Community College Hero 3: All Things End (Update LIVE - 45,000 total words)

  1. I chose to help the Afterthoughts because I don’t think they deserve to be picked on. And I expected better of Prestige students, so pantsing one of them might teach them some humility.

  2. I chose to go with the Speck students because we’ve been through a lot together and they deserve loyalty.

Are we going to get rewards for good grades like we did in book 1 and 2?

  • I helped the afterthoughts cause, well does it even need to be described? I’m a hero and hero’s help people it’s as simple as that… Also I just had to pants the dude

  • I would go with Blank but not for a higher grade I mean he’s a capable blind kid who just lost his best friend and his classmates all abandoned him and he reached out to us for help I just wanna be friendly but if the choice just boils down to grades over friendship I’m gonna have to go with my friends


Dirty Girl. (Although she tends to be a bad influence on my characters, who apparently love it.)

I also went helped the Afterthoughts. Seeing as even my most ruthless MCs are still heroes, I don’t see myself ever not helping them in any playthrough. If I’m being honest, the choice kind of further calls into questions Tress and Crook’s morality.

Choosing between the Speck kids and Blank would really depend on the MC. Seeing as his friends all died, some of my MCs would go with him out of sympathy and pity. Others would do it for the grade. It really depends.

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I’m happy to see all the different thought processes and justifications for the choices!

Honestly, with as much as readers hated Quickie and Friendzone, I’m a little shocked that they are still getting almost universal support!

And neither Crook nor Tress is a perfect person, and I’m going to go out of my way to have them act like real people, sometimes selfish, and sometimes just apathetic. The Seven may be Specktacular as group, but they are all flawed. If they always do the right thing, there’s not much room for conflict. I need to present the MC with lots of choices that can result in friction with the group members.

I mean, Tress already had her day planned. It’s her nature. She wants to check stuff off her list and get shit done.

And Crook is already banged up. He has to weigh whether or not he puts his body on the line just to help Quickie, who he might figure started the conflict with the Prestige student in the first place?

I think their motivations make sense, and I rewrote it to make it clear they already had those plans BEFORE they saw the Afterthoughts in trouble.


I decided to go shopping with Tress, for those sweet stats boosts.

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My favorite love interest is Crook followed closely by Stunner. Mob is a bit of a self-righteous goodie goodie, so my MC couldn’t get behind him as much. I haven’t gone for any of the girls besides Stoic yet because Stoic is too perfect, but I’ll get around to Dirty Girl eventually. And Tress is strong as a character, but I wouldn’t want to tangle with that jealousy romantically, pun fully intended.

Bullying is wrong, regardless of how annoying you do or do not find someone. And I don’t think they’re bad as characters or anything, in fact, I really liked Friendzone at least. Quickie has his issues, but don’t we all? It’s normal to be rubbed wrong by certain people sometimes which is what I like so much about your world. It feels real with real conflicts and real humans. Some of them likable to me, some of them not so much. Yet all understandable with motivations and thoughts and feelings of their own.

That said, Quickie is still a total prat despite me having stood up for the Afterthoughts. :joy:


The only reason why I helped the afterthoughts was because Quickie helped me against the manipulator so I thought it was best to defend him.

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Dude, I agree with you, poor guy didn’t get his place on our team

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Okay, since you folks have been so responsive to my questions about the choices, let me ask you another question about dating/romance/social scenes.

So Prestige is in NYC (I haven’t identified the borough, this is intentional as I figure out the geography), but I realize it makes writing dating/social scenes harder if they take place off-campus, because…I have never been to NYC. :frowning:

So…I didn’t think this through.

Honestly, no matter how much research I do about NYC attractions, I don’t think I’ll be able to write it authentically enough to satisfy a New Yorker, and on the other hand, tons of research will likely be wasted on non-New Yorkers. So what to do here?

It was easy to write dates in generic locations back in Speck. I remember mini golf with Tress, a country music concert with Uni, and the infamous first date rave with DG, among others.

So what are people’s suggestions here? Should I try to incorporate NYC landmarks (like the Empire State Building) on dates, or should I continue to keep them generic and just don’t get bogged down on exactly which borough they take place in? I feel they will be more memorable if I incorporate famous landmarks and geography, but I’m afraid of either spending too much time learning the specifics, and/or still failing to properly convey the authentic vibe of the places.


