County fair writing WRIMO Write a game to keep the mood in this times

I am in my 9 days of quarantine and just receive a mail from Nanowrimo about the recent events a special event… Then my heart started to beat in my chest, excited by the mere idea of a special quarantine wrimo or writing jam. But nothing, just some typical topical advice…

So I decided to start this 30 days a Quarantine write it doesn’t need to be 50,000 words, it is just finishing something at this time, to show the Covid that I am stronger than it.

So I think I will record here my progress, and I am trying to cheer up others to joining my adventure to resist with good vibes the quarantine. It could be fun and lead to interesting stories that people could read.

Edit This is the intro to the next small game called Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal

The sacrificial tower is the pinnacle of the Tribal power over the wasteland, it is encircled by the numerous shrines blood of our enemies and cremated animals to calm the Metal’s spirits.

And from there in the blood moon night, The tribal chief solemnly commences his proclamation to the hundreds of Tribes over the Asphalt:

“The Tribes and the city are languishing again like every 100 cycles of years. The Bee plague is here. However, fear not, my tribal brothers and sisters.”

He makes one of those dramatic pauses, he loves to practise in front of multiple mirrors in his speeches practice room. Then your dad continues with his famous passionate furore that ignites the hearts of the Tribes:

Our better youth warriors will descend into the Metal and steel’s bowels of the Sacred Vault to calm the ancients accompanied by an official City Wizard to fulfil our sacred alliance!"

You then turn your attention to your company in this private balcony in the tower. Beside you, Laurel the magician from capital smirk sarcastically looking your father speech from his private hologram screen, and like the entire day you have been escorting him, he remains mostly silent. Probably the village doesn’t pay him enough to converse with illiterate trash.

He smiles at you clearly he has noticed your gaze. Sadly, his virginal bitch attitude with his beautiful white teeth and his dreamy blue eyes… That beautiful pale skin typical of the people of the rich city of Steel; Beyond the radiation storms and the desert of asphalt that are the realm of the tribes.

You shake your head trying to forget those impure thoughts. He doesn’t seem to be the flirting type.

Your father ends up his speech. Clamour and shouts of encouragement echo throughout the village made by the metallic bones of old New Reno; you head towards the interior of the sacrificial tower penthouse built with the remains of cars and go near your father: “Great speech father. I am very proud that you have chosen me to …”

Your father frowns his single thick brow again giving him an even more simian appearance:

“Flamboyant Flummery! The city has forced me to send you into danger die those damned powers you have inherited from your Urban mother! Brittania, you should stay here, safe. You are the heir of the thousands of tribes under Steel and Flame.”

You don’t have time to even reply to your stern parent. As the loudspeaker bellows at full power Resounding through the steel and cement of the great wall:

You can’t help but giggle. Combat is the most fun part of your life, sensing in your entire body the speed of your motorcycle, killing your foes smelling their burning engines and seeing them explode in a mini nuclear detonation.

However, this time your enemies are the mighty bionic insects of the Ancient’s plague; you hope they are ready because you certainly are.
Your father is rapidly taken away to safety by his loyal guards. Now, it is time for you to move on.

You scream at Laurel you want to see how a graduate magician fights: “Come on, Urban! We have to go before all the fun is over!”

After evacuating, the massive building, both of you find yourselves amidst the chaos in the huge central square, where civilians try to get into the communal anti-bee shelters, being helped in the possible by the Tribal warrior clans.

Looking to the nervous stare of Laurel you slow your pace a little: “Do you know how to pilot a war chopper, Wizard?” You ask while both enter in the enormous barracks and Tribal hangars.

He is sweaty, almost out of his breath. Mages are not used to hardship. You think while look the perfect smooth hands and nails Laurel has. He finally in the last elevator is well enough to answer to your response: “No… we use cars or AMU-droids”

Finally, in your squad Hangar, you can turn your eyes on the powerful engine of Babieca your Harley Davidson with handmade plated armour and two propulsion system nuclear power engine

Tibba your second runs in and sweating with his Gunner armour already on:
“Pff, is the wizard still here? Don’t tell me the baby is going to accompany us to fight the Waxers?!”

