Conspiracy in Emerson WIP (Updated Apr 16, 2021)

thank you!! :smiley: and I will definitely continue to provide choices to stay out of the rat race, it’s what I would choose if I was playing as myself lol.

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You game has potential and i will try when you update take notes moment i think could be more neutral or maybe let players choose and tell you to helping you. I like hating parents premise. In fact i can imagine a character that wants screw them over and gain money for herself and fame and drowning her parents in jail or something.


I just feel like it has nothing to do with genitals and everything to do with you perceiving it that was. Saying they were female, is not saying outright. “She’s, he’s, they’ve, got a vagina!” Maybe they were are a male who thought they were a female, who then decided, I’m neither! You don’t have to be hostile about it every single time. They aren’t doing it to be malicious, they aren’t doing it to be rude, so please, start treating people how you want to be treated. With respect.

It’s a good story, please start focusing on that.


Enjoyed the demo so far, and I shall have to enjoy the complete dumpster fire my family is! This seems like a very interesting game and you have me intrigued.


I really enjoyed this! Anything that lets me scheme and mess with high school politics is a winner in my book. And your writing’s so gooood. I was super disappointed when the demo ended.

Also, I love the screwed up family dynamics. It was very realistically well-written.

Well, I already know who I’m going to romance! About to turn that questioning into full-on bi, baby :sunglasses: gfdkggdfgh


So far it looks promising. Idea of being able to construct MC social persona differently then his actual character seems very interesting, and if it actually affects how people perceive you that would be awesome. I hope you can pull off everything you set out to do. I can’t give much feedback, before prologue and first chapters, but I’ll definitely will be watching this wip.

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Apologies for the delay –

What I mean by:

My experiences with various slice-of-life games (everything from otome to western dating sims) leads me to have certain vibes or feelings when the characters are introduced via both the marketing descriptions and ingame.

Usually, when a game developer/author introduces their Romantic Options as you have in your introductory post, this leads to a romance slice-of-life game of one nature or another and that is the vibe I got from your intro.

If this is your goal, great.

If not, you may want to put some further thought on how you introduce your game in the marketplace - google, apple, and perhaps steam all have different audiences (more so with steam than the others)

Writing good copy for your release will be important.

I’m gunshy because there is a mixed bag of what I will be getting when I actually play these games and so, it makes it harder to test incomplete material.

I’m encouraged with what you have pushed out live but I can’t give focused feedback yet.

I hope you are doing well and look forward to your updates as you release them.


Thanks for elaborating! Though I’m a little confused, so I’d like to ask for further clarification.

Does this mean like because it’s not a slice-of-life game, introducing the romance options as I have might make people think it is (and disarm them when it isn’t)? Or do you mean specifically for marketing purposes? If the latter, I wasn’t under the impression the introductory posts for works in progress was supposed to emulate how they would be marketed on gaming platforms ('cause I don’t think the copy would look much like my post at all aside from resembling the synopsis).

The relationships with the main characters are as important to the story as the main plot because the MC is living a double life in a small town, so if you’re romancing one of them it is a major part of a playthrough. I have them listed as the mains/ROs, so should that be changed to just the former?

But I think I get the idea, I really may have overdone it with my first post since the demo is so short right now… Is it coming off as overselling it to garner hype?


This is my initial worry – setting expectations is important and while it is not your fault, prior games and how they introduced their characters has conditioned some of your audience.

This is certainly something to be kept in the back of your mind but is not the main focus of my feedback – a secondary focus, for sure but not something to worry about now.

Yea, I think we are communicating now :slight_smile:



I’ve a problem. I can’t read further this page
Thanks you


That’s the end for now.

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What @Bahamuht said. Though, there is an issue with it that causes it to just keep loading instead of taking you to the normal “Play again” end screen. Not sure what’s causing it (probably ended the code weird or something with the startup file list), but when I update (hopefully this week!), the problem should be gone.


That happens if you don’t have *finish at the end of your last scene file.


