Countdown to 2014


I decided that since we’re nearing the end of December, this thread should be now, not later. Apart from typing “Happy New Year” when the 1st of January is upon us, we may get to say our general thoughts on how 2013 have not only been for us, but also for Choice of Games itself


This year kinda sucked for me. Not sad to see it go. But it seemed to be alright for CoG, which is good. :slight_smile:


Happy new year!!! Oh wait to early


!Happy New Easter Hallow giving mas!!! :smiley:


Woo just a couple more days till my bday


well happy bday already @darkstar2101 its mine in just two months and a couple of days


Happy bday


happy birthday


@darkstar2101 Tis a merry day for us all! You have survived for [INSERT AGE HERE] years, the world is happier and wonderful place for you spending [INSERT AGE HERE] years on it! Happy birthday Mr.Star!


You guys are the best ( shame on yall) it’s good to know the whole world celebrates my bday it’s a confidence booster ya know


@darkstar2101 Poison birthday for you :*


@MaraJade thanks


Ah to have birthdays. Mine happens to be in the best month and near the best holiday of course. Felicitations and congratulations on your day of birth @darkstar2101




Lucky @PORT3R we still have four and a half hours to go over here


Mwuhahahahaha i am in the future


Happy New Year!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m off to play with some fireworks :smiley: Have a great time guys :smiley:


My neighbors had some illegal Polish fireworks wich are basicly just handgrenades in a box

I am still in the future :smiley:


I wish you many happy explosions and all fingers and toes still attached by the time you’re done


Happy New Year everyone.

Have fun with the fireworks.