"Waxers? Laurel asks, to your surprise he seems genuinely interested in the term.

You cut your second’s complaints by raising your hand. Tibba can be a very good officer, but his big mouth is going to be his downfall:

“Laurel, Waxers are the name of the people addicted to the red honey they become mind-controlled by the hive mind. They are not dangerous except now when they explode becoming a toxic chemical swarming of bots. And Tibba, we are his caretakers. Father asked me not to lose sight of him at any time no matter what happens. So, the magician is coming to war!”

Tibba looks at him with a clear contempt:

"At least you will know what the nano bees plague is and how it’s created, and put that in your City sacred book. What is its name?

“City hearts” He just mumbles with he is a believer.

He just starts to convey the City heart When a human being is infected for 4 years it is asymptomatic, except the sex-driven tendencies and pheromones more attractive spreading the infection after that time, the fever takes over and they collapse and their bodies and organs burst. Half organic, half metallics nanobots, bees, they arise attacking humans without mercy in order of eating them and creating their beehives and their special blood honey.

“Put the helmet on, Mage! We are going for a wild ride.”

Tibba just squeals thinking about the incoming battle: “The Plasma Machine Gun platform sidecar is now attached to Babieca, Boss.”

You hop into Babieca followed by Laurel reading his spells.



I love this, best of luck! :sparkling_heart:


Thanks Hannah. In fact, today I end a game for a contest called The cursed night an adult terror western but I think is too adult and that to link it here.

However other projects more everyone target I will put them here.


Hey, you still doing this @poison_mara ?

I see that they have a week of stuff followed by a Camp. I love keeping number counts. It really helps with daily motivation.

I also see that all Buddy List vanished. Hmmm, I’ll have to check this out.


I am doing this here I trust more my own counts and Everyone is allowed to join in and participate together, write small stuff or just motivate each other


I haven’t been to the site in a long time. I see that you can start your own challenge, goals, and tracking any time you want.

This is great! I think I’ll set myself up again.

I’m Lucid over there, if anyone wants to be my Buddy again. :slight_smile:


:hugs: You can post here whatever you want to update your efforts in this dark times i want to inspire people and have fun with the community


Are there still shareable links to show wordcounts? Do they work for self-made goals? That used to be fun, although I suppose screenshots might be better, since it displays the word-count for that day, which is nice in a forum setting.

What is county fair? Perhaps a title like “NaNoWriMo: Stay Home and Write Challenge.” Although, I certainly don’t want to take over your awesome idea @poison_mara I just like this idea so much that I really want to get into it.

I made my own goal 50k and I set it to run until the end of April. It’s gives me an extra week, compared to a regular November wrimo, but I think 50k might finish this game. Since code is included, and sometimes that goes much slower, it might make it more doable too.

Also, I didn’t want to wait a week to join the Camp event, and I like that @poison_mara already started a week ago. Others can join in at any time and make their own goals too, like you said.

This is just a great idea! What an awesome thing to do during these difficult times while many of us have so much extra time on our hands.

I find that sharing daily word counts motivates me very well. (Although I’m being distracted a lot by setting up my account again! :slight_smile:) Okay, time to write.


@Lucid With County fair I am imagine the forum as a Reinassance fair in a county in a safe place with no quarantine. The first name Was quarantine wrimo. But that name does not include the attempt of a fun safe place to all us play and write together. As I said is like a carnival. Nobody will make fun of others not making their goals or whatever.


So today I write 1,300 words. Mostly were in planning for the second game I am 2/3. However for the current one I wrote this ending

Trying to save them

You gallop like a madwoman into the valley, without thinking. You just simply focus on hearing the frantic beating of your heart, surrounded by the stark beauty of the valley.

