Creating stats after first page

So on my startup page, i have *create hum1 through *create hum10 as well as *create dog1 to *create dog24

But I want to hide them on the stat page until you meet them in the game. I don’t want their relationship bars (percents) to appear at all until you get to a certain point. How do I do that? I tried to do this (below) on a page that wasn’t the startup.
*create dog1
*create dog2

but then on my stats screen it told me there was an error, that it was non-existent.

All long-term variables must be created in the startup file. However, it’s entirely possible to do want you want through another way.

You can use other variables to hide or display your current variables on the stats page.

*if something = "something else"
        percent ImportantThing

So then all you need to do is make sure the new variable (the one you’re using to hide or reveal the original variable) has a different value than what your *if statement checks for before you want to display it. Once you’re ready to display the original variable, use a *set command to change the new variable to match whatever you told the *if statement to check for.