Constructive Curiosity


Hilo folks!
Snoe here again.
Anyway this time I was looming over the fact that curiosity has been my greatest asset. Almost everything I’ve gone off on my own to learn has been much ore valuable to me than that served up to me in school. In fact even some of the pranks I pull for fun just to see ‘what if’ have helped me learn more and more about people in general.

My favorite example of constructive curiosity was doing a little social experiment. I wanted to see how my day went if I didn’t ‘speak’ and to my surprise it’s fairly difficult but as the day drags on you learn different ways to get your message across one way or another. Believe it or not that day of not talking kinda helped out with my understanding and use of body language. Even after i still find myself using gesture in concert with words. Give it a shot it’s kinda fun despite getting funny looks.

That said what kind of constructive curiosity have you all learned valuable information from?


If it wasn’t been for curiosity, I highly do it I would
A) Discovered this place
B) figured out that I am good at YGO stratagys
C) I wouldn’t of found out who was stealing my cookies.
D) My Secret book wouldn’t of been actually of been done
E) I wouldn’t of discovered DC, Marvel which meant that my hero Scythe wouldn’t of been drawn and created.

But the one thing I wish my curiosity would find is a good free drawing software or app, or maybe something you only have to pay for once…


well… if its not because of my Curiosity…

i wouldn’t find CoG games, and this forum
i wouldn’t be able to draw as satisfying as right now
i wouldn’t know that i love interactive fiction games
i wouldn’t know that im actually a bi (well, at least in games)
i wouldn’t know there is so much sexuality term (Pan, Bi, and many others)
i wouldn’t meet amazing people at CoG forum

and many more, hence there is why i name myself Curious_Boy, coz my weakness is my curiosity XD


If it wasn’t for my curiosity, I wouldn’t have

-Discovered this website
-discovered my favorite band, Tortoise
-discovered many of my favorite songs
-discovered many of my favorite YouTubers
-discovered many of my favorite video games
-learned how to properly play my games on my N64

  • and other things I may or may not be able to mention on this website.


I don’t think curiosity could be anything other than constructive.

If it weren’t for curiosity, I simply wouldn’t be who I am now. My brain would have atrophied and I would be going about my days like a mindless zombie, stuck in the eternal cycle of get-up-go-to-work-come-home-watch-tv-sleep. I do those things of course (minus the watch TV bit, that’s a mind-killer if I ever saw one…), but in between thousands of random questions and thought experiments pop into my head, and that often leads me to research something unexpected, or write something down. It’s curiosity that drives me to get to know people, as well as my own characters.

It’s interesting you mention that you learned more through curiosity than you ever did at school @Snoe, I feel the same way. Einstein wrote “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.” I don’t think that has changed much since his time.

He also said “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Most of us are jacks of all trade when it comes to curiosity, I think it’s that kind of intense, focused, passionate curiosity that we call ‘genius’.

Curiosity is the main drive of humanity. There would be no accumulated knowledge, no technology, no scientific advancement, no art, not even empathy without it.

So yeah, I wouldn’t be who I am without curiosity, but neither would the world as we know it.

F–k the proverb “Curiosity killed the cat”



I’ll admit I hate the whole ‘social experiment’ thing, in general, not just yours. It doesn’t feel right to me, to experiment on people without their permission or consent. But, that’s just the phrase I dislike.

I’m glad that your experiment worked for you and you learned something though. I know yours was harmless, people do sponsored silences and the like after all. And it’s an interesting thing to learn about yourself and the world around you. If you stop talking does it mean you listen more?

If you have a look at the synonyms for curiosity, there’s a few that are quite negative. Like nosiness, and intrusiveness, prying, snooping, meddling.

But I do think it’s a good, driving force.


Good point, I take that back. And replace it with “curiosity is constructive most of the time.”

Even those negative synonyms could be constructive depending on the situation though. I.e. a nosey neighbor reporting domestic abuse, someone prying and meddling in a friend’s life to help them overcome drug addiction, a detective snooping around to solve a crime…