Its me back at it again with another Topic. So, I’m trying to allow the PC to name their character and I want to know how do I give them the option to go back and change their name if that’s not what they wanted.

In Cserstros having a name for yourself is just as important as having
a House. What is your name?
*input_text name
  Your name is ${name}, is that right?
  #Yes, my name is ${name}.
  #No, that's not my name

What would I do after that so they could re- type a different name if they want a different one.

*label name
   *set name David
   *goto confirm
    *set name James
    *goto confirm
 #Something different...
   *input_text name
   *goto confrm

*label confirm

${name} is your name.
   *goto continue
   *goto name  


Thanks man, Your the second best.:grinning:


Of course. I would not be as greedy to steal the first best status from someone.


Ooh, that’s not the most concise code you could have for this, and it’s got some errors in it. Some modifications:

*label name

What's your name?

  # David
    *set name "David"
  # James
    *set name "James"
  # Something else.
    *input_text name

Your name is ${name}. Are you happy with this?

  # Yes
    *goto continue
  # No.
    *goto name
  • added some flavour text (very important)
  • used *fake_choice instead of *choice because all of the options lead to the same place.
  • included quotes around the string (written out characters) so that it recognises it as a string. I’m 95% sure that the quotes are necessary.


The quotes might be necessary, possibly. I haven’t used choicescript in a while since my hard drive broke down and I tend to forget things easily.

Though I don’t find the other modifications essential.


Gotta keep that code lean!

I’m not the best at keeping it readable and concise, but I do make sure to use fake_choice whenever possible and use comments to separate sections, as well as including plenty of white space.

I’ve got some really dumb stuff in there – I was using *if statements each time the character’s gender is mentioned, which was pretty messy until I figured out easier ways to do it, and I also have a “lawful” stat where adding to it decreases your lawfulness for some stupid reason which I really oughtta change – but I’m continually working on improving my practices for future use.