Comrade or Czar! Beta Game


Comrade! Are you ready to lead Soviet Russia through the revolution and the great war? Or do you want to stop communism and save Russia? You can conquer the world or leave Russia altogether! It’s your choice!

Footnote: If you know me in real life, don’t say my real name, it’s a mystery.

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Sounds like a great start to a great game. Looking forward to more progress! :smile:


Very promising game only thing i dislike but im sure it will change in the future is depending on what you choose there only seems to be 1 outcome so you have to replay and choose the right option. But otherwise it seems like it has a chance to progress into a great game.


There is multiple outcomes for every choice most of the time. Some take stats, others thinking. If you are talking about the endings, there are very many. I hope this helped!:slight_smile:


I mostly die but ill give it some more tries :slight_smile:


Not fun game. It much boring


For the actual game are you going to take away the hack that gives you money for selecting the name ‘Comrade’?

  • Czarist: -90%
    Perhaps don’t allow stats to go into negatives?
  • Enemy Mass= -50
    Maybe display any values =< 0 as 0?
  • You get a R.U.S.S.I.A troop.
    *set Russia +2
    should be +1, right?
  • *disable_reuse *selectable_if (Infil= true) #Gas Trap
    You fill the air with gas as your units dawn gas masks.
    *set Enemy_Mass -5000000
    kinda op? perhaps 1 too many 0’s. I might be wrong though.
  • *disable_reuse *selectable_if (Airplane >=10) #Destroy The Train Via Plane
    You quickly attack the supply lines, delaying supplies and support.
    *set Enemy_Mass -500000
    *goto Ottoman_Capture_1
    this one-hit kills the entire defence. Maybe take off a 0?


In every battle, I like to keep a way to win with no deaths, but I did nerf them. R.U.S.S.I.A. troops only allow 2% of the entered units to live. 2% of 100 is well, 2. I took out the cheat code and dealt with the negatives. Thanks for your help!:relaxed:


The cheat code is fine, maybe use it as a debugging key so like if you just wanna win all the battles quickly to make sure all scenes work, fine, but for the actual release perhaps don’t allow them to enter a code like that.
If you want, Comrade could give you a starting bonus of +10 Communism, and “Czar” +10 (the other one?)

The battle stuff is also kinda repetitive, and no offence intended, the entire gameplay follows a pattern of:
Make choice (chance to die) -> build army -> build stuff -> war -> make choice (chance to die) etc.
Perhaps add other characters we can interact with, and relations with other country scenes?
The basic troops should also be boosted-- sure 1 soldier isnt great but 10,000 soldiers do more damage than 1 soldier damage * 10,000 (going over the top, trench warfare stuff)
And maybe add if too many casualties are sustained lower popularity or something?
And the Russia troop description is kinda strange-- “minimal casualties”? You only send in 1 troop.

*What I mean is sending in 2,000 riflemen should do more damage than sending in 1 rifleman 1000 times, if that makes sense?


Great start. I love the underlying structure, theme, setting.
I did a very-quick play-through…
I’m mixed on the battle emphasis… Some-ways I like it:

  • Simplify, 10 clicks max, except for a climax? I do really like that there is a way to win a battle without loosing. ( I realize that could be a lot of work)
  • Make less do-or-die. Trotsky and Stalin lost battles all the time. What is exciting about their careers is the recovery from defeat.


With the Russia troop, you send multiple soldiers, but only one dies. I will try not to force people into names so they may have freedom to be whoever they want. I boosted Rifle Rush and I will add a time where you can walk about Russia. I also added the Gypsy House where you can get special boosts and hints about the future. There is also a time where you are sneak attacked. By the way, when this is released, I am not done with that add-on, but it will be released. And, new things get available as you go (You later unlock research, then fixing Russia). Along with that, there is small meetings about diplomacy discussing whether or not you keep a country.


Thanks for your support, but the reason if you lose you die is because you are actually fighting in the battlefield. However, I added a time of crisis where you are sneak attacked and have to deal with that until your army arrives. I hope this will make your play-through longer and more fun.


I wonder, given the choice of Comrade or Czar, what would people choose? If you can give a reason, that would be nice.

  • Communist
  • Czarist
  • Neither

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Czar all the way.(obligatory 20 characters)


I chose communist because I just like the idea of playing with peroanlities of Lenin/Stalin/Trotsky… and I don’t know enough about the czarist faction.


Its good. Its like turn based rpg only without graphics.


What a horrible choice to have to make the communists who murdered millions or the Czar who’s secret police were famous for making people disappear.


Finally, someone knows that it’s bad vs bad.
If you want to, in this game, you can reform the faction you choose. Hint hint.:wink:
Or you can just leave Russia and not be with either.