Cookies and Cookies


This is a thread about cookies and it all starts with a plate of cookies…


Yes !!!

Cookies ! You know how to speak to my heart :kissing_heart:

Kidding, but at least whe now have another Cookie thread !


You did it. You actually did it.

Nobody will be safe from the cookie revolution now.


Evil laugh noises while taking a cookie and sneaking away


@Xavier_Kirton You deserve the Cookie Award of The Best Thread of the Week :wink:


Gladly accepts it while taking a big bite out of it
Munch Munch


now all you need to do now is build a device that turns people into giant cookies then eat them, and take over the world MWUHAHAHA


We think alike :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
_Hands @moonwalkerdragon a cookie _


thank you (Eats the cookie happily)


goes to the table, steals the rest of the cookies, and (try to) sneak(s) away…


Trips @Snowpanther and picks up the cookies and put them back on the plate


bits Xavier’s leg, and get back up


Not to be a party killer, but you should probably stop the RP before a mod comes by and slaps you all down.



I agree XD

Shall we speak about cookies then ?


Macadamia Nut, white chocolate cookies = Love


So you like white chocolate too ?

I think I’ll keep you, Neo ! :grin:


No, order cookies with bits of rules = Love (for me anyway)

And in that train of thought, this whole topic is really off-topic. Could you please continue this “discussion” in a PM-thread before it shows up at the top of the ‘new’ list with hundreds of messages for the next couple of days?