Couldn't extract another token error?

Can anyone tell me what an (invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token) error means in cside

The code this is happening with is:

*Temp fr “a”
*If ${mc_element} = “frost”
*Set fr “a fellow”

The line cside cites as a problem is the middle one. This code is not under any choice option but that shouldn’t matter. I would appreciate anyone who could give me an idea what is wrong with this code.

The format for the mc_element check should be as follows.

*temp fr "a"
*if (mc_element="frost")
    *set fr "a fellow"

The ${variable} command is only used to print variables within the text. For example the code

*set mc_element "frost"
The element is ${mc_element}.

would show

The element is frost.
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You could also change the () for “” in mc_element, as in

*temp fr "a"
*if "${mc_element}" = "frost"
    *set fr "a fellow"

I’d advise you to put the command for caps lock, however, because this is case sensitive. So

*temp fr "a"
*if "$!!{mc_element}" = "FROST"
    *set fr "a fellow"

If you put in your code, for example
the code would look like this
where choosing the first option would lead to
and choosing the second one would lead to
image .

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