Community College Hero: Fun and Games (Releases on Feb 3rd!)

This whole thing is looking beautiful

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Because someone on Twitter asked, yes Community College Hero 2.5 is still a very active project. I just added 500 words tonight and I’ll devote some more time to it this weekend. It’s a collection of 3 shorter adventures; one is finished but I’m still working on the other two.


I wrote 1,200 words of (optional) Hedonist flirtation content yesterday. I figure fewer than 10 percent of players will even see it, but it’s there!

And it isn’t at all trashy or tropey.


I have a 4-day writing streak going, complete with trashy, tropey Hedonist flirting content and cringy elementary-school level Dean Tolly puns. I think I’ve found my brand.


Okay, so I have a 6-day writing streak going:

July 11th: 1361 words
July 12th: 557 words
July 13th: 562 words
July 14th: 561 words
July 15th: 440 words
July 16th: 504 words

So that’s 3,985 words, AND I have my big day today with few distractions and a good amount of free time. Target is 2,500 words today. And to toss in some extra motivation, IF I hit that word-count today, I give myself permission to pre-order this cartoon accurate version of Cobra Commander. It’s such a silly “want” instead of need, but I rarely reward myself, and he would look great displayed somewhere in my house (next year).

I’ll update with a word count a few times today. I promise not to cheat.

Update 1: 378 total words.
Update 2: 758 total words.
Update 3: 1,135 total words. Taking a break to play with the pup.
Update 4: 1,615 total words.
Update 5: 2,088 total words.
Update 6: 2,556 total words. DONE.


gogogo! get that action figure :smiley:


I can smell Cobra. Two more updates should get me to the finish line. Man, it’s hard to write 2,500 words (not counting code) in an afternoon.


I believe in you! :partying_face:


Pfft, that’s easy. Just ignore flow, tone, logic, sentence structure, spelling, and grammar, and of course throw plot/character development right out the window. Who needs that stuff. We readers won’t judge. prepares to judge



I really hate going back to make significant changes once I’ve written/coded something. I probably write slower than most, but my brain doesn’t work as fast as it used to, and I like knowing I have something pretty clean when I finish a chunk. Oh, and CSIDE helps tremendously with spelling.

As far as judging, I mean, I’m writing a chunk where you (optionally) help Crook cheat to win a chili cook-off so obviously this is high stakes stuff.


Unacceptable. Un. Ac. Ceptable. We cannot have the high and honorable tradition of chili cook-offs besmirched in such an underhanded manner. Chili is Serious Business. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go protest against my neighbors three doors down who insist on making chili without beans. The nerve of some people…


2,556 total words done. Wow, 3k would be an absolute slog. I’m calling it a night. “Family Day” is now up to 16.5k words, and I’m in the middle of its Act 2. Geez this one is going to go close to 30k words, I just know it.

Thanks to the folks who chimed in with support! It really helped!


The support shown is well deserved!

Your writing is an inspiration to many of us, and a lot of us learn from you … please never lose sight of the fact that you have a huge fan base that is cheering you on, voiced or not.


You are very kind! And I learn a lot from fellow forum-goers too. It’s invaluable to have such a safe, supportive place to share ideas.


Some time ago, I got a bug. Hopefuly it will be repaired with next update.
Here’s photos:

Only requirement to unlock one of those options is level 2 class upgrate, yet I can’t access those.

So, after seeing the absolutely brilliant The Suicide Squad, I’ve found myself creating a new hero gimmick based off David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man, with force fields being his versions of the now iconic polka-dots.

Unfortunately, I remembered something about our Zenith power being preset no matter what we choose in the first game. Is this true or am I misremembering @Eric_Moser?


Yep, there’s just going to be one Zenith power set, since there are two other paths. The coding is already pretty lengthy in combat scenes between Zenith/Gas Armor/Nano-Bots There’s just no way I could allow for super strength/force fields/flight/invisibility/laser beams/etc.

I do have a skeleton of a more “Lit RPG” type of superhero game with tons of power set flexibility that I created a couple of years ago, but that would definitely be a whole other game, not a CCH one.


What would that be, again?

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You can nullify other Zeniths’ powers


Hey all!

Two of the three stories in CCH 2.5 are fully drafted and ready for beta-testing feedback.

They are “Family Day” where parents and siblings finally visit to the Speck campus, and “There’s a Monster on My Line,” a Scooby Doo-inspired mystery.

If you’d like to help me with those, just comment below. I’ll start the process soon. I usually just invite folks to a private thread at that point.

I’m working on the last 10% of the final game, “The Fury of Zarlor,” where the gang plays a D&D type of table top game. That one should be done later in the month, so by the time you get finished testing the first two, Zarlor should be ready to check out.