Community College Hero 3: All Things End (Link for Rules for Diabolical Dozen Flash Fiction Writing Contest on Post 200)!

If it helps my entry is 249 words of story but I also added a separate short paragraph going into my villain’s powerset in a bit more detail.


I decided to not do that in the actual email, but in my planning villains out google doc…I have her motivations, her detailed abilities, and a small summary of her life. IDK, I feel that a short paragraph or smoothing explaining her abilities into a bit more detail would have helped.

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I won’t be overly legalistic about it either way!

It’s going to be overwhelming reading all of these…I’m already at 31 so far. But I’m going to have to narrow down the finalists, because otherwise it will just be too much for voters to sort through.


Does the threat level really have to 7/8? Because I was planning on my villain not being much of a fighter. :frowning:

Just make your villain a nerd or something and slap the threat sticker on that bad boy.


Im just trying to get with stoic haha

I mean, it has to be obvious why they would want this person to join them, so no lightweights.


Or you can tie them with one of the Staff members or smthing. Like they have a weaker power/no powers at all, but with the training and knowledge of the Greats. Idk, I kinda made mine around that idea to reinforce their threat level and add some heavy drama to the story (except mine has powers).

So, question. Is the 250 word count absolutely mandatory? Because I kind of got carried away and made my story a bit…longer than that.

Do your name and email address or the title count against the 250 word count?

Yes, stories need to stay at the flash fiction, 250-word limit. As I said above, I won’t be overly legalistic about whether that includes title, author name, email address, and/or a (very) brief summary of powers, but it would not be fair to compare a 250-word story with a 500-word story.

Limiting the contest to 250-word (ish) stories evens the playing field AND results in stories that the general public may actually take time to read.

I think I’m closing this thread for now because I am slammed at work and hopefully the rules are clear enough to everyone.