Constellations (WIP Title) (Chapter One) Major Update 3/14/18



@Takashi_Shin Ah, hm…

To simplify it, it’s 1) I wanted to write, 2) I have a deep admiration for all things space, 3) it’s a learning experience for me it’s because it forces me to research a lot and I learn a lot of new things on the way. One of the things that interested me was astrology, and I thought since I haven’t seen the plot before, I might try it!

I love CYOA games so much, and I was never particularly good at art and whatnot, so I couldn’t really make a game with visuals or whatever. The coding is easy enough to get into and I didn’t have too much trouble with it, plus I could get help whenever I need it.

This is mostly a labor of love.

I was about to go to sleep without posting on the progress, but really it’s just rambling on about how it’s coming along just fine and there’s not much to worry about right now. I’ll just impart this tidbit for now.

Have a good weekend!

The secret recipe to motivation


Hi guys, happy weekend!

I just got back from a brief, although tiring road trip. I’m not used to travelling, especially in a car, but it was worth it to go up north for some very good food. Also saw a lot of cool things which I’d love to share, but this wouldn’t be the appropriate topic…

Anyway, I only stopped at a hotel for a few hours and used that time to write. It’s really nice to write in a different environment — despite the stress — so I got a bit more than I would’ve normally. Ironic, isn’t it?

Well, I had a lot of downtime in between transitions, so now I’m ready to put the gears of my mind working again. Hope you guys have, had a good weekend!


I fucking love that song


Here’s a bit of a late update, and I’ll tell you why: summer break is over. Well, at least tomorrow.

What that means for me is more studying and, admittedly, more stress. To be fairly honest, the time I get out is the time when I usually write. Well, there will be assignments to finish when I get home, but I’ll try to get those done in class, and if not, ASAP.

You guys won’t notice any significant changes other than maybe what I write here sometimes, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Hope you guys have or had a good weekend! Enjoying my last weekend of freedom. OTL