Well, you can make the setting a bit generic if you want. If you don’t know some popular places, try to make it vague. Try to make it from the MCs perspective, After all, it’s a first person perspective is it? Because the MC also never been to NYC (although he did back in part 2 but then something happened) So it’s fine. But it’s your choice to do it or not to do.

Also, if you do want to write the landmarks. I think this idea might be unconventional but watch some shows or movies that takes place in NYC. Maybe you’ll get something from it.

(Maybe we’ll get to see Spiderman in action :joy: )


I’m not exactly a New Yorker, but I’ve been to New York many times as my aunt lives there. I’d say stick to landmarks for the most part and maybe one or two niche places you can find. A. they’re easier to write and there’s no need to invest dozens of hours into representing the ends and outs of New York when that’s just not the point. But B. I can assure you, when people who’ve never been to New York visit the big city, they don’t usually think "oh, let’s go see that super specific bookshop over by the third tourist trap on Brooklyn! They think “oh, let’s go see Central Park or the Empire State Building!” That’s why they’re tourist traps after all–because absolutely everyone and their dog goes there at first. :rofl:

Just realized I read the question wrong and it was the landmarks you were worried about writing. I’ll add in that case they’re a lot easier to write than you might expect! Especially since there’s a lot of information available both in how others have written it and online. However, they can still be written generically. The average man doesn’t know exact descriptions of buildings and such anyways. Looking up pictures and thinking “what would be going through my mind if I were there?” should do. The Speck team are all (likely/mostly?) tourists still. And Stunner has been there a while so it’s probably just a Tuesday at this point for him.


If I can be honest. It’s never about the Where but the Who. I would keep it generic like it has been and just focus on the interactions of the characters themselves. I know I would be more interested in my date then the place even in real life. Maybe a generic place that would suit each RO.


Some ideas that work with the main cast. New York Natural History Museum with either Tress or Mob (both smart guys of the Speck crew, would love the exhibits and planetarium). Dirty Girl would love Time’s Square, with the people in weird costumes, stores that sell a bunch of weird stuff and the selfie spots! Stoic might like a simple walk around Central Park or the Metro Museum of Art, it’s nice and quiet. Stunner might like a pick up game of basketball at Central Park too. Crook is a little hard to judge, but maybe one of the many bars in New York might be to his liking.
Midtown Comics should be an option or mentioned, it’s a superhero series after all! Maybe add a reference to a new Choice of Superhero games too :wink: It’s one of the best comic stores in the nation, Google em!


If you reference the landmarks as their own promotional materials do (web site, twitter, etc) then most of us should be able to relate to them … (eg the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building) then when going into the details you can fall back to the generic … a ferry ride is a ferry ride is a ferry ride… getting in a line at an entrance is getting in line at the entrance, no matter if it is to view a meteor crater in Arizona, a tar pit in Brea, Ca. or the entrance to Ellis Island.

The promo material will usually also mention neat “facts” that you can sprinkle in too, like at Alcatraz, where they filmed “Escape from Alcatraz”, they repainted and repaired the cells… things that on a date the protagonist and date would share as memories together.

Hope this helps.


Eric. Please. Get rid of or “fix” the choice when both Tress and DG want you to go with them, it’s really frustrating knowing i have to let one down, it isn’t “hard to choose”, it’s asking me “who i choose to upset” :frowning:
It’s annoying, lots of the choices are but those reflect reality while this one making me feel like the game wants me to break the team.
Does anyone feels the same or am i just being picky? Please reply…

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Just played the update. Loving it a lot so far. And man, those little interactions with Stoic are killing me! The little brush of the arm or how she goes out of her way to say hi (totally different from the first game) is :heart_eyes:.


Another Stoic-ers :wave:


Haha yeah. I have two different characters, and originally I wanted to romance Tress with the newest one, but Stoic just drew me in. My poor MC is that guy looking at Stoic with heart eyes and Stoic is totally unaware xD


I certainly didn’t care. I just said “Forget you two. I’m dating Stoic, so I’m going to walk with my friend Crook over here. (who my MC looks at as a sort of roll model, sorry professor McCormick) He doesn’t play these stupid games of who’s friends with who more. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”