Conspiracy in Emerson WIP (Updated Nov 29)

I seem to do this a lot, but I didn’t even get past the name selection before getting distracted by the fact all the available names were from Community and tabbing out to say how much I love that! It really made my day, since I was just watching that show recently, and plan to binge all six seasons after Christmas. Sorry for not having anything more insightful to say, I’ll have another go at the demo.


ha I was wondering if anyone would notice that :sweat_smile: I was feeling very nostalgic about it when I changed the names but didn’t want it to be overly obvious with names like Britta in the mix lol. tho I suppose that’s ridiculous with all the first names being character names :laughing:

I might rewatch it all soon too! Go Human Beings!

lol and now I’m realizing I didn’t even add them in properly… I’ll have to fix that!


so i’m happy to be able to say I’ll be updating the demo next week. shooting for this weekend but… god knows my personal life is good at keeping me busy (and tired). didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped because I got bogged down in scrapping and reworking and scrapping and reworking a bunch of the Talent/Hobby stuff. the addition is gonna have a lot of unfinished portions to it, but I still think it’ll be enough content to warrant an update.

be back soon :v:t5:

*feb 5: ugh, sorry folks. illness, last-minute family outings, iowa mania, and now PMS. i’ll have it up by the end of the week! i should also start trying to time these for the middle of the month instead of at the very end when i have like 3 reports due at work -_-


Ahem, so… I don’t know when exactly I’ll be updating after all? some time this month, for sure, but I just made a major overhaul decision that basically led to me scrapping almost everything I would have had to share in the update I talked about in my last post T - T

I've decided to get rid of all the physical skills in favor of focusing on the social ones instead.

I was getting very bogged down in researching the different physical activities/sports options I had planned for the MC despite not having any real plans for how they would be implemented… and I realized that wasn’t really a good use of my time, energy, or writing. Was really burning myself out trying to find convincing ways to write about things I knew very little about. Not to mention none of what I do have outlined would necessarily require exceptional physical skills since you’ll be working in a team nor do I even enjoy these kinds of stat checks very much anyway??

There’s plenty of talk about unnecessary/superficial stats in ChoiceScript games and I finally accepted that trying to implement Agility, Strength, and Endurance was just hindering my writing process and doesn’t even match the sort of story I want to tell. So that’s gone and I honestly feel relieved (also irritated/antsy that I wasted literal months developing it, but still relieved). It means I can move on to continuing to write the actual story instead of being stuck in figuring this stuff out.

So in summation, I’ve decided to abide by a golden rule I usually ignore in life: K.I.S.S. What I will be focusing on and adding next instead is:

  • MC’s upbringing with three variations that can boost one of three social skills: Conviction, Magnetism, and Persuasion
  • a proper introduction to your future partners in crime, Gabe and Kile (whose commissioned character art might be done by then because i am taking 5ever to update :upside_down_face:)

And that’d basically be the end of Prologue - Part 1.

k, dats it, gonna jump right back into writing now. thx for reading and i hope this isn’t too discouraging of a post lol


Not discouraging at all. If anything this news makes me even more excited for the next update (squeals!) I can’t wait to meet Gabe!

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dear god, i don’t regret that cut at all. i’m making more writing progress in a few days than i have in well over a month. i def gave myself writer’s block with those physical skills, glad i saw the light.

i think i’ll be updating soon; possibly this weekend if my writing streak continues and if not then, surely next week. and with more to read than I would have had the first time around! huzzah :v:t5:

also @literary_warrior i appreciate the excitement!! i’m legit the most excited to finally start writing the main character’s interactions with the two of them. I’ll make sure Gabe doesn’t disappoint :]


Just a quick question: what is a “fucking valedicktorian”? Other then that the concept is really interessting.

thank you for your interest!

Valedictorian is an academic title awarded in the US (and Canada, not sure where else?) to the student who graduates at the top of their class, though for some schools they also consider overall academic record and extracurricular activities (like if there’s a few potential winners or the school has annoyingly high standards–imo). They deliver a speech at the end of the high school graduation ceremony.

Vivian/Vincent has been working toward that goal basically since the day they started high school and it’s common knowledge that they’re probably going to get it. It’s also common knowledge that they’re an unapproachable, bratty stickler for rules with a reputation for snitching, so people tend to avoid them like the plague. by all accounts, they’re a bit of a dick lol