something here too huh?

H Sends his regards.


So It’s been a month!

So it’s been a month…

Anyway, hi again :slight_smile:

If you noticed, I missed my Thanksgiving release date. I expected to do so around November 7, as some rather interesting things ended up happening, and my schedule went from 80% to 135%. I pushed some movement on Chapter 5, but not enough for full release. Release times are up in the air until probably mid-December. Sorry for missing it, but life happens, and I have less free time than I thought. I’ll do my best to find time!

If I could find a route for some time to be put aside to finish off the book, the most optimal timeline would have chapter 10 and book 1 finished by February, but we’ll see.


Small announcement

Chapter 5 is as of this moment, being formatted for full release, and currently I am adding in some extra choices to fill out some minor plot holes. Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 will be released at the same time before Janurary…21st.

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@Clear Yo enjoying the story, so far.

In chapter 3 after the mission, after picking an option to do ‘calm breathing techniques’ or ‘to fight off the panic’ it doesn’t seem to progress. Instead it gets stuck in a load screen and wont allow to continue.

P.S it wouldn’t allow me to load screenshot

Hi! I actually noticed this earlier, and I thought it was maybe just something on my end while testing, but thanks for confirming it on yours :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do to fix the problem. It may just come down to me linking the wrong thing within the code.

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I’ve been cooking up something during my disappearance, and there’s a whole lot more within Chapter 6 that may just knock your socks off when I release it.


Welcome to New Babel. The newest addition to the story, located in Richmond, Virginia. It’ll be a permanent addition to the storyline, acting as a cornerstone to the benefit of the organization.

I won’t say much more, but to put it into perspective this is the biggest update to the storyline yet. This is going putting everything said so far about Achterop into a small bubble when it comes to the changing of things.

Just hold on with me a little longer guys! :pray:


Thank You!

I’ve simply found that I’m just not a very good romance writer.

I go by the mantra that “If it’s realistic and you haven’t experienced everything about it, then you shouldn’t write about it” regarding story progression and new inclusions of differentiated topics. One of them is romance.

In past experiences with at least trying to write on it, I tend to over-sexualize the romance, and it just turns into a jumbled mess of inaccuracy that takes away from what the plot mainly is and is built around.

I’m currently reading a lot of romance and dark romance at the moment to get a handle on the best way to approach it, and hopefully get some ideas from other authors on here that have incorporated the genre heavily into their IFs.

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the transparency about the romance options. It’s great that you’re prioritizing the plot’s foundation in Book 1. Sometimes, building the story’s core elements before delving into romance can make the love connections even more compelling when they finally come into play.
The blend of dystopian, sci-fi, alternate history, and supernatural genres has piqued my interest.
I can sense your passion for this project, and that’s infectious! Keep nurturing your narrative, and I’ll be eagerly waiting for the release of Book 1 in mid-2024. I’ve recently fallen head over heels for Colleen Hoover’s books, so I know the feeling of being immersed in a world of words and emotions.

New thing added to the start of the IF!

This was my first time writing such a long poem, but I hope y’all find it cool :slight_smile:

Introduces the Disgraced King of Juliana.

Should shake up the plot pretty heavily, and really personify your character. I’ve noticed while looking through my writing, that your character doesn’t exactly have a fully fleshed backstory and personality, and I’ve been secretly working BTS to try and structure character storylines and progression in a way that makes all characters, including yours, feel just a little more relatable, and I find that I’ve really not hit the bar when it comes to making it happen.

I also feel like I’ve lacked a lot of attention to my novel, and I feel like it comes down to either a lack of romance, or just a lack of quality in my writing, or both. I’ve actually had thoughts about scrapping the project altogether to restart from the foundation and write a better story, but I’ve really decided against it just because of how far I’m into this, as well as how HORRIBLY long this story has taken to write.

While I work on New Babel, y’all are probably going to see a lot of new things through the existing readable plot while I implement all the new things!!!

New babel should be arriving very soon while I put on some finishing touches and remove some unneeded stuff, as well as improve on sections of the writing that very clearly need it in some areas.

80% done.


Hi! Long time no see guys!

So It’s been about 3 months. Sorry to say, I’ve made almost zero progress since Late February. Mostly attributed to college. I did graduate this May though! Almost exactly 2 weeks ago now.

I’ve been working on my full-fledged novel called “Ghosts of Belfast” since about early March, so that’s where a lot of my workflow has been routed lately during my free hours (I work From Afternoon to Evenings almost every day so time is tight anyway).

I’ll look to update this again sometime soon. Already sketching some new plans. Keep your eyes open for Chapter 6 :slight_smile: Book 1 will probably finish sometime this decade, probably

Wait some author took my book title like 3 years ago as well as some of the plot oh god what are the chances someone please help I’m suffering