Update #1! Look at me go! :blush:

Jamal Campbell’s fundraiser is up! This took me longer than I originally expected… I’d meant to save stats-tweaking until much, much later in this alpha, but not having that system more concretely set up actually made it impossible to polish this scene up for the demo lol. This scene is largely setting Persona (how others perceive you, which can and will fluctuate throughout the story) and Personality (how you really feel, which will be more or less fixed after the Prologue), so I am tentatively including the first incarnation of the stat screen. But for real, that shit is under major construction. Idek how many major changes I made to it over the last month. Plus you get to meet the Avery twins, two little shits I enjoy very much.

I wanted to update once the whole fundraiser scene was ready but it’s already been well over a month so I’ll instead add the last part of it as a smaller update. That’s nearly ready so hopefully life won’t delay it for too long!

Additionally, I’ve decided to make the story’s tsundere, Vivian, gender-swappable. But, uh, we still won’t be meeting her/Vincent (or most of the main cast) until Chapter 1.

On a more relevant note, I’ve tried to tweak things here and there to make the general tone of the main character more neutral, I would greatly appreciate feedback on how the narration reads/feels this time. I… won’t be surprised if it isn’t all that different lol but I am trying!

Next up is ditching the fundraiser and meeting Gabe and Kile. Can’t lie, I’m very excited about that ^ ^

now i’m off to take a 2 hour nap before work k bye

edit: oh, i should add that while it should be bug-free, there could still be some placeholder text floating around. please let me know if you find any, my placeholder text is frequently very embarrassing!!


Small thing I found,

Gill lets go of you but repeats his question. When you just keep scowling, he says, “So that’s a no, then.”

First time his name is brought up in text. Then,

After a brisk walk past the ovens, stovetops, and walk-in fridge, the man (people have been calling him Gill)

So ready to talk to the NPCs :3

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I adore the demo, gosh it is so satisfying to be a jerk in this game because I very much sympathize with MC. Also really hope that I will be able to make life of some cool kids hell. :smiley:


Thank you! Fixed.

@Langre i’ll make sure to keep up the jerk wish fulfillment :smile: trust me, the residents of Emerson will give you plenty of opportunities to do exactly that


@hotmess.exe wow this game seems really interesting, as someone who was born in the late 1990s it will be funny to see what you include in the game and how in the next game how the world, MC and characters changed as time went on. Thanks.

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Updating this has taken sooo long :expressionless:

I, unfortunately, haven’t been able to make as much progress as I’d hoped to by now due to work and personal issues, but! I start a 3 week break from work on Friday and I foresee some real progress happening during that time.

The one silver lining to lacking time and motivation to focus on creative writing is that I’ve made major strides in designing the prologue (skill selection & character customization, specifically) and in the pacing for the second part of the prologue and Chapter 1. And I’ve finally created a personal system that allows me to keep track of my coding as I write it, meaning I can finally write scenes without getting my hands all muddy with code right away. lol it’s just a table with way too many words in it

Work is hectic until I gtfo here, but I’m aiming for an update next week. :v:t5:


:snail: An update, finally

Holy heck, when did the demo hit that many clicks and when did the thread hit this many likes what. what are you doin i haven’t even proven myself yet That kinda blows my mind. Offline life keeps me worried that I’ll lose steam for the project because my progress is so slow, but I see those numbers and they never fail to reinvigorate me. I just completely appreciate these implicit votes of confidence. I will do my damnedest not to disappoint! I’ll be slow as hell to update tbqh, but trust me when I say there isn’t a single day I’m not expanding on and refining the plot, the lore, and the characters. It’s legit actually fucking up my office focus lmao I wish I could code as fast or consistently as I can brainstorm and outline.

I didn’t add all that I wanted to, but I travel tomorrow night and will be on holiday for two weeks–and my holiday schedule is mad busy, so it was either upload what I have or wait another 3, maybe 4 weeks to have time to upload everything I wanted to have. So yeah, added:

  • finally getting the heck out of the catering gig

Next will be:

  • adding skill tuning (and hobby/talent selection)
    Skills: agility, endurance, strength; confidence, deception, magnetism, persuasion
    Talents: under construction - looking like author, chef, computer whiz, director, musician, researcher, sketcher, and tailor for now

I’m trying to become consistent with where I put line breaks while coding, so if you see a missing line break between paragraphs, please lmk. i gotta go pack my suitcase now. or… nap off this headache and pack it two hours before work in the morning… oh god -_-