Compiled html files not running online properly

Hi everyone. Having a real problem with a compiled game. The game was compiled with some images using CSIDE and plays beautifully locally, however it won’t launch if uploaded to or dashingdons. I’ve done this many times before with no problems. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m out of ideas. I was hoping to submit this game to a jam ending in 2 days :slightly_frowning_face:

In the Dashingdon’s thread you say it is a 404 error, page not found error?

Has Firefox changed the way it accesses compiled data?

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Uh oh. Maybe. Either that or I’m having a problem with my computer because I can’t access games I’ve previously uploaded to now either. Would anyone mind seeing if they can access either of my CSG’s? (Raishall or Each-Uisge). If no one else can access them it probably means we can no longer make compiled CSG’s that’ll run online :frowning:

Edit: Sorry helps if I put a link doesn’t it?

I’ll check. sec.

Edit: I have full access to both - I have to press the “run game” button to get them running but other than that, it runs as expected.

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Ok thanks. Maybe there’s something wrong with my computer then as I’m just getting blank screens. I’ll try clearing out my cache and see if that helps.

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I’ve had a few sessions of Firefox not close properly lately – something keeps running in the background, even after closing the browser … i wonder if you are experiencing this as well.

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Yeah firefox seems to be a bit of a memory hog. I’ve had to force quit everything on occasion when it decides to do weird things. Having the same problem with chrome though as well which is odd.

Hmm. I have access to Raishall back, but everything else still isn’t working. I can’t even load the launch page for Each-uisge via chrome or firefox now. I might give it an hour or two in case there’s any weird site or internet things happening at the moment and see if it fixes up. Otherwise looks like might be a problem on my end.

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Ugh you know what it is? It’s a crappy internet problem :stuck_out_tongue: Just tried using my mobile data to run and it runs fine. My internet is really annoying. Must be that itch needs a minimum speed before it’s timing out or something I think.


you can close your own thread if/when you find it appropriate :wink:

Glad we figured it out in time for the contest.

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Thanks for you help Eiwynn. Appreciate it a lot!

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