Connecting to labels in different scene files

I’m having trouble with…

The error I’m getting is:…

My code looks like this:

```So, I have some lables and such, but it looks like that the GOTO, and the label they are going to be attached to, will be in different scine files. Since I am almost at the 1500 mark, try to keep it under 1700 lines if I can.
How would I deal with this? I no Gosub is a thing, but... Would I have to do it for that? I am not exactly sure.
Anyway, feedback would be helpfull. This being a Fanfick especially, want to insure everything is good, when I fiannaly submit it. So, yeah.

You want the *goto_scene command.
In order to go to a particular label in a different scene file,
*goto_scene filename labelname
is the syntax
So if you have a scene file called home.txt and want to go to the *label fire in that scene,
*goto_scene home fire
is the command you’d use.


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