Constellations (WIP Title) (Chapter One) Major Update 3/14/18



@Takashi_Shin Ah, hm…

To simplify it, it’s 1) I wanted to write, 2) I have a deep admiration for all things space, 3) it’s a learning experience for me it’s because it forces me to research a lot and I learn a lot of new things on the way. One of the things that interested me was astrology, and I thought since I haven’t seen the plot before, I might try it!

I love CYOA games so much, and I was never particularly good at art and whatnot, so I couldn’t really make a game with visuals or whatever. The coding is easy enough to get into and I didn’t have too much trouble with it, plus I could get help whenever I need it.

This is mostly a labor of love.

I was about to go to sleep without posting on the progress, but really it’s just rambling on about how it’s coming along just fine and there’s not much to worry about right now. I’ll just impart this tidbit for now.

Have a good weekend!

The secret recipe to motivation


Hi guys, happy weekend!

I just got back from a brief, although tiring road trip. I’m not used to travelling, especially in a car, but it was worth it to go up north for some very good food. Also saw a lot of cool things which I’d love to share, but this wouldn’t be the appropriate topic…

Anyway, I only stopped at a hotel for a few hours and used that time to write. It’s really nice to write in a different environment — despite the stress — so I got a bit more than I would’ve normally. Ironic, isn’t it?

Well, I had a lot of downtime in between transitions, so now I’m ready to put the gears of my mind working again. Hope you guys have, had a good weekend!


I fucking love that song


Here’s a bit of a late update, and I’ll tell you why: summer break is over. Well, at least tomorrow.

What that means for me is more studying and, admittedly, more stress. To be fairly honest, the time I get out is the time when I usually write. Well, there will be assignments to finish when I get home, but I’ll try to get those done in class, and if not, ASAP.

You guys won’t notice any significant changes other than maybe what I write here sometimes, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Hope you guys have or had a good weekend! Enjoying my last weekend of freedom. OTL


Another late update—

It seems that I might have underestimated the workload.

Well, it’s not bad, truth be told, especially compared to other students with backpacks that threaten to spill over at the sheer size and the ones who stay awake all night simply to complete their assignments. I do have a few advanced classes, however, which unfortunately takes up a large portion of my free time. Some days, I scarcely even see my computer.

Though, honestly, being away and unable to do progress only amplifies my desire to work. Perhaps when I have spare time again, I may be motivated to complete much more than I normally would.

I have been a bit late in my update since my friend’s birthday is today (HAPPYBIRTHDAYBYTHEWAY) and I stayed up all night to complete it. Sorry for that.

Anyway, hope you guys had a good weekend! :^)


Good day!

I was realizing this Sunday that I forgot to post on Saturday, thinking “oh darn, I’ll do it soon!” And then Monday came around and the cycle continues until today. I just randomly realized it and went straight to the computer, so I’ll just write wherever my fingers go.

If you really look at the increasingly late updates, you can see that I’m mostly distracted. I’m a bit stressed out, although the knowledge that other people with much more workload than me can still carry on is comforting and encourages me. I admire those people! I wish I had the same work ethic.

Anyway, even if I am, I’m stubborn and I’m not going to give up on this, no matter how little time I have on my hands. Sometimes I just think up the ideas if I can’t get on to write to use for later. Other times, I just peruse through it and see what I can do better and what to add.

I feel a little guilty putting this in the backburner, but I’ve underestimated the work from taking on advanced classes which is very unlike last year. I’ll do whatever I can, though!

Have a good day.


Happy weekend!

If no one noticed, I deliberately didn’t add an update last week.

I think I’ll stop updating here until I have something to show. It doesn’t mean I’m stopping, because I’m not, but I don’t want to keep writing here if I don’t have anything to report back on. Initially, someone suggested I do this weekly to keep me focused, but I have a bit of work nowadays, and all my free time is spent towards my friends and alone time rather than writing.

It hurts to admit it, but I also didn’t want to annoy everyone if I don’t have anything relevant to tell. I waited because I wanted to see if I could actually make progress, but all I do nowadays is daydream of it.

Until I make any, I’ll stop annoying everyone with posts. Thank you, love you all. :heart:


I’m really liking this one so far! Not enough stories on here that have to do with astrology, and I’ve always been fascinated with the zodiacs. I have time to answer a few questions, least I could do putting a cool story with a nice premise out here :slight_smile:

  1. I’m unsure if I should add inter-species romance options. I feel weird doing it. How do you feel about that?

    • Honestly this depends on you and your experience as an author. If you feel like you’re able to create a character/race with a decent background and give them a complex/different POV or experiences that are unique then I’d say go for it. Making a character is hard, but making one that differs from race/customs/cultures from ours is more so. Up to you ultimately though.
  2. For the magical aspects of the game, what do you suggest I add?

    • I think it’d be really cool if you give the MC powers based on their zodiac alignment (if you aren’t already) and each zodiac has a specialization in what elements/type of powers the MC is able to use. Like if the MC was a Leo they’d have powers based off of fire or strength and other aspects that embody their star sign. And from there the MC is able to pick if they want to go magic or just be granted qualities that pertain to their star sign (so for Leo either become a fire mage or be emboldened by Leo’s strength and not use magic idk what im doing)
  3. For a beginner, how big do you think I should take the project to?

    • I’d suggest maybe 100k words or less for beginner, if you’re planning on publishing this. If it’s just a work of passion then maybe around 80k. Don’t feel like you’re forced to have a certain amount of words though. The story is good when you’re writing with heart and passion, not trying to strive for a word count. Unless you’ve been planning and/or mapping out plot devices to where it transcends that number or you’re really passionate about this premise, you might wanna keep it relatively short so it doesn’t stale out. Of course, I don’t know your true writing capabilities, (but judging from this it seems to be pretty well :D) but usually it’s better for the story to be good and short than good at the beginning but falling off near the middle/end due to the author just simply running out of ideas and resolving to linear plot lines/cliches.

I really like your writing style and your premise a lot, looking forward to more updates whenever you can. :smiley:
Also, not sure if it’s intentional but the WIP ends when the ship gets off the ground right? I got an error saying the chapter 2 or something is missing and it ended abruptly so I thought maybe there was a little more that I was missing due to a bug.

EDIT: just read some of the other comments and saw you already replied. mb. :smiley:


Please take your time to write, it is not easy to write a story especially CYOA… i read that most authors took 1-2 years to complete one project , i don’t think you are annoying at all… :slight_smile:


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