Constellations (WIP Title) (Chapter One) Major Update 3/14/18



I had to refresh the page a few times, but it finally let me continue with black hair.


Okay, so I finally got around to playing this. It looks like a good start, and I’d like to see where it goes. :slight_smile:

I am a little confused by the use of paper in the world, though. I’ve never really touched it; I don’t know how to pronounce – let alone open – an envelope; print-outs are reserved for special occasions; and yet libraries are common… :confused: Is there any need for a library if there aren’t any physical books? (The game does mention “books”, too, but I was assuming these would have been e-books, to fit with the lack of paper in the setting.)


Sorry about the confusion! So, how to explain this…


All written text by now has been digitalized, so most paper uses have been obscure. The way the libraries work (and I’ve touched on this at a later scene that I’ve scrapped) is that there are these small tablets that allow you to upload the story you’re looking for to your Holos (personal hologram). It’s mostly a place where people go to for peace or quiet; online shopping exists.

They do, however, preserve some paper in those libraries (for Earth’s patriotic reason to honor relics of the past and whatnot; they even have a day where they celebrate it…).

Yeah, those are the e-book versions of the time.

Envelopes are less known than paper itself, since there’s not much need to mail letters. As to the reason why it’s in paper form is just to nail the idea that Aries is stuck in the past for the most part.

Whew, okay. I’ll find some way to clear that up, but thank you for catching that. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Happy weekend!

It feels like it’s been forever since I did one of these, honestly. Did I miss a week? Maybe it’s because there’s been a lot happening, but it’s really no big deal. Just appointments, friends, and events to attend to, nothing else.

Anyway, I don’t think there’s much to report about for now. Nothing you guys have to know about, anyway. I’m intent on cleaning up and writing mental notes for myself as of right now, and I’m just marking paragraphs and lines that I need to rewrite.

However, how was your week everyone? Have a good one.


Happy weekend!

Such a painful and tiring week, I must say. Not a terrible one, mind you, but very draining. For those who know me, you probably know why. I still visit and write a bit more, and I’ll throw myself into an intense session once I get things done. There is no rest for the wicked.


I’m gonna get pumped for writing with a Gatorade and an industrial leaf blower. Have a good weekend!

PS: Happy belated Fourth of July to you Americans!


so what is the zodiacs role on your story? some sort of patron? intergalactic council? needless to say your story is great and i cant wait for the next update !


Sorry, I meant to answer sooner!


Anyway. I guess you can call them a “patrons,” although I’m not sure what the right word is for them. The “personified” version of themselves are not actually the signs themselves; they act more like physical vessels and envoys to carry out what’s needed.

Perhaps think of it like religion. It’s different, but it’s similar. People have differing zodiacs they devote to depending on where they live (different solar/sun systems = different planets = different zodiacs), different set of rules, different sources of magic.

I’m not sure if that’s an adequate response, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting, either. Thank you for the interest! :heart:


hey dont mind it thats a great explanation , and what about earth? i take it aries is the one they devote since its aries who appear in the “dream” .

p.s no need to worry please take ur time :slight_smile:


OMG, you give me an inch, I take a mile. Completely slipped my mind…


Earth still has Western Astrology predominantly. What I mean by different zodiacs is that not everybody else follows Western (Humanistic) Astrology. There are all kinds of types, like Hindu or Chinese or Celtic Astrology. Even Earth alone has a lot of different kinds, imagine differing ones in different star systems.

One doesn’t devote to one sign specifically, but subscribe to one “type of astrology” specifically. Since astrology is based on the planets and different star systems have different planets, they have different zodiacs.

<3 Sorry, thank you for waiting!


wow ! , i didnt even know there was other astrology except the western one , so… you plan to put certain astrology culture on every planets? thats sounds cool ! . im curious did you take astrology on college cause you seems to know a lot about em ( they dont teach me those kind of thing on my high school )

no prob , and great answer as usual <3


I think I would like to draw inspiration from different astrology from different cultures, yes. I don’t want to get anything inaccurate, however, so I might not really go into detail about it. Nope, no astrology in college, but I’m glad that I seem to know quite a bit of it.

I’m also trying to learn more about it, and there are still some concepts that remain vague and strange to me. However, I have an interest in it and I want to learn more. There are some aspects which won’t be present because of this.

Thank you for taking an interest. <3


oh ok then , i cant wait to live my dream as an intergalactic realtor broker :sunglasses: . its only natural for me taking an interest on your work seeing how passionate u are on this :wink:


@Verdaine Against the rule to ask that.


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I read this but I neglected to respond, and I just realized that I forgot now. :sob:

@Verdaine I don’t mind you asking personally, but I also don’t have an answer. I’m happy you take an interest! However, for the sake of any other author in the future, I hope you abide by the guidelines that @Phoenix_Wolf kindly redirected you towards. Thank you for that! :heart:

I don’t have much to report on other than I’m trying to organize myself to get productivity done, so I hope it works out and I get to discipline myself to follow a routine. God knows I’m pretty bad at that, but that’s something I’m willing to try to get stuff done!

I hope you guys have a good weekend.


It’s only thirty minutes from 12 AM here, so I’d say I’m still on schedule for the update, hey?

Sorry if these grow later and later by the day, but I do remember, and I suppose you guys already get the hint that I’m alive and functioning. Shocking, I know. I’m finding ways to get myself to focus on writing (music in the background, banning certain websites when I work, etc.), and it’s been working. It’ll get me going, especially as I’m approaching one of the hardest parts in the story.

Nothing super new to report on other than A) I’m breathing and B) I’m working. Also, you guys are saints.

Have a good weekend!


So… I don’t know if someone already says something about it. But, just in case. And I like your writing style by the way. :slightly_smiling_face: And I really like Aries!:smile:


It just completely slipped my mind to answer this question? Crazy.

Anyway, yeah, it’s not a bug, I just forgot to replace the *goto_scene with an *ending, which was my only error there. Sorry for the confusion! I was planning to fix that later, but I guess I should fix that sooner.

Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:


what got you to make Constellations