Could Donald Trump be President of America?


This is about Donald’s run for President. There are 14 people running for President. That’s just on the republican side. However despite all the people running. There is one person who’s comments dominate the media everyday you hear new comments from him. What I think is the appeal to him. People are tired of politicians.

I think congress has an approval rating of 10-20 percent. Everyone can agree that Congress is doing poorly. Everyone fights, half the time they are fund raising. Someone who doesn’t need do favors for money and doesn’t come off as politically correct is refreshing. The whole time the media and other people are saying he can’t win.

He’s a sideshow. They are saying its more like a circus like theme with no actual substance. I’m sure people heard some of his comments if not heres some: He claims he’s going build a wall, then have Mexico pay for that wall. He says when is President, we’re going to claim the oil fields as our own in middle east.

I’m personally going go with Hilary, only three people so far on Liberal side running for President. I think Hilary is going to be President, the first woman president. I’m curious what other people think.

My experience in an anti Trump rally and my news interview

Someone being the first something as president should not be a qualification of any sort, whether that’s first woman president or first black president. I don’t know who I would hypothetically vote for, but Hillary would not be even an option. And as for Trump as president?


I know it sounds impossible. I been following the news. Out of all of the republicans running for President. That’s over 14. In recent Polls he was behind Jeb Bush. Now he’s in front of him with 17 percent of the polling, Jeb Bush has 14 percent.

I would be laughing with you. If he didn’t have so much support. He doesn’t even really do anything just talks about what he’d do as President. I know he has no chance in general election. It’s interesting republican voters are behind him so strongly, even though he has no chance.


Or people might be selecting him in polls just for amusement’s sake. I’d be tempted.


Here in Alaska, my white trash neighbors are already talking about how he’s the perfect pick, that he’s gonna stop taxing the oil tycoons here who already make billions, how he’s gonna “repair” the native culture here by blowing whales up with grenades. I’m not voting, not only because then I won’t get called for jury duty, but because I know that no matter who’s president nothing will change here.


The only reason the Republican politicians appear to be supporting him at all is misdirection. They’re hoping we’ll be so distracted by the talking clown that we won’t notice whatever they’re planning.


I feel like if Donald Duck became president, we’d have a war with someone in a week because he couldn’t resist the urge to insult a diplomat. Political correctness may be (scratch that, is definitely) annoying and tiresome, but it does keep people from shooting at each other most of the time


I completely agree with your sentiment of presidential firsts. I really hope that Obama is remembered as the president who recovered the national economy or brought in a universal healthcare and not as “The First Black President.” As for Donald Trump’s candidacy? I’m not opposed to the idea of candidacy but I wouldn’t vote for him. However in regards to politics in general, I’m a staunch reformist anarchist. Just tear down the union and focus on smaller communities.


[quote=“Joshua_Devon, post:3, topic:10681”]
Now he’s in front of him with 17 percent of the polling,
[/quote]I’m of the position that’s he’s mostly riding the hatred wave after his comment on Latinos. Yea, he’ll get up to 20~30%, but he’ll also top out there. While his extremeness gets that extremist crowd, it doesn’t resonate with the more moderate republican base. And if he does win the Republican candidacy, call me out for a bad prediction after the election, but I’d bet everything on four more years of Blue.

[quote=“Fiogan, post:4, topic:10681, full:true”]
Or people might be selecting him in polls just for amusement’s sake. I’d be tempted.
[/quote]I’d have to check, but I believe the numbers are only registered republicans and independents (look it’s been four years since I checked how polling works), so I’m banking on trolls not having a major impact.

[quote=“Zane_Hiam, post:5, topic:10681”]
I won’t get called for jury duty[…]
[/quote]First, not a good reason (IMO), and second, not quite true. Are you male (guessing by the name Zane)? 'Cause if so they got your information for that when you signed up for the draft (and if you haven’t go do it, you’re legally required, even if you have an exemption). There’s also a number of other places they get that information from (I can’t remember them all). Either way, if you really don’t care that much, why not trying looking up a third party? The more third party members there are, the less we’re regulated to a two party system.

[quote=“fantom, post:6, topic:10681, full:true”]
The only reason the Republican politicians appear to be supporting him at all is misdirection. They’re hoping we’ll be so distracted by the talking clown that we won’t notice whatever they’re planning.
[/quote]Have you been paying a lot of attention to the whole circus? 'Cause from what I’ve seen (which is admittedly little, because I have very little time to spare at the moment), they’re seemingly starting to really hate him because he’s getting all the lime light.


Well, i sorely hope that Trump doesn’t became president i just don’t get why some people supports him


Too many people hate Donald Trump for him to become president, it just won’t happen. Personally I’d say no to Hilary and Jeb as well because I can’t say I’d like another Clinton or Bush. Presidency really shouldn’t stay in someone’s family (besides, Hilary practically ran through Bill when he was president )


I really need to watch more news…
I don’t really know who donald trump is or what he’s done.
And he’s running for president?


Nah, DT talked a lot of crap. He’s not becoming president unless theres going to be some BS landslide waiting for him.


The day he is elected is the day I move to Canada.


More like the day he’s elected is the day hell freezes over.


Trump is a Wrecking Ball.

He’s wrecking the Republicans; if Trump gets elected as the President of the United States, guess what else is about to be #getrekt?


This this image kinda sums up Trump for me. Only thing missing is a bit more emphasis on his hair.

In the interest of fighting sensationalist bullshit, those aren’t actually Nazi soldiers, they’re reenactors, and they aren’t wearing Waffen-SS insignia so while I’m not knowledgeable enough to know the specific differences if any between the uniforms I’m pretty sure they’re just Wehrmact, regular German infantry who weren’t required to be a member of the Nazi party. Calling them Nazi Soldiers is a slight exaggeration.


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