Community College Hero 3: All Things End (third update, 25K words, Link on Post #1)

There are no variables for the nanites, it would be impossible for it to be reflected.

Eric already explained why they can’t. (your quote of Eric does not need to be repeated, once again)

If you there are other solutions, I am sure that Eric would prefer you share that feedback … I have yet to see anything actionable he could use to improve what can be done.


That is a real problem, but I think that is worth a patch to the previous game so it can be.

It’s really not worth a patch. There is no point in going back to thenprevious games and making a patch for this. Personally i think it’s unnecessary.


Okay, maybe when importing a character, that is just added as a choice before beginning Pt 3 and locking it that way?

Lovd the demo cant wait for it to be released the while game. But I cant seem to get to the end. After you make your person. It freezes where you show off your nullification

It could be a dashingdon hosting issue? I’ve seen a few other people comment about some lag there.

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Can we have a 4th wall breaking moment plsss😀

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Found these:



The airship thing crashes in any given path, right? Maybe have them shut down entirely and get removed by your antibodies when that happens?
Like, y’know how people couldn’t play several games they payed for at all because the company decided they MUST be online and then took down the servers?
Savior is the kind of school to pull that, I think.

Just to address it, maybe?

Sorry if this has already been addressed but as someone who has Crook as their RO it would be good to be able to address/discuss his family situation, even if it means ending the relationship. I may have somehow missed a scene but it feels like it was kinda swept under the rug and not really mentioned in CCH 2 which seems kinda odd if you found out your boyfriend has a wife :sweat_smile:
And I need more of the Dean :grin: the series reminds me a bit of Community and Greendale and I love it!


@orestis_mtk, I feel I have gotten pretty close to that in the previous releases, but I can’t think of examples. Downfall’s fourth wall-breaking comments in the demo intro obviously won’t be in the finished product but I liked writing them.

@William5738, thanks so much! Good eye!

@MeltingPenguins, That actually would probably work, but I’m pretty sure there were other upgrades that I’d have to worry about. So I’m just not worrying about it! :slight_smile:

@OhOhLau, That’s on my list of things to be addressed in a Crook romance/social scene later. It’s perfect content for a more intimate discussion. And I should have given Speck a mascot (although nothing could beat the Greendale Human Beings) but I never got around to that! Opportunity missed!


Yay more community fans

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Just have the start be a false beginning where the MC dies and have Downfall just yell at him and go “Stop with the daydreaming, the readers will get confused!” then continue on like normal.

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Yay, thank you! I love CCH, it has it’s own unique charm and tbh I’m struggling to think of suggestions cos I know whatever you write will be great! Though maybe a cameo from a bald man who loves dalmatians a little too much wouldn’t go amiss :joy:

Found some small mistakes, wont let me upload screenshots cos I’m a newbie ex lurker :disappointed:

When Downfall is taking you to the combat simulator - “You remember this, doesn’t you?”

When talking to Downfall about Mob when she shuts down the simulator - “i glare. I would have won…”

When talking about nano bots and power grades - “…your mental processing, to a Zentih Grade equivalent of 4.8”

When talking about Streetsmart during the attack - “He leaps back, his toes just escaping a crackling bolt of lightening”

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I just pushed a 5,000 word update to the demo. Link is in the first post!

The new content is 'actiony" and wide, and the choice options are already impacting possible end states. I really enjoyed writing this scene!


That new section was… intense.

The new section was a satisfying read. That bit with Downfall utilizing Rain’s powers in a sort of dark reflection of what Rain might have been like if she were more ruthless was something that I’ve been thinking about since CCH1, and it’s pretty cool to see that actually play out.

As jarring as it is to see a member of D12 taken down so easily, it makes sense in context due to how much more powerful the Prestige + Speck kids are compared to how they the Speck kids were during the manipulator fight. Between them, the MC’s new powers (both physical and zenith/equipment), and Downfall doing her thing, Dr. Shock going down so easily shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

I think there’s less spelling mistakes this time around compared to the first two updates, though I can’t say for sure as I haven’t gone over it all with a magnifying glass and a fine toothed comb.

Coding issue

In the choice where you can choose to talk to DG, Rain, or stay quiet, all the options raise jokester instead of the various personality stats they should raise.

Low priority suggestion for the future

I’m not exactly sure what your plan is for the costume change, but one thing that might be worth revisiting once you figure the new costumes out is the line that reads
Sweat drips down your forehead into your eyes as you squint,
This line shows up for every MC and only changes to
Sweat drips under your mask, down your forehead into your eyes as you squint,
if you use the Stench powers. It doesn’t take into account MCs with Stench powers that decide not to use them, nor does it take into account MCs with half masks, full masks, and visors. I doesn’t matter at this point in time, but I do think it’s something to keep in mind when you begin filling in little details.


Small typo:

You squeeze in to get a peak at the computer monitor she’s studying.

“peak” should be “peek”.

Maybe a reminder of which upgrades pair well with which superhero strategy during character creation?

I chose an acrobat for playtesting purposes and then found that my character wasn’t actually good at acrobatics because of the upgrade I chose.

Barring a player choosing to play on hard mode, I imagine that’s going to be disappointing.

And yes I know it was stated before in the threads which upgrade is supposed to with which strategy, but I figure that’s not the kind of thing a player ought to have to look up.