Compiled game can't find scenes

Hi everyone,

My game is written, it passes all tests, and it’s uploaded and working on dashing don. However, whenever I try to compile the game to upload elsewhere, I get to the first choice and it can’t find the goto locations.

I have my scenes in choicescript/web/mygame/scenes. They pass all tests.

  • I run compile.html
  • upload choicescript/ OR choicescript/web/
  • download .HTML file it generates
  • startup loads fine, but no matter what choice I make, it tells me “Couldn’t load scene ‘X’ The file doesn’t exist.”

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

Have you listed all the scene files on your startup?

No. Where do I find out how to do this? Is this something you only need to do when compiling?

You should do it always actually.

Just use the command *scene_list and list all the names of your files like the example given there.


This was the issue.

Thanks for the link and the suggestion. I really appreciate it.

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