Community College Hero 3: All Things End (Game Link in Post #1 Fixed)

I just submitted the game files for Part 2.5 so woohoo!

So now as I dig into reading my Part 3 stuff, say hello to the bad guys. (art by Karl Sia) And let the bodies hit the floor.

Hopefully, we’ll have a “Coming” Steam page up pretty soon to build interest.


I just wanted to give a short update.

My patrons voted on which of the “journey paths” I should write first, and Dr. Stench’s path narrowly won. :nose:

Now I’m outlining that path in a way that lets me reuse the outline for the other two paths, so that the same variables are tested in the same ways across all paths, so everything has been tested “evenly” stats-wise once you return to the present, regardless of the journey you took. This is taking some work, but once it’s done I can ‘plug in’ the content across all these paths.

I’m getting to be more and more of an outliner over the years. I’ve wasted too much time spinning my wheels writing scenes that aren’t balanced or that don’t lead where they need to lead. I need to know exactly where this is all going. In fact, I’m strongly considering outlining the entire game while I’m in ‘outline mode.’ Usually rough sketches of scenes used to be enough for me to work from, but with this being the end, I think the outline will need to be comprehensive and detailed, down to almost every choice.


Today I fixed the game link on Post #1.

It now, quite appropriately, includes the link to Part 3 as opposed to Part 2.5. I’m not sure how I got those sidways.

To be clear, there’s not new material yet; it’s approximately the first half of Issue 9. I have some other material that’s in rough shape that I’m working on (including some date scenes), but it’s not ready to be included yet.