Cosmopolitan:Souls of Iron, rock, sun, and bone

1587BC- The Gulken’s embrace a merciless parody of meritocracy to survive their home planet’s hostile environment: most society’s are led by intelligent and revered farm holders with vast slaves occupying other less important jobs such as mining.

1154BC- The first Kythrean god is killed; creating the lessons of the god-slayers that shape the primitive cultures of Thaiozhu.

998BC- overpopulation has extended the powers of the largest and most prestigious of farm holders; Gulken philosophers and inventors lend their intellect in service to the farm holders or use them to install themselves in the farm holders place, becoming the first technocrats.

987BC- Another god is killed creating another god-slayer and another list of lessons into the Atrodr’rath cultures.

944BC- The Earliest recorded event of the Sildorian dark age. Numerous petty god-kings and tribal deities vie for control and power over each other through military domination backed by destructive god-like powers and fanatical peasantry.

800-200BC A dozen more Kythrean Gods are killed; exhorting the rest to flee from the emboldened Atrodr’rath. Creating more god-slayers and cementing another set of lessons into the Atrodr’rath cultures. the migrating hordes of Thaiozhu begin to settle, creating new kingdoms within the Vrotle abyssal crater.

121BC-A confederation of co-operating Sildor nations and city states is established. each city defend each other from foreign aggression and promote trade and science.

76BC- The confederation falls apart due to political infighting and foreign invasions, yet the history and method is preserved and passed on for generations to use.

21- Ambitious and conquering nations within the Vrotle crater compel many to revert to the old migrating traditions, razing the weaker kingdoms and breaking the lessons en mass to the state of ruination and decadence.

105-To better separate the desirables form the slaves the Gulk sates create caste system societies based upon the subject of the desirables choosing; bettering the meritocracy system.

895- A true elective monarchy is formed between a militarily weak, but inflexible, kingdom and its strong neighbor. This is the first and true elective monarchy of it’s kind, but will fall within the year.

1498- The predecessor to the elective monarchy is established. It lasts for a total of three-hundred sixty-six years before it is reformed into the modern elective monarchy. One of the longer regions of a Sildor kingdom.

1582- The confederation of Gulk’tukk is established from the remaining nation states unifying the planet under one black banner and creating the Gulk technocratic assembly by drawing the best, brightest, and most disciplined from the Gulken major subjects: science, merit, security, infrastructure, and resource.

1642- The Atrodr’rath colonize the islands outside the Vrotle crater for the first time, utilizing primitive exo-suits to function on the islands and archipelagos above. This event alters the Atrodr’rath drastically and ushers in a renaissance of culture and exploration.

1646- The Gulk become the only spacefaring species in the outer arm.

1752-The Atrodr’rath competitive colonialism compel the remaining nations to fight to the death; achieving world government through military domination.

1862- The Atrodr’rath endless revolution begins. Numerous dictators are imposed and deposed by both pro-corporatocracy advocates and autocrats in a struggle to obtain the power of world government, while simultaneously subduing numerous separatists movements.

1864- The elective monarchy is the remaining nation of the Sildorians. Holy wars turn into media wars for the title of god-kings or queen. The legends of aristocrats bearing magic powers wane out of existence to protect the populace and discourage conventional holy wars. Displaying these powers denounces the aristocrat as a pariah and a tyrant.

1890- the old autocratic movement teeters on the brink of capitulation, to garner support for their cause, they begin a revival of the neglected lessons of the god-slayers, fuelling a consistent indomitable movement and destroying their enemy into retreat and hiding. However, their rival, the Corporotocracy, remains a constant threat to the regime.

1912- the Atrodr’rath become the second spacefaring species in the outer arm.

1942- the Gulk colonies of Austorus, Arretarium, Danum, Dubris, and dozens of other planets suffer slave rebellions, separatist movements and wide spread corruption. To counteract these insurrection, The Gulk technocratic assembly establish the secret service organization “Deep Star” to combat the corruption and separatism. the resulting conflicts take years to subdue.

1950- the civil war slows down to a standstill upon the formation of the confederation of rebel planet-states, strengthening the separatist defense and resolve.

