Comrade or Czar-Finished Game

This is a hosted games play-test for my game, Comrade or Czar. Link down below.
This game is a Russia Revolution epic where the player navigates their way through the chaos of 1917. This is finished!


I am no longer having trouble with my email! :grinning:


This game is fun, but the battles getting repetitive.

Clearly enjoyed it but it’s more like rpg.

Okay two three things i wanted too say the battle part is amazing it reminds me of THE GREAT TOURNAMENT the thing i believe you should improve upon is the story there are glitches in the stats screen and i kinda would appreciate a note with defination of each type of army, i would also like you to put a text to show the state of (where u show the development in text screen) Russia rather and yeah the battle gets repetitive which is not a bad thing but before each battle do the speech thing where you motivate your troops and also kinda increase the story part its just becoming repetitive fight and change the pictures please use just some of cool battlefield pic and add a russian flag in the background also please make a map to show us the area we have conquered {add a mentor if you can betray us} PHEW THAT WAS LONG , i see potential in this game so please take atleast some bit o my advice {BTW JUST MY OPINION}

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