Creating custom stats

I’m having trouble with creating a stat for a game I’m making that requires a word instead of a number.

I keep getting different errors, but as of now I worked it down to an error of: startup line 22: Invalid create instruction, value must be a a number, true/false, or a quoted string: Birth Talent “”

The startup line is *create Birth Talent “”
The stats line is text Birth Talent

I’m trying to get it to accept text into the quotes in the choice lines, as an example Fireborn lvl 1. If I’m going about this wrong, let me know, but I don’t understand how to fix this error.

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I think there shouldn’t be any space between “Birth” and “Talent”.

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One problem is the quotes used. Try using straight quotes.
The other problem is that your variable has to be one word, so either write “birthtalent” or “birth_talent”

*create birth_talent ""

Yep and in the Stats you shold white the same:

  text birth_talent 


  text birthtalent 

this must fix the problem!

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Yeah, making it one word fixed the problem, was just hoping there was a way to do two words instead of just one. I’ll have to make due and say Birthtalent and Talent instead of Birth Talent and Acquired Talent. Thanks for the help though.

You can rename the stats!

For Example

​​​  text birth_talent Birth Talent

Just add the name you want after


As my friend said. You can rename the stat.

Ummm now that I’m thinking about this… I think THERE IS actually a way to rename the variable as well. But I need to run some tests to be sure…

Give me some time…

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