1952- the Nation of Thaiozhu encounter rebel refugees fleeing from Gulk Deep star operative. Miscommunications and first contact jitters result in a firefight, dozens of Atrodr’rath are wounded and an operative is killed. The Atrodr’rath hold the Gulk refugees hostage until negotiations are created. The firefight is publicly known as the “Black Brawl.”

mid-1952 Translations and negotiations have concluded. The Gulk receive compensation for their dead operative and the refugees are turned over to the Assembly. The technocrats and the Autarch agree to make the Corporatocracy an enemy of the Gulk, as well as join the assembly in their civil war for the rewards of system ownership and technology. Trade is slow and highly competitive, yet the cultures are admired by both species.

1953- the Gulk civil war ends; gifting the Atrodr’rath numerous mineral rich planets for their aid. The Corporatocracy attempt to aid the gulk separatists, but they capitulate before they can.

1954- the Cold Expanse begins. The Atrodr’rath expands northwest, intentionally or not, threatening to box the gulk within their borders. The Assembly double their expansion efforts, yet they remain on the back-foot with no way to counter the Thaiozhu military backing their expansion. The cold expanse sours the relationship with the two nations yet don’t spark hostilities. It is belived the Cold Expanse will never end.

2021 The Gulk encounter the Sildor High Kingdom and soon after the Nation of Thaiozhu. Negotiations between leaders are cordial. however, the cultures are not compatible causing tension and conflicts.

2045 The Thaiozhu planet of Uhthyi, bordering the Ordossian High Kingdom, suffer ‘religous Disturbances’ between vocal Sildor immigrants and the Atrodr’rath. Skirmishes and brawls are reported yet the information remains concealed by order of the Autarch. Similarly, cultural tenstions brew within the Sildor borders, pro-Notlitl Moralist crop up, inciting violence.

2056 A brawl Between a Sildor god’s chaperone and a Atrodr’rath immigrant make international headlines sparking racial and cultural disputes. in kind, Thaiozhu nationalist begin to become a very vocal group within the masses and the politicians; exasperating the relationship between the nations.

2060 A Sildor Immigrant becomes a minor political statesmen on the Thaiozhu planet yuojod. he begins, Unlawfully, enforcing Sildor Virtues, rules, and religious propaganda. the act is broadcasted throughout the planet; reigniting riots, Anti-Sildor, and anti-Sildor god movements. The relationship between the Sildor common folk and the Atrodr’rath masses is strained to the breaking point. The Autarch of Thaiozhu and the Sildor god-king attempt to defuse the situation, yet the two cultures have created a very persistent people.

2070 A controversial god-king is elected, to win over the hearts and minds of aristocrats the elected god-king attempts a producer incentive policy, discarding old administration laws that prohibits Sildor god county’s to economically build their lands independently, counterattacking the Thaiozhu’s economic influences. The Sildorians experience a minor golden age under his rule and the god-king becomes a popular figure internationally.

2075 The god-king of the sildor begins wielding an absurd amount of influence externally and begins to make demands and harsh trade decisions towards the nation of Thaiozhu and the Gulk Assembly. the demands are not well received, but the outer arm tolerates theses actions. The populace of the Thaiozhu are divided upon the situation, half are disgusted with the Autarch’s servile behavior and others admire the Sildor god kings tough, fearless, heavy handed decisions and wish to follow his examples, reigniting political instability.

mid-2075 the god-king demands the Gulk to ban slavery, a fundamental foundation of the Gulk society, under the guise of righteousness. the demands are ignored and soon threats come into play. The Autarch attempt to defuse the situation yet prove unsuccessful, as a last ditch attempt to prevent war the Atrodr’rath back the Gulkens with a defensive pact. the elected god-king is not intimidated and declares war.

late-2075 The Ordossian High KIngdom opens the war with a two-staged, widely dispersed assault, aided by pro-Corpratocracy insiders, into Thaiozhu planets with the intention to destroy the industrial superpower before the Gulk can react or the Atrodr’rath demand aid from them. The Atrodr’rath fleet is too spread out and the sluggish to slow the SIldorian advances.

