Court of Harts (Low-fantasy court intrigue, demo posted 7/29/2020)

Alright so, by game’s beginning, MC is roughly in their mid-20s, as for the LI’s, Amos is roughly late 30′s, early 40′s, Ellowen and Adair are a handful of years older than MC while Afallon is the closest to their age, and Rowan is a couple of years younger than them.

So about golden and heterochromatic eyes...

Angels are also known to have gold eyes, so golden eyes mean that somewhere in your blood line you’ve had an ancestor who was blessed by Angels or you were blessed by Angels yourself. A person with gold eyes is considered holy, pure and trustworthy.

On the flipside are heterochromatic eyes, which are associated with demons. A person with heterochromia is considered untrustworthy and suspected to have demonic blood in their family, though it could just be regular heterochromia, but no one knows for sure.

It will affect how other people perceive and interact with the MC, and I am planning on adding a few more interactions and options related to them.

And as for people pointing out that there are more male ROs than female; yes, I’m aware. It is unfortunate that female characters don’t get the same amount of appreciation and attention as male characters, but at the same time, I would like to point out that I’m not getting paid for this. I’m writing this game on my own time, for a target audience of mainly me. I do like women, but at the same time I prefer men, and so the game reflects my personal tastes.


I mention it cause when i started the game it was immediately like “which house are you/they in” and i was like crap i didnt read anything involving the houses and had to close the game window to read it here. Then realized when restarting and hitting the house choice that there was no info about it

I only choose female sooo someone else would be more helpful on the matter

Good luck!


After hearing about Ellowen I do not need any other romance option. I’m head over heels already and I haven’t even met her in game.


I’m so ready to play a Blackwood and a Duciel MC. I’m here repping every other house that isn’t Bellerose.

I’m 200% here for a heterochromatic, manipulative and cunning female Duciel who despises her father.


Nice game

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Good start, solid writing and ambitious goals. A touch of DA Origins and Song of Ice and Fire, it sure looks like it will be a great ride.

Like others have mentioned I feel that at least one more of male option might have been a gender-flip (instead) so everyone would get the same number of options. Or maybe it could have been compensated by having a superior number of interactions with the two female options - if you feel like you don’t wish to change a character that was supposed to be exclusively male for the story.

That is said, it’s your story of course, and you should write what you feel comfortable with, rather than give in to your audience’s demands, especially since your narrative is still in the prologue stage at this point.

In any case, it is certainly an interesting premise and I will follow this project from now on.

Best wishes Leem, and don’t forget to pace yourself so you don’t burn out.


This game looks fascinating!

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Looking forward for more chapters! It’s good :clinking_glasses:


If Romance is that relevant to the story, please reconsider having another female or a gender-flippable LI. Also, great start


I’m looking forward to this! I already love House Bellerose and Duciel.

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Interesting, I hope to try this when the demo is reworked

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What I really love is that the looks of our MC are commented on! Something that is rarely done, especially when the choice of heterochromia is given, but no one comments on it even if it is rare, which is really awesome!
Also the unique families of the different houses are all great and feel real!
Overall the whole game is very nicely written and I love it so far!


Oohh loving this already! Excited to follow this through💖

Goodness. All of the names remind me of fire emblem fates characters.

With all of the customization that actually matters. Color me interested.

So far I’m interested in House Duciel, Blackwoodand Bellerose in that order while I don’t have an opinion on House Ashworth.
Duties I put first because my interaction with my dad are really similar to MC and his most of the time
Blackwood because I like underdogs

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Wow, this is right my kind of story! Historical fantasy with court intrigue and romance set in a renaissance-like era? I’m in!

Very interested by the fact that we can choose our character’s family as well as the difference in dynamics each family offers (since the MC can be the heir in one background but not in another). Pretty sure that’s going to be a lot of work for you so kudos for taking the challenge and my best wishes!!

For the moment, the Blackwoods and the Belleroses are the families that caught my interest the most. Geneviève really sold her family to me, I really enjoyed the interactions with her as a sibling, and I’m a sucker for floral aesthetics and the arts. And on the other side I’m even more of a sucker for dark aesthetics and the Blackwood’s plot really caught my interest, so I hope to be able to read the full introduction to know more about their dynamics.

I do agree with some of the previous comments that making the reader choose a family feels a bit strange since most people would start the game with no info about them.

Looking forward to this a lot! :+1:


Loving this story!

I can’t wait to delve into the demo I’ve been following this story on tumblr <3

Kinda weird if you play Duciel and have golden eyes. Why would you be replaced? Also what would happen if you had heterochromatic eyes but one of them is golden?

I don’t think we would be replaced, per se, since we’re the eldest of the golden bunch (sounds weird), so we are the heir to the estate. Although being the right-hand to the monarch may change that.

I guess the feeling of being replaced is coming from the innate jealousy within the our PC, since our father isn’t giving us much attention as he used to when we were the only heir. So yeah, natural to assume that some of the father’s gestures towards our PC is maybe misinterpreted without realizing it so.

We can’t have the golden eye option when we chose hetero-chromatic eyes.

But I assume that the situation would be same, even with a golden eye.

On a different note, welcome to the forum @Nadelesc.