Court of Harts (Low-fantasy court intrigue || Last Update 12/10/2020)

Good Demo!

I’m so happy to see that wip finally coming to the forum! (I followed the game since the beginning on tumblr, like I even had my old saves when you first post it)

As usual House Bellerose all the ways! I love the difference between the houses.Usually I tend to play only one MC and call my ending “the canon one” for me.
But the potential of replayability is just too much.
I’m going to make an Mc for each houses I think.
But could we have more saves please? I feel that two is really to little, if player want to test all the houses.


I think what Cyphr is pointing out is that while there’s a player-determined love interest, every other character is guaranteed male. Effectively, no matter what, there are always going to be more men available for a player who is attracted to women, and those men that are available are a lot more concrete than a gender-variable character. Sure, we have the option to add another woman but to me it makes the idea of attraction to women seem secondary, which can feel a bit disappointing for women-attracted players, especially wlw who are often marginalized or forgotten in narratives.

With that said, I enjoyed the demo quite a bit. Very interesting setup so far! I particularly liked the differences between each house, although the Duciel option left me a bit confused when he effectively forgot about my perfect, golden-eyed child. It was fairly jarring for me as a reader. You explained it here pretty well, but I would have liked to understand it more while reading the story. I would suggest either making it more clear why the MC still was forgotten by their father, or even take out the golden-eyed option for a Duciel character.


Oh my that was short but sooo good! I :heart: it and definitely waiting for more. If I’m honest… you had me at “court intrigue” part of the description. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: House Bellerose fits for my MC so well and twins yay!


Yeah I get that fair enough. An Equal amount of female as much of male that are set in stone should be an option. It’s just when people are saying their is only one female RO, it throws me off cause it’s factually inaccurate.


I really love the sibling interactions in both Bellerose and Duciel.

I especially love that eye color “Angel-touched” and “Demon-touched” had some form of effect in the Duciel house. Though I do agree that it was kinda confusing going from being special to worthless without any explanation in the demo if you play a golden eyed MC.

And though having heterochromia didn’t make too much a difference in the Duciel house, surprisingly, I did like the little scene you get with Emery talking about the MC’s eyes. Such a little sweetheart :heart:


The four families all sound like they’ve been well thought out.


Loved the demo and I am looking forward to more of them


I really like the demo! Especially the customization part :smiley:
I was wondering about the MC having golden eyes. Will it make them special or will it change smth?


I like what you have so far! Though, while choosing which house you belong to, it would be nice if we were able to hear about each house before settling on one.

I was trying to hide this next part under spoilers but it didn’t seem to be working so I’m hiding it under a cut. :sweat:

Also, while playing as a Duciel with golden eyes...

It felt odd that the father suddenly started to neglect the MC once he remarried. The text made it sound as if he had no heirs with golden eyes and that he was always cold to my MC.

Despite it mentioning before that MC was treated special compared to their siblings.

That’s the only inconsistancy I noticed among each of the house routes. Looking forward to more!


it’s so interesting! I really love it that we can choose our house! I enjoyed it so much and can’t wait for more update. I chose House Bellerose because I just love their concept so much.


Oh I wasn’t aware of that :0c! Thanks for pointing that out, it’s fixed now!

Genuinely had to physically force myself to not start quoting Hamilton when I was originally coming up with the name lmao.

Oh :0! That’s a good idea I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll try to implement an “are you sure” choice then :v: And as for the gender selection, was there something in particular you think I could improve on :0?

Aha, I’m glad you guys like the houses and customization! I was worried they would be too much but it seems just right so far :smile: And thank you for pointing out the error! I’ll fix it right up!

Oh! I can def do that! :+1:

:memo: Thank you for sharing your opinions! I’ll try to improve it and make it less abrupt!


Alright so, by game’s beginning, MC is roughly in their mid-20s, as for the LI’s, Amos is roughly late 30′s, early 40′s, Ellowen and Adair are a handful of years older than MC while Afallon is the closest to their age, and Rowan is a couple of years younger than them.

So about golden and heterochromatic eyes...

Angels are also known to have gold eyes, so golden eyes mean that somewhere in your blood line you’ve had an ancestor who was blessed by Angels or you were blessed by Angels yourself. A person with gold eyes is considered holy, pure and trustworthy.

On the flipside are heterochromatic eyes, which are associated with demons. A person with heterochromia is considered untrustworthy and suspected to have demonic blood in their family, though it could just be regular heterochromia, but no one knows for sure.

It will affect how other people perceive and interact with the MC, and I am planning on adding a few more interactions and options related to them.

And as for people pointing out that there are more male ROs than female; yes, I’m aware. It is unfortunate that female characters don’t get the same amount of appreciation and attention as male characters, but at the same time, I would like to point out that I’m not getting paid for this. I’m writing this game on my own time, for a target audience of mainly me. I do like women, but at the same time I prefer men, and so the game reflects my personal tastes.


I mention it cause when i started the game it was immediately like “which house are you/they in” and i was like crap i didnt read anything involving the houses and had to close the game window to read it here. Then realized when restarting and hitting the house choice that there was no info about it

I only choose female sooo someone else would be more helpful on the matter

Good luck!


After hearing about Ellowen I do not need any other romance option. I’m head over heels already and I haven’t even met her in game.


I’m so ready to play a Blackwood and a Duciel MC. I’m here repping every other house that isn’t Bellerose.

I’m 200% here for a heterochromatic, manipulative and cunning female Duciel who despises her father.


Nice game

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Good start, solid writing and ambitious goals. A touch of DA Origins and Song of Ice and Fire, it sure looks like it will be a great ride.

Like others have mentioned I feel that at least one more of male option might have been a gender-flip (instead) so everyone would get the same number of options. Or maybe it could have been compensated by having a superior number of interactions with the two female options - if you feel like you don’t wish to change a character that was supposed to be exclusively male for the story.

That is said, it’s your story of course, and you should write what you feel comfortable with, rather than give in to your audience’s demands, especially since your narrative is still in the prologue stage at this point.

In any case, it is certainly an interesting premise and I will follow this project from now on.

Best wishes Leem, and don’t forget to pace yourself so you don’t burn out.


This game looks fascinating!

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Looking forward for more chapters! It’s good :clinking_glasses:


If Romance is that relevant to the story, please reconsider having another female or a gender-flippable LI. Also, great start