Conspiracy in Emerson WIP (Updated Apr 16, 2021)

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@bric ok i have to thank you a second time because now that I finally got this idea thru my thick skull, it’s clear that a different scene is not only very obvious but completely necessary. but i’m especially thanking you because I realized that this other scene would probably show some very different aspects of Gabe and Kile’s personalities and i can’t wait to write it

i love writing petty Kile so much :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This is one of the few WIPs that makes me scared scared. The part where Kile and Gabe killed MC’s classmates, it genuinely makes me terrified lmao.

I love the interactions between the characters so far. My favorite is the one in the car where Kile was like, “Why do you talk so damn much?”, and let me just say that I’ve never been so offended and intimidated at the same time by any fictional character before.

Beside that, the mystery of the town, the characters, and the internal conflict of the MC themself intrigues me. Can’t wait for the next update and see where the story goes. Good luck!


oh I forgot to reply to this bit; please do!

@LutunkKasarunk ooh, that’s such a delight to hear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: here’s hoping I can keep it scary! :joy::joy: I loved writing that line so much. prepare to… keep being offended by Kile. they never quite stop :laughing:

thank you so much!


me: rereading the demo for like, the eighth time.
also me: still wanting those :cherry_blossom: literal murderer :cherry_blossom: t-shirts


Heya! Just checked in on the WIP. Absolutely phenomenal. Great buildup, great mechanics. One thing I’m unsure about is how the “magnetism, conviction and persuasion” mechanics work? Like, what would the difference between persuasion and magnetism be?

Beyond that, I’m really looking forward to this. Definitely gearing up to be one of my favourite CoG/HG games!

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I love how plot gets us involved with this murder conspiracy stuff. The escalation from commiting a small social ‘crime’ (ditching work) and those consequences (my parents are going to get fired and then kill me) to suddenly getting involved with a very big legal, moral actual Crime feels very, appropriate, I guess? It sets things up in a really interesting way.

Also I do have to disagree with the people who are confused by the skill system, Persuasion as a skill in most games has always felt a little reductive to me, and I think breaking it down into more specialized catagories is much better for creating a character that feels real and organic, as opposed to just, ‘my character is a social wizard who can convince anyone of anything’.

As a sidenote, I’ve been going max magnetism and I’ve really liked the descriptions you get for that.


Will update with further feedback later on, but I’ll leave two notes below:

  • Love that the stats reflect the difference between how you want to be perceived versus how you truly think/feel. It’s something that I’ve wished for in other games, since it usually leads into the author essentially forcing your character to think in a way that’s entirely matched-up to how they behave. Which isn’t really how people work, so kudos.

  • I liked the idea of having it be sort of optional as to why your family has money issues. I think it would help to have a section following that choice option with some more detail. So, some extra information or backstory if it was because of your dad’s gambling addiction, as opposed to the parents bad business deals. Just a suggestion!

Really like this so far, so I’ll be following along. I think I have my eye on Gabe as my MCs RO.


!!! one day, one day!! i was literally just discussing that design idea with my sister the other day :laughing: masks are still excellent but also… snapbacks and fannypacks :eyes: I’m slightly obsessed with the idea

and I’m crazy flattered by that! I should have the end of the chapter up soon, especially because I’m being forced to take my vacation time soon before I officially leave my job :sweat_smile:

@ARoy Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the mechanics! ^ ^

@Andraoise oh totally! very much going from regular teenage woes to Actual Fucking Problems at breakneck speed :laughing: that sense of certain things feeling like the end of the world until you are harshly reminded there are much, much worse things you can find yourself in the middle of. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying Magnetism so far :relaxed::relaxed:

@yankeescap thank you for reading and I’m glad you like the Persona/lity split :blush: coding it can be tedious but it gets the narrative exactly how I want to write it, so it’s a win :slight_smile: I’ll consider adding some text about the parents’ money issues right after choosing but… my plan was actually to get into a little bit more in the next chapter. Was avoiding too much exposition in the prologue

and cool, I’m ready for more feedback if/when you’ve got any! :relaxed: