Community College Hero 3: All Things End (New content coming in December)

The truth is that I prefer that you do it in a way that seems easier for you to avoid unnecessary complications when planning your next project.


Maybe this would be a good thing for a version 3.5? Like 2.5…

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In my opinion I say include the scene of the MC getting their upgrade. I personally would be interested in seeing how the MC gets their upgrade.
As long as there are stat checks that can be failed, so that there is a sense of tension, so it feels like the MC has a chance of not succeeding.

I’m sure you’ll be able to make the scene interesting and tension filled, even though we can’t lose during it.

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I was also thinking if a version 0.0 would work if it will be a big amount of words? Although I imagine it will have to be a completely separate book as it would be hard to implement in the series… Still would be interesting :slight_smile:

I vote for the long play through. The current summary felt really rushed and I personally, was really disappointed by it. It comes off as “Oh hey, remember the goal you made in CCH2? Guess what? You achieved that in between Book 2 and 3 hahaha, so moving on-”

If I must be really honest, not being able to ‘experience’ this journey made me really disinterested in playing on.

CCH2 had heavily implied that choosing our routes was a very important decision. It set the stage for how the MC would have to fight against difficult odds to achieve success; how they must take risks and make an overall difficult journey before achieving their desired goal. More importantly, it is apparent that success sets the turning point in the MC’s character arc. It changes them from the so-called ‘Captain Powerless’ into a true threat to the Dozen.

So, to have it all “explained away” in a simple expository just negates the entire point of having it as a goal in Book Two in the first place. Yes, the MC is guaranteed success no matter what - but it’s the journey that matters more here than the destination.


See, this is why I asked! You folks are such a tremendous resource. The poll results (79% as of the time of this writing, of 147 total votes) and the comments are plenty persusive.

It’s clear that my first writing priority for October is getting these journey scenes written. I hope that anyone who had lost interest or felt Meh about the story because of my previous hand-waving gives it another chance.

I also have about 25k words of romance scenes typed up but not cleanly coded, so I hope at least that material also finds its way into the story in the next couple of months.

And I want to stress that even though my patrons will get first access to updates (like maybe a 24 or 48 hour “sneak peak”), that will not be exclusive access, meaning as I write scenes this fall, that material will also be posted here. There are a lot of scenes I will need help with and ask for feedback on, and any help is always appreciated. I’d love to finish this journey where it started 7 years ago; on the forums!

EDITED TO ADD: Don’t even joke about a 3.5! :grinning: Part 3 will be IT


Oh I’ll stay on alright. I’ve been dying to know who betrayed the MC way back in book one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: can’t wait to see where you’ll take us with it!


If the longer flashback can reduce the amount of complaints about the MC’s gear being at the bottom of a pond, and the nanobot stat boost being gone… I think we both know what you need to do.

I think you should write the flashback just as in the beginning of community college 2 knowledge is power the flashback and the writing leading to that scene was really helpful and I think the readers will also get confuse of how they were captured or teamed up with Nil to get the ??? Secret

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I can’t wait for the release of this game so I can continue to ride the line between hero & villain but leaning a little more towards the vigilante side w/ a dash of villainous tactics

@Eric_Moser Is there going to be any opportunities to get more gadgets? I want to make a batman type character but I feel limited by the class-based gadgets. I definitely feel that ALL MCs should have the combat armor, especially given the strength of some of the people we go up against. Tis a dangerous world for a powerless person after all.


I don’t think there will be more gadgets my mind is already thinking of how mc is storing all 9 equipments from CC 1 and the doctor stench suit


You’ll see more about how Prestige operates, but basically they are a military academy, so you’ll have some standard equipment. I can’t remember how old/fresh the link is, but there is a combat scene that exists in the current demo that lays the groundwork for this more militaristic approach.

Honestly, you’re going to be badass enough. I can’t imagine someone pining after their police baton or freakin’ slingshot from Part 1 when they are negating powers and blasting people with a laser rifle.


Are all of the MC’s archetypes going to get the laser rifle from Prestige, or will we be given a meele weapon as well?
Because meele weapons are more suitable for MC’s with high Pow.


I’d love having a choice for a melee weapon, even if it’s only flavor and doesn’t effect stats


I was under impression that the new gadgets replaced the old gadgets: Cloak Suit replaces Camo, Combat Armor replaces Leather Jacket, Taser replaces Slingshot, and so on. Is that not the case?

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In the demo, Prestige gifts all the students on the mission with a rifle to use

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@Eric_Moser Is the link in the first post supposed to go to 2.5’s dashingdon page, because the url says cch3?

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General Note: Let me finish all the final tasks on Part 2.5 and get it submitted, and then I will turn my attention back to this thread, for sure. There’s definitely a screwup with the link; I’ll fix that in October. I’ll have to review the most recent demo, run some tests, etc., before posting it.

I will close the thread just temporarily, because I won’t have time to respond to questions, and I don’t want anyone getting frustrated or anything. I’ll reopen in just a few weeks! :grinning: