Community College Hero Beta Testing Announcement Thread - Thanks to everyone for helping!

Alright. I’m gearing up for beta testing for Community College Hero. Here’s how I would like to do it.

When will it start?
Not until Sunday, February 1st at the earliest. That would be Wave 1

Please only post if you’re willing to devote at least 3-4 hours to the beta. I figure it will take at least 2.5 hours to carefully/slowly read the entire story making notes along the way, and then I’d hope for specific feedback from each beta tester (discussed below)

How will beta testing begin?
On February 1st or perhaps a few days later, I’ll invite the first wave to a Private Message thread. I would assume waves would take about a week each. That means Wave 2 should get a PM invite from me around Feb 8th, and so on.

What am I asking of beta testers?

  1. typos/grammar/spelling errors - if you’re not sure if it’s an error, you can tell me anyway

  2. continuity errors - this is a big one! I just can’t play the game enough times to test this. I need your help

  3. any awkward spacing or issues with flow/pagebreaks

  4. any stat or relationship math errors - like if you’ve been butting heads with Character A from the beginning but she’s all friendly with you anyway, that might be an error! tell me! Or if you’re pretty sure your character should be able to do task A based on her stats, tell me! It might be an error. I have pretty much mapped out where the possible character relationship scores can be (max/min) at any given point, and I’ve tried to plug that into how characters should react, but I’m sure there are lots of places I’ve misjudged those things.

  5. any specific comments for improvement - I’ve accepted and appreciated a TON of feedback in the thread over the last year, and I’m forever grateful for all the help. At this point, I’m pretty much finished and I don’t plan to make any significant further changes to the actual story. However, if enough testers feel really strongly about a particular scene, I’d be foolish not to consider that feedback.

6)a little mini report including
A) favorite character and why
B) favorite scene and why
C) hardest choice and why
D) what you would like to see in Part II

I’m using PM threads to try to save the beta testers time. I was considering individual emails but I was afraid that would result in many of you making detailed notes on things someone else had already pointed out to me and that I had already fixed. I respect your time, and I have no problem with 20 or so folks sharing their thoughts with the others in the PM thread. I just ask that everyone actively participate!

And since someone asked, folks in Wave 3 will still be very helpful! My goal is to make CCH as polished and professional as anything CoG/HG has published. I know I’ll likely fall short of that goal, but it’s the goal nonetheless. The more input I get during February, the better.

UPDATE 2/11/15 - Testing continues with Waves 1 and 2. Lots of typos, commas and spacing issues but few continuity errors. I’m working every night on a huge update that I want to finish before starting Wave 3. So Wave 3 folks will get a fair amount of new content. I’ll send PMs when I’m ready.


I got time to beta test :smile:

I would love to test this game! I’m a really big fan!

Well, i’d be most honored to participate in the beta testing!

I’m interested in participating.

I would love to test this

Would love to test. Cant wait

Im definitely interested! Been stalking the original thread for a while~

I would really like to participate in the beta :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to beta test this.

I would love to help make this game the best it can be.

I would like to try beta-testing.

I’d love to help out with beta-testing :slight_smile:

I clicked this thread so fast I swear I almost broke my mouse, I’d love to help.

I’ll join! Also I have a question, idk if you want questions here so if not I’ll repost to the other thread. Basically, I was remembering my playthroughs and I wondered about why you made the father of the MC a C list villain/antihero instead of some super big bad villain your classmates/teachers would be really shocked to find out was your dad, Ty in advance. :slight_smile:

Please pick me I promise to devote 10 years to this.

I would love to beta test I’ve been waiting for this

I would love to beta test this game!!! And promise to set aside a weeken to do it!

i would be honored to test this

I’m in.

Just curious, how much more is included in the game after your last update?