*create_array Command in dashingdon.com

My game is ready to become a demo coz I have tested it in my own method.The problem is when I uploaded my game in dashingdon.com it is not reading the *create _array command.@cup_half_empty said it is not updated to carry out that task yet.
So I was wondering if there is a way one can test a game in dashingdon.com containing the new choicescript commands.
Or seeking attention here @dashingdon can you make an update if possibble please.

Anyone with any ideas please help.

Moody.ink has the latest version of ChoiceScript enabled.

Dashingdon will not be updated, so you’ll need to use Moody.ink.


@Eiwynn thanks a lot I will check on that.There are those like me out there who did’nt know about it.
Thanks again

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*if you did’nt know = how to test *create_array and others on your demo
Moody.ink has got you covered thanks to @Eiwynn since that is the person who mentioned it to me first.@cup_half_empty thanks for your advice.

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I will find some time to make sure both sites are up to date and try to figure out why some people cannot access the moody.ink domain. It probably will not be until the weekend though.


Thanks @dashingdon

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