Create Stat

Hi so i want to create a stat for money like this


Can anyone help me out by showing me the command to type in startup and stats

So in startup you’d type

*create money 0

(it doesn’t have be 0, any number will be fine).

Then in stats it depends how you want to depict the money. If you want to do it exactly as you typed, it’d be:


I’d recommend reading over the choicescript wiki for the basics! It’s a really useful resource.


Adding on, if you want to use the stat throughout the entire game (and have it carry between chapters), create the stat in startup.txt with the *create command. If you only need the stat for that chapter, you can create it at the file for that chapter with the *temp command.


Thank you both for the help

Can you also tell me how to add and subtract from this stat throughout different parts of the game

If you look here on the choicescript wiki, it gives a ton of useful information on setting stats.

Ok thank you for the help

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