The Sildorians assault major industrial planets bordering Sildor space. Bombing factories and civilian targets in an effort to intimidate the Atrodr’rath into capitulation. A part of fraction of their fleets break of to commence stage two of the assult while a portion of the fleet deploy teams on the bombarded planets and pacify the enraged partisans.

early-2076 The Sildorians plunge their assault deep into Thaiozhu space attacking another wave of planets, effectively decimating the factories and residents as well as sending another wave of assult teams to force the natives to surrender. However pacifying the more populated planets takes a larger then usual force and the Sildor navy takes considerable time to subdue the planet.

mid-2076 Multiple attempts to assult the Atrodr’rath homeworld have been delayed; The Sildorians attempts to leave the neighbouring planet have been repeatedly interrupted by the Atrodr’rath 25th, 26th, 27th, combined armament armies, coupled with mass partisan activity and aided by Gulk Deep Star Operatives. A sizable portion of the Thaiozhu navy now catches up to the fleet and breaks the Sildor navy’s ‘tip of the spear.’ The opposing party attempt to hold onto the planets they have already conqured but are hard pressed to hold them.

late-2076 The god-king of the Sildor face a grave ultimatum: abandon their conquered planets and rally the fleet to destroy the Gulk and the Atrodr’rath or risk losing the whole fleet. The order is given to rally and a deciding battle concludes with a victory for the Gulk and the Atrodr’rath. The god-King demands another fleet to be built immediately, but the Gulk have already began committing surgical strikes against the Sildor state while the Atrodr’rath reclaim their conquered planets.

2077- The Ordossian High Kingdom have completed a fleet of two Battleships, thirty two, frigates and seventeen corvette sized ships, despite the Gulk distruptions. The God King demands the corvettes to confront the Gulk surgical attacks with their own, but they are no match for the unforgiving superiority of the Gulk. meanwhile, the Thaiozhu navy have reclaimed all their planets and are ready to commit an all out revenge on the Sildorians.

2078- The Atrodr’rath fleets and armies experience partisan activity that rival their own; massive casualties and desolation pollute the Sildor High kingdom as fanatical peasants struggle to defend their king, but the Atrodr’rath and the Gulk are not deterred and continue to advance on the Sildorian capital.

2079- The God King of the Sildor attempt to stop the Atrodr’rath on the planet Scheddi the Sildor’s first colonized planet. The fighting is apocalyptic and the god king is killed by an Atrodr’rath knife party. The death is filmed and sent to the elective monarchy as both a demand for surrender and a warning towards those who choose to resist. They receive no response. The death is the first a God King has died in war in hundreds of years.

The Atrodr’rath are now recognized as god-slayers in two cultures.

2080- Not content with the death of their King, the Atrodr’rath Bombard the Sildors home of Oros and raze the elective monarchy’s capital building, and their affiliates, out of existence; the elective monarchy officially capitulates, but the Thaiozhu continue to fight those who resist the call to surrender.

late-2080 negotiations have concluded. The Gulkens seize control of a sildor colony and their surrounding systems on their border and share the spoils of mineral rich systems with the Thaiozhu, permanently crippling the Ordossian high kingdom, as well as executing any pro-Corpratocracy terrorist they encountered and received aid from.

The war officially ends, but the stubborn Sildorians who refuse to surrender are brutally captured, trialed, and put to death over the coming years by the Nation of thaiozhu.

2081 Another god-king is elected at the request of the elective monarchy. This god is tolerated by the Autarch and allowed to rule so long as they do not pose a threat to the nation of Thaiozhu or the Gulk assembly and conduct their affairs by Thaiozhu standards.

2083 The God King places forward an elective heir policy, allowing the elective monarchy to vote in a second in command should the current god become incapable of running the kingdom. The title of heir enacts a fierce media war.

2084 The elected heir is the son of the current god-king. Discomfort is quietly expressed towards the dynastic symbolism, yet no actions are taken against the results.

2127 The current God-King dies, by natural causes, and the heir inherits the throne. a fierce media war erupts throughout the Sildor kingdom for the title of heir again, with numerous counties spending vast amounts of their treasury into advertisements and popularity stunts.

2128 The election results are mere days away, whoever is voted will be the next in line for the leader of state.
However, a mass assassination attempt is made upon many of the candidates. The families of the candidates who were murdered demand revenge, the survivors accuse each other of the assassinations, the elective monarchy demands compliance with all the God’s and in turn, some gods blame the elective monarchy with attempting to overthrow the elective process to favour the dynastic gods. Many gods revolt against the elective monarchy and against other gods dreaming for the title by the old way of war. only a handful of gods rally around the elective monarchy. in total, their are under fifty differing nations occupied by hundreds of thousands of gods. the civil war of Sildor has begun and the powers the aristocrats bear would again be unleashed for all the outer arm to see, carving a wave of destruction across the fractured nation.

