Conspiracy in Emerson WIP (Updated Apr 16, 2021)

thank you for your interest!

Valedictorian is an academic title awarded in the US (and Canada, not sure where else?) to the student who graduates at the top of their class, though for some schools they also consider overall academic record and extracurricular activities (like if there’s a few potential winners or the school has annoyingly high standards–imo). They deliver a speech at the end of the high school graduation ceremony.

Vivian/Vincent has been working toward that goal basically since the day they started high school and it’s common knowledge that they’re probably going to get it. It’s also common knowledge that they’re an unapproachable, bratty stickler for rules with a reputation for snitching, so people tend to avoid them like the plague. by all accounts, they’re a bit of a dick lol


sorry for the delay, folks–writing streak continues and I’m realizing I can largely wrap up the first Part of the prologue in this next update (except for the appearance customization because i am a coward), so I’m shooting for that instead. keep them eyes peeled :eyes: :eyes: besos


I just finished playing the demo and I really love it so far and I’m definetly keeping my eyes peeled for more. But I just wanted to ask if you could add a save option, I don’t want to be going back to the beggining all the time.


thanks for checking it out! i’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far :]] Yes, I will definitely be adding save slots in the next (overdue) update. it’s turned out to be around… I wanna say 10,000 words, at least? so yeah, it will definitely have reached a tedious length to read from start to finish


:snail: Update #3 :snail:

it wasn’t supposed to take this long :cry: what times we live in. maybe the next couple months will be faster writing since i’m quarantining? March was professionally hectic and April was more like, emotionally hectic… hope everyone is staying as safe, sane, and sanitary as they possibly can :raised_hands:t4:

This update is actually split in half! The first part of it (that I’ve added now) consists of tweaks to what I had in the demo so far and a little over 5000 words right after that. The second part of the update is mainly being cleaned up but stands at 8600 words for now. Should be finished by the end of the week; that’s when some mains finally get their introductions. And as I predicted, I took so long to update that their art commissions are now ready :sweat_smile: so i’ll add those to the thread, too, later this week.

  • Save slots!
  • Your childhood, not much else

It’s looking bug-free but there could very well be typos (you’re/your and they’re/their are killing me lately), missing text, or repetitive word choice. Anything that apologizes for being a placeholder, though, is supposed to be there lol

Next up:
  • Meeting Gabe
  • Meeting Kile (not Kyle)
  • A bloody mess

There’s not too much to chew on here, but if anyone has any thoughts or questions about the MC’s background or parents, let me know.

k peace, thx for checking out the demo, back to writing i go :wave:t4:


Update #4!

hey ppl, here’s to finally meeting the first major characters! :clinking_glasses:

Gabe is a popular jock and the first ever poor kid to reach the top of your school’s social ladder. Kile is your school’s alleged psycho and confirmed loner. Both are romance options. You might choose to befriend them or keep your distance in the future, but you will have to get used to them–your fates are quite thoroughly intertwined from here on out. There’s a little more info on 'em plus the charming art I commissioned from Penguola (Instagram | Etsy) below!

Gabe Cortés

He’s confident, charming, and calculating–an Emerson Prep triple threat. He’s liked by the school administration but not a teacher’s pet, friend to the wealthy Elites without being a snob, and grounded enough that the Rejects don’t mind him. Despite his string of popular girlfriends, the relationships have always looked lukewarm at best.

You’ve regularly seen him doing any number of odd jobs in the wealthy neighborhoods and around the marina.

Kile Moore

They have a bad reputation but you’ve yet to see if they’ve earned it or if it’s just the overblown culmination of years of piled-up rumors. All you’ve seen for yourself is that they barely talk, they leave school whenever they feel like it, and the faculty turns a blind eye to both of these things. That and they’re way more athletic than they look.

You’ve never once seen Kile outside of school, but you’ve seen them entering and exiting the woods near campus many times.

First impressions would be much appreciated!

