Community College Hero 3: All Things End

Without revealing any spoilers, here are the big elements I would like to deliver on Community College Hero 3: All Things End

  1. Progression with romances and friendships, with more intimate, nuanced scenes
  2. *MC gets “amped” fairly early in Part 3
  3. Work in more classroom scenes again (I have a plan for this)
  4. Ramp up stakes! And again! And again!
  5. Weave in the return of a couple of characters in fun ways
  6. Provide endings that are varied and satisfying, wrapping up most, perhaps not all, loose ends, and giving your MC the goodbye they deserve after the long journey.

(*we all know the three paths by now, I won’t be adding others, and the Zenith path is pretty much set in stone; so let’s not discuss that to avoid spoilers from certain people “in the know.”)

Now honestly, I feel that if I can deliver on the above, it will be a successful effort. But I’d like to hear from you. Does this list check most, or all, of your expectations?

(*For the record, I will read all posts, but will respond to very little because I want to avoid even a hint of a spoiler as far as my actual intentions).


Sounds neat to me.

Personally I do hope the tactician path allows us (aka mc and friends) to play the dozen’s own powers against them


How about romancing a villain? None specifically but just any big or small time villain!


Contrarian Romance! Where is it?! :crazy_face:


Hmm…the idea has a lot of potential for conflict, which is always a good thing, but I won’t have any room to add any new characters. It’s incredibly crowded as it is. Perhaps an idea for another project, though!


I’m very satisfied with the list. It gives me an idea of what to expect without really showing to much.


There’s always the Manipulator…

And I must admit I hope there’ll be a crowning moment of awesome bringing Origami and Hedy back. Poor Daniel though :,(


A Romance Path with The Manipulator is definitely on top of my CCH3 wishlist.

Oh, and I do hope you bring back Uni.


I understand completely. I mean there were a lot of characters that could be romanced in the books and then more that you can’t. Like the chevalier and many others. I like the direction though in all that it’s going even if I didn’t like little details which to me makes a story great.

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You already mentioned my big one; a few more romance/friendship scenes. I mean, I loved the dinner parts with Tress/Dirty girl, but a few more would be nice.

Sort of along those lines, I think it could be amusing if someone is in a romance, and your mom meets them formally.

Also, if you are going the Dr. Stink path, I hope we can change that name. I mean, I could imagine Tress breaking up with the MC for that alone :wink:


Personally I’d love to see the MC giving the Dozen a brutal beatdown if you choose to take the retribution path.


Instead of a romance, you could do something where the MC is concerned that they might be related to a villain. The stronger this possibility, based on evidence or research, etc., the more the MC goes into a reflective mood and wonders why they and the villain are so different, and where things went wrong. This could be a neat little philosophical vehicle used to explore the nature of “evil” and its causes, with the potential to offer the villain a chance to (partially) redeem themselves by defending the MC in a critical time.

Either that, or the villain-relative ends up dying and the pain of loss felt in the MC causes their Zenith powers to manifest dangerously; temporarily without any control or limits. Under the right circumstances, the burst of energy could even open an unstable portal to the Zone. If you do it that way, then you could create some lore like Zenith powers exist because they are actually drawing from the other-dimensional energy of the Zone. And if that’s the case, and the MC is drawing on Zone energy without limit, then they themselves become the biggest threat to the city. I wonder if this was a villain plot all along…?

@Eric_Moser, what do you think?


Yup same for me thats all I really want.

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So, you are suggesting

  1. Out of nowhere relative
  2. Fridging said relative to give the mc powers
  3. Said powers go limitless…

Where have I hears this before? Time and time again?..

Okay, snark aside, but personally I’d say that approach would do more harm than good to the story, as it is, honestly, one of the most overdone and clichéd plottwisty climaxes in fiction.


Also the dad is already a villain relative.


I wanna fight megacat one on one and win…somehow


Me too! I can’t stand that character haha


Maybe a more ‘Vigilante’ path ? given the less than lawful good decision you can make in that knowledge is power

a bit more info on the ‘wider setting’ and situation ?

an updated ‘power level’ list (one that maybe take our character into account) ? since they don’t really seems in line with what we saw of ‘the Dozen’ level villains IMO

that’s pretty much all i can think of, most of the stuff i though could be improved in trial by fire were already done in knowledge is power, except maybe the ability to change your hero name once you get ‘upgraded’ ? i just find the idea to call my no-kill hero ‘WarCrime’ once he get his ‘Dr Stench’ thingy extremly funny


for the idea of a villain romance, i agree it has a lot of conflict potential but it has also a lot of humour potential if you romance some try hard innefectual villain, with all the heros basicaly seeing you as very weird for it but not actualy caring enough to hold it against you, i think it would be a funny situation

after all, romance isn’t always about drama


Sounds fascinating! Looking forward to seeing it!