2129 The elective monarchy and its allied gods begin the first assult of the war on the Varba territory this attack is soon assaulted upon by two neighbouring territories. while a part of the elective monarchy’s forces are away numerous petty gods make planetside on Athisa. The capital planet of a major ally to the elective monarchy.

2130 Sixteen nations capitulate by the beginning of the new year. Some of the weaker gods and leaderless nations attempt to hold out on their own planets and demand independence, all of them are ignored and are absorbed by their stronger enemies.

2131 Twenty two nations capitulate; The weaker kingdoms grow deperate and become vassals towards their stronger neighbours hoping they might not suffer punishment by the elective monarchy. Nevertheless, their forces have exhausted themselves fighting each other and are absorbed by both the elective monarchy and other rebellious gods; being given varying degrees of punishments.

2132 Nine nations capitulate the remaining nations either join the elective monarchy in hopes of clemency or the dynastic gods to avoid punishment the battle over the Athisa heats up with battle hardened troops invading the planet and turning it into a major battleground of the war, throwing millions of lives into the graves.

2133 an unexpected ally aides the elective monarchy: The nation of Thaiozhu. After discovering that the dynastic gods had received aid from the Corpratocracy, the Atrodr’rath invade annihilating all those who associated with the terrorist group and giving the elective monarchy the victory they need over their adversary’s.

2134 A colony goes dark on the Sildorians southern borders. This garners the Autarch’s attention and with the Sildors navy broken and all available resources going towards reconstruction they do not object the Atrodr’rath insistence of sending scouts to investigate. Out of the two dozen that are sent out to investigate one does not return and cannot be found.

mid-2134 An attack on a Thaiozhu colony near their southern borders whips up the Autarch’s attention, the attack is repealed by the colonist and it is revealed that a new alien force attempted to kidnap them. The army believe it to be an ambitious pirate force and vow to scour the south to save those who were kidnapped.

late-2134 the raiding force has been tracked back to the kidnappers homeworld. The pirates, spurned on by an alarming overconfidence challenge the Atrodr’rath fleet, but are promptly destroyed; their leaders surrenders upon the Atrodr’rath landing.

later, it is discovered that the kidnapped colonists were eaten and the sildors executed, because the kidnappers are carnivorous. the kidnappers, now known as the Uriy, devastated their animal food chain with overconsumption and resorted to cannibalism. the Soldiers were appaled and reports of a brawl between the two parties are reported. The Autarch draws up a plan to trade with the Uriy and their carnivorous diet and demands them to stop their canabalistic ways. The Uriy, left with no other option, agree to the plans. However, the carnivorous people, who were born and believed in a canabalistic Aryan race movement are less then reluctant to give up their culture.

Early-2135 Tresspassers are discovered on the Uriy’s only colony, desperate to protect their food supply and borders they attack; only to be repealed at the superiority of their foes. The Uriy beg for aid from the Atrodr’rath and they agree to send volunteers and weapons.

mid-2135 The trespassers are shaken at the increasing number of attacks and dispatch a fleet to aid their forces. The Uriy and the Atrodr’rath volunteers have underestimated the intruders and face a grave situation: They cannot have food, weapons, and volunteers flown inand must rely on local resources and keep the Uriy government’s demands that their hunting grounds not be harmed lest they exasperate the cannibalism. the millita and The Atrodr’rath volunteers begin to bicker and blame each other; dividing the two races and devolving to the point of infighting.

late-2135 The siege goes on for months and the Uriy government understands the weight of their situation: they cannot survive on their own.

Out of desperation, The Uriy president signs a binding resolution to the Nation of Thaiozhu, becoming a Protectorate state beneath the Atrodr’rath.

The Atrodr’rath, now responsible for their underlings wellbeing, sends a sizable fleet to free the besieged planet form their trespasser. They are successful and destroy most of the enemy fleet while trailing the rest. meanwhile, a detachment is sent to subdue the planetside troops. It is revealed the invader had set up a colony on the already owned planet.