Murray’s wrath is indescribable, enveloping and trapping you like a poisonous glue, nullifying your own ability to think in this animal form.

In your frantic descent, you dodge dozens of half-dead Cougars and Coyotes in iron traps surrounded on all sides by dynamite holes from illegal prosecutions; even here in this desolate place, you can appreciate the destruction and advance of civilization like a plague.

Murray screams mentally in rage: “Join me animals, attack the monsters that destroy our balance, leaving the valley sunk and deformed like scorched leper’s skin. Let’s kill them all! Reclaim our sacred land!”
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Everything becomes strange in a moment the sweat on your fur the pain of your left leg when skidding on the rocks. It just fades away, like you don’t have a physical body anymore.

Murray simply says: “I have taken full control of your body is the only way to fulfil the call of the people, claiming this territory once and for all. I am really sorry.”

You chuckle weakly feeling as if your existence was rewritten second by second, almost like if you had never existed: “You aren’t, honey. So drop the act!”

Murray doesn’t even bother to answer, as an army of wild animals and poorly buried corpses unite in a macabre procession. s
Step by step, This god is determined to annihilate the white man and drive him out of Nevada.

He desperately lusts to go back to the clock, to the times of the tribes and the totems, the ghost walk dances and the mystery. But you know better than him, that is impossible, for each civilized person killed, hundred will follow the sweet call of the silver and gold. Soon the iron will of The railroad will penetrate the land further. There is no coming back.

Now, I see how a whirlwind made of pure light engulfs me. I don’t hear virginal choirs, so I guess I will go with my ancestors to the old hell. I hope they have Guinness.


I just wanted to slip in and say that I was planning to attempt this for a non CYOA project of mine. I was planning to have the first draft of my first novel done by April 1st but I’ve only written 100 words since November when I wrote the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo :confused:. Life does get in the way sometimes. Maybe the month of April is a better goal? Well I wish everyone good luck and I hope we can all use this self isolation period to our advantage! My fingers are so not ready to crank out another 50k words in one month though…


My advice is don’t think in long-term goals. Think in dairy or week goals. Long would put pressure on you.

For example, since January my dairy goal is 1,000 words every day. But sometimes I say: “Oh, I will try to get this chapter done this week!”

But maybe focus on quantities is not for you ( last year until June, I wasn’t going well on that front) so I figured that I should focus on trying to make different things.

The important thing, we that are not professionals, It is find our pace where we are happy but productive. Constance is the key.


I definitely agree that consistency is key and I find that I can motivate myself for short periods of time (like one month) and work really hard for that time then completely burn out. This time I will just write less when the month is over, but still write. That’s where I went wrong in November because I stopped writing for December. Thanks for the advice and I will definitely take that into consideration. Good luck with your writing!


Another thing is trying to figure out if you are really ready for long-term projects. For example, I don’t see myself now doing a big game suitable for publishing, I am not yet that level. However, there are hundreds of contests. both online and offline.

I am focusing on that now, making lots of small-medium stories and focus on ending all projects. It’s sad to see so many WIP fades away because the writer was simply not really ready to go that level yet.


I’m day 2 of this new challenge. It says I’m on track still. :slight_smile:

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Well done

I know that this not technically writing but I did the Cover for my game


There’s a small downside to this. Sometimes when I’m error correcting, I accidentally make my coding more efficient and lose words! :smiley:


Today word account : 1,125
Total: 2,424


Day of Challenge: 3
Today’s Word Count: 1,428
Total (for this challenge): 4,081 / 50,000
Status: On Track for April 30th Completion

Woo hoo!

And, because this is soooo satisfying to see again after working out a couple of tricky bugs:

Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

You and me, @poison_mara. Let’s do this thing!

Hopefully others will get inspired and join us for April 1st? :smiley:


Day 3 2,000
Today word account has been divided into several projects into different stages. Still, Overall, A great day.