What all's been added:
  • Intros of Kile and Gabe
  • 10.4k words
What's next:
  • Graphic violence (next update)
  • A drive in the woods
  • Evidence disposal

k, I’m gonna keep chugging away. and stop making specific date promises since working from home is actually getting pretty involved these days :kissing:


We aren’t supposed to know the figure is Gabe yet, until…

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thanks for catching that! fixed

This such a good story! You’re a spectacular writer. The writing strikes a great balance between being interesting (and funny) to read and giving us room to make the character our own. You’re doing a great job and I’m looking forward to following your updates :slight_smile:


thank you so much for the words of encouragement! i’m really enjoying putting this story together, i’m glad you enjoyed reading what i have so far! i just wish it didn’t take me so long to craft it :sweat_smile:


Love the new update! The introduction of Gabe & Kile was nicely done, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m so excited to become their third accomplice more than ever now, lol xD


Interesting story thus far, fun to read… was wondering whether they could be additional choice for some of the scene

How about the choice of … smile and reply " sure dad"

Currently, there were only 2 choices, one was demand explanation, the other was promise them you won’t reveal them

Could it be an additional choice of " these guys are funny, could i ask them to send me back home ? "


@Eric_knight ooh, that’s good, I’ll definitely be adding that response to the parents. thank you! for the second suggestion, you aren’t being kept there by Gabe and Kile, you’re staying there because the wind outside is still too bad for a walk. I do think a third option there would be good, though, do you think there’s something similar I could be adding there? i’ll try to come up with an affable third option :]

@literary_warrior glad you liked it! and relieved their intro is ok lol. stay excited, you’ll be seeing a lot of your partners in crime in the future :blush:


Well… i am thinking of a more innocent, “dumb” stricken MC who doesn’t know the “danger” of befriending with others😅

Hence, this MC won’t be thinking Gabe and Kile are bad people , naturally won’t mind what they are talking about , and my personal response to Kile will be " they said you are a mean person, i think you are cute however :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:"

Perhaps not leaving immediately , but MC could invite them to walk him/her home later on when the wind condition is better .

And the prologue , i am seriously thinking just stop and ask the others to run, i am sure my MC is “innocent” , when the police ask about it … my MC would say " because you guys chase me and i have no choice but to run , what did i do ? ":rofl:


wait so is kile still nb cuz we apparently get to choose their gender or something?

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You still don’t know that Kile’s nb, so they need an “assumed” gender up until that point.

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Ooh the dark academia setting gives me “The Secret History”/“If We Were Villains” vibes (if they were set in high school) and I can’t wait for more!

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@Eric_knight oh gosh, i am all about innocent and naive MCs thrust into dark circumstances, so i will def take your words to heart. oh the number of times that innocence would be challenged and crushed… perfect. i also really admire people who genuinely believe the best about situations and people, so it’ll be really fun to write more options for that outlook. thank you! oh also, if you stopped and tried to talk your way out of police custody, that would be a hilarious game over. you are very guilty at that moment, i’m almost tempted to write it :laughing: :laughing: (there is a way i can incorporate that later in the scene, though, so i will make sure to do that!)

@snas yep, @SourPeaches got it right. you’re essentially choosing their expression because Kile is non-binary regardless. they were never meant to be binary but I couldn’t decide between the expressions I imagined up. and since they’re an RO, i realized i could make them presentation-swappable as opposed to gender-swappable. they also haven’t quite figured out they’re non-binary yet, that’ll come later and will be important to the story.

@aramina oh it’s dark. i originally told myself it was only going to be a little dark but one year of world-building and plotting later and ofc it’s gotten much darker. i am spectacularly unread but after looking up both of those titles, i have to say that sounds about right vibe-wise! (they also sound really interesting and i’ve added both to my reading list lol)


so, my writing has slowed down quite a bit (existential and societal angst & dread + actual working from home = hotter mess than usual) and i’d like to ask those who have shown interest in this demo:

Which is preferred? Waiting a shorter amount of time for smaller updates or a longer amount of time for larger updates?

If I did the former, I’d be able to update right now and possibly again in 1 or 2 weeks… and if I continue doing the latter, I think I’d have the next update ready at about 8 or 10k words and… perhaps in 3 or 4 weeks (it’s at 4.5k right now).

I ask because this Prologue is largely made up of long scenes… so if I update bit by bit, you’ll see more frequent updates but slow progression (at least there’s a save system now!) and if I update chunk by chunk (ew), the updates will stay super spread out, but have more momentous content in them. I feel more like… accomplished with fat updates? but I wonder if focusing on smaller updates would help me stay better motivated and write more.

  • Small updates, somewhat regularly
  • Big updates, infrequently

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(…already i get the feeling i’m going to become addicted to making polls. so, heads up.)


I vote for longer updates. I don’t mind the wait :slight_smile: