Crazy Idea for the Future


So I recently had this crazy idea for CoG for the future. What if there was a text based game like there always is, but it relies on two different people on different computers or platforms, where one would chose something and then on both screens a new story subject would come up where the other person would then have to make a decision.

I know it’s a long shot and if it does ever happen it will be a long while, but maybe just something that if CoG ever gets moving like I hope they do it will be possible. I also believe that maybe an optional chat box between the two people would help as well.

Just a thought tell me what you guys think. =)


I think it’s a bit of a stretch, honestly, but interesting, of course. Any idea involving roping players together is interesting to me. It would kinda be cool to see something along the lines of tabletop RPG in ChoiceScript.


What do you mean tabletop rpg? You mean something along the lines of D&D???


This idea has been brought up in a topic (somewhere…) before. I believe some of the suggestions on how to do a two-player ChoiceScript game (with the current version we have, no less!) involved making heavy use of the password system (player 1 plays until the switchover point, then sends the password to player 2 for their part of the story) or just noting the switchover point in the game and having two local players pass the wheel.

Honestly, I’m curious to see how someone would design such a game and hope that someone gives it a shot.


Sounds like a RP on steriods.


I think that, if it does ever happen, the first few of them will be pretty basic and not too in-depth like some of the awesome Choice games that are already out there.


The idea CS_Closet mentioned is intriguing…

@Shadowfire12 - Yeah, between story and stats, it sounds like a tabletop RP to me - then again, that’s coming from someone who’s never played a tabletop game and only knows how they work in theory.


A two player (or 3 or 4) hotseat game would be easy enough. Adding in the code for CS_Closet’s idea wouldn’t be too difficult, either. The hard part would be coding the game itself. Allowing for 1 players choices is hard but 2 or more would be a lot of options to juggle.

Worth looking into though…


Essentially, you’d be writing two games in one, switching between two perspectives, so it’s going to be a lot of work. However, with a good amount of planning and organization, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too dificult to pull off (although it’s probably unavoidable that the author will be handling a lot of stats).

Still, it’d be a fun idea for a short puzzle game, or a survival-type game.