Cosmopolitan: The beauty of mirrors

Adopted during the beginning of the Ordoysian kingdom and expanded upon by the Media wars. Beauty became a political and near-fundamental aspect permeated in Sildarian culture. So expansive and rich was this tradition that even aliens found it alluring, although the Gulk commonfolk could’nt give a damn and the Atro’drath view their taste like dressing up paint. it nonetheless drew aww within and without the culture for its expansive taste. Trends are usually set by popular gods both local and national alike. some of which permeate for Centuries and used as a bedrock for fashion. one such trend is tying up the multiple limbs into a bipedal form, creating both a functional and artistic sense of grace, these limbs are further enforced by wrapping the Sildarians leaflets around the arm binding them and hiding the creases into a pure looking form. such a trend is by far the most popular, used commonly throughout the kindgom and any who dissent from these is considered ugly.

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