The retreating ship are trailed to a large inhospitable asteroid the Thaiozhu fleet analytics hypothesize this destination was intentional. The enemy keeps as much distance between the fleets and maintains the planets orbit for hours. The shipsadmiralis convinced they are stalling for a counterattack and open fire upon the enemy ships. the trespassers retreat once more.

Again, the retreating ships emerge to another planet, this one hospitable, only to meet with a fleet smaller then their own. the battered ships attempt to join the fleet but the Atrodr’rath open fire upon them before they regroup and ,possibly, attack, destroying the ships in space. The fleet counterattacks the Atrodr’rath but are quickly defeated by the, obviously, superior Atrodr’rath ingenuity and numbers. one ship breaks off and lands on the planet below, the admirals give the order to commence ground operations upon the planet below, The admirals give the order to commence ground operations upon the planet and chase the retreating ship, soon after, discovering their major cities. The assault teams are prepared and sent to the surface.

Early-2136 substantial progress is made by the Atrodr’rath armies. enemy forces at pushed back into urban centers, cencountering light partisan resistance along the way. meanwhile in space, numerous ships of differing orbit around the planet but stay far out of range of the Atrodr’rath weapons. As a precaution, the admiral request another fleet to discourage any counterattack the enemy could muster. The autach agrees and a fleet is sent.

After a seventeen day-long siege the battle ends with the collapse of the enemy army and the surrender of its populace. However even with the surrender of the nemy cities their leaders are nowhere to be found and their is no able person to dictate terms. The Autarch is a t a lost and calls a convocation as to how to settle this matter.

Hours later, a convoy is sighted outside the occupation zone a few dozen cilillians and hundreds of military personal standoff against each other, with the civillians attempting to explain their actions. after a bit of guessing with body language and sending numerous messages to each others superiors, the civillians are allowed inside the compound, unarmed, but the military personal are ordered to remain outside and at a distance. The Autarch abandons the convocation and dispatches linguists to translate and negotiate terms.

mid-2136 The linguist deliver a report to the Autarch, They have explained to the invaders, now know as humans, the events that have transpired in the pasts months and the political state of the invaded planet known as ‘earth.’

The linguist describes to the Autarch that earth is a loose confederation of nations quasi-unified by an international organization called the ‘United Nations’ to keep peace and promote international cooperation.

The country the Atrodr’rath occupied, named ‘India’, and their leaders retread abroad when their forces landed on earth and pleaded to the United Nations that their invasion was unprovoked and wished for a unified military assault to force the Atrodr’rath off their country. However the speed of the Thaiozhu war machine divided and terrified many nations and became reluctant to aid their ‘ally’ against a foe that dominated one of their superpowers in the span of a month.

The linguist explains to the United Nations that the Nation of Thaiozhu were protecting a client state from the Indian intruders who attempted to steal a colonized planet from Uriy. The Indian government denied such accusations but evidence found on the Indian colony and the Uriy militia proved damning.

The Autarch demands compensation on the Uriy’s behalf, the Indians retort with the dubious behavior of the militia and demands their planet and their country back. The Autarch refuses and broadcasts the events across India, in an attempt to humiliate and degrade their leaders integrity.

late-2136 talks begin to break down, The united Nations backed by many of other countries demand the Indian government to compensate and get the Atrodr’rath to leave in peace. yet, an unwelcome truth comes out: the Indian government has no way of compositing the Uriy, because of their massive investments in the superpower race, so a stalemate sets; many idea are thrown about on how to repay the offence, but the Autarch is not content with the ‘gifts’ India can only offer. Until a multi-purpose cultural exchange is proposed, A beginning for the two nations to build relations and exchange in trade and culture. The Autarch is intrigued and accepts the proposal. Though the Indian government doesn’t own a planet to practice the exchange on, the Autarch uses one of her planets; setting up a demilitarized zone and restricts trade between only the nation of Thaiozhu and ships directly from the Indian country.

2138 After a long preparation between the two nations the cultural exchange is ready. Volunteers and business advocates are ferried towards the small city seeking new wonders to explore, wealth to create, and peace to prosper.


Has potential. Looking forward seeing more.

This looks interesting can’t wait to see :blush:

That was… very informative and interesting. I can’t wait to see a demo and play in this world.


I honestly love how much info and background there